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  1. I just paid for EA Access, I didn't actually buy the game. It's weird though, since I got several trophies before the patch. I guess maybe that wasn't how it was supposed to work so they fixed it?
  2. I haven't earned any trophies since the update, despite meeting several requirements. Anyone else having the same problem?
  3. I've gotten 2 penetration kills since I posted that, still no trophy. I think you need the full amount for any of the new trophies after they switched over. Stats from before don't seem to count.
  4. According to I have 16 penetration kills in PvP (all before the trophies changed). Just played one casual match, did not get any penetration kills, still no trophy for 10 penetration kills. I guess I just have to hope it'll show up after I get a single one?
  5. Where does this leave the free-to-play version? I managed to do the competitive match fine, but it's saying I don't have access to the co-op stuff. Was that included in the free bundle? Or is there just no way to do those trophies without purchasing more DLC, using PS Now, or getting the complete edition?
  6. Adding those 3 bundles of free MP stuff adds 20 pages and over 500 items to your download list. Be warned if you want to avoid that clutter...
  7. Should we be concerned about Telltale Games being delisted from the PS Store?
  8. Something that I think people are missing is that the Lifer trophy (Drive at least 1000 miles (1610 km) as a Club Member.) requires the online system to get it. That will be quite a grind, so not all the online trophies are quick and easy as has been mentioned.
  9. Here's my card. Should be a good year!
  10. Ooh, I like this a lot. With most challenges, I lose interest because I like to play games more freeform without feeling like I HAVE to play a certain game at a certain time. It seems more like a chore that way. But with this, I can tailor my games to the options and have more freedom in how to approach it, without feeling pressured to do everything. Sign me up!
  11. At long last, Onimusha returns! What do you think of the trophies? Looks like a couple of playthoughs will be required (not upgrading will be annoying). And that infernal Oni Spirits minigame! I'm excited to add this plat to my collection though, since this was my very first PS2 game (well, this and Gran Turismo 3). EDIT: Also, fun fact: Two and a half years ago, I guess I was pining away for the (still unannounced) Onimusha: Warlords re-release and decided to put together my very own trophy list. I wasn't too far off, and I dare say some of my choices are better than the official ones. Requirement Type Score Collect all other trophies Platinum 180 Collect all 20 fluorite pieces Silver 30 Complete level 20 of the Dark Realm Silver 30 Obtain the Bishamon Sword Gold 90 Complete the Oni Spirits mini-game Silver 30 Finish the game in less than 3 hours Silver 30 Be offered to play on easy mode Bronze 15 Play the game with an unlocked costume Bronze 15 Watch the Onimusha 2 trailer Bronze 15 Obtain an S rank upon game completion Gold 90 Defeat Osric Bronze 15 Defeat Marcellus Bronze 15 Defeat the mini-boss as Kaede Bronze 15 Defeat Stylado Bronze 15 Defeat Hecuba Bronze 15 Defeat Marcellus 2.0 Bronze 15 Defeat Fortinbras Gold 90 Fully upgrade Shiden Bronze 15 Fully upgrade Raizan Bronze 15 Fully upgrade Kōen Bronze 15 Fully upgrade Enryuu Bronze 15 Fully upgrade Arashi Bronze 15 Fully upgrade Shippuu Bronze 15 Successfully perform 5 Issens Bronze 15 Successfully perform 5 block Issens Bronze 15 Split one Reynaldo into 8 separate ones Bronze 15 Fully upgrade your health Silver 30 Fully upgrade your magic Silver 30 Perform a finishing move on an enemy you kicked to the ground Bronze 15 Solve the water trap puzzle Silver 30 Kill 10 enemies with ranged weapons Bronze 15 Obtain the Sacred Knife as Kaede Bronze 15 Back flip over an enemy and slit their throat as Kaede Bronze 15 Kill an enemy on th level above you with the Thunder orb Bronze 15 Solve all the trick treasure boxes Silver 30 Obtain all of Samanosuke's armor Silver 30 Lock swords with an enemy and win the struggle Bronze 15 Talk to 10 spirits using the Rosary of Communication Bronze 15 Control Kaede for the first time Bronze 15 Use the Evil Plate Bronze 15 Defeat an enemy by cutting a rope Bronze 15 Have an Orc throw its axe at you Bronze 15 Defeat the Red Orc Bronze 15 Enter the East Area Bronze 15 Enter the Dark Realm Bronze 15 Total 1200
  12. Looks like both BigFest and Motorstorm: Apocalypse servers are officially shutdown now
  13. Looks like the servers for Bigfest are coming down in August. Once the servers go down, will the platinum be possible? Will it potentially be easier since the issue with no Low Vibe bands will be solved?