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  1. NIER [PS3] - £24.99 To celebrate the launch of NieR:Automata, SQUARE ENIX would like to reprint the cult RPG NieR, on PS3. I bought my used copy for over £30 on ebay..... Well-done SE..... It's open for preordering at EU e-store, not sure if they plan to bring it to NA or elsewhere.
  2. Got this today, here are two screenshots when unlocking the trophy: For those trophy hunters who are still looking for a way to unlock this trophy, my theory in previous post has been confirmed to be correct by both me and the latest achiever (sheep_no6). Hence the only procedure is as below: 1. look up players on the trophy tracking website like PSNP, PSTL who have played this game and registered their last trophy for this game early enough. (Both sheep_no6 and me only looked up and added players before April 2012, that would be the best bet) Just ignore players with 0% trophys, start from low trophy completion to high. i.e.: go to Little Deviants trophy list, hit 'Leaderboard' button near '100% Club', search from last page to first. There you can see all players' info with the time of their latest registered trophy. e.g.: 2. start sending FRs to those people; 3. once people approve your FR, sometimes they will immediately show up on leaderboards. Some will show up after a couple of hours of becoming friends with you. Some will never show up, possible reasons are: a. the players have played the game himself and updated his online score after server's shutdown; b. the player has been challenged by someone after the server's shutdown and his score has been updated by beating the challenge. 4. once you see those players on leaderboards, if they have both vita and the game and willing to help then you are in perfect situation and the trophy will be yours. Most of time though, as this is an old game and Vita is almost dead nowadays (sad to say so, it's my personal fav handheld console), players will lack of either Vita or the game. You have to figure out a way to solve this! For those who don't have Vita and game, you might ask him to borrow a vita and you can gift him a game card or give him a top-up prepaid card for them to buy the game in PS Store. Or if you are good enough you can try to ask them to borrow their accounts to you if you are in same region(EU or US) (Please do understand, this is against Sony's Terms and Conditions according to some PSN users. Sorry I barely read those so I cannot confirm it. I do not encourage anyone to use this last method, I only provide you a possible solution to overcome the glitch. Use at your own risk, though the risk is basically 0.....) that's basically how I did mine today. In summary, it took me 2 days to look up players and add them. Over 100 FRs have been sent, only less than 20 have been approved within 2 days. From those 20, I manage to see more than 10 people showing up on leaderboards in different games. Trust me, if you are in this step, you will feel the awesomeness! Then from those 10 people I asked all of them to do me a favor and explained the situation in details. Apart from 1-2 players said they don't have vita any more, only about 4 replied me and were happy to help. One of them doesn't have Vita and game with him at the moment but will if we wait until August he can help me to do so; one of them doesn't have the game any more so I had to consider to gift him a game; 2 of them are happy to help and they both have the game and vita. I successfully grabbed the chance and unlocked the trophy with @AshesFallDown706, leaving another mate for other trophy hunters to find him. (sorry I cannot give anyone his PSN ID) After I sent the challenge with a beatable score to him, as I read in @NaganoJPN's post, i told him accept the challenge with the game is closed, also beat the challenge with a newer score slight higher not too much. He did so and resent me challenge back. With my game was closed I went to Message app - Game notification and accept the challenge there. By doing so the game will automatically launch and go directly into the challenge after opening animation. After I beat his challenge, I successfully unlocked the trophy. And as expected, due to his new score he's disappear from leaderboards!!! P.S.: I actually had already bought an 20 USD and 10 GBP prepaid cards just in case I needed someone to buy the game digitally, cost 13.5 USD in US and 7 GBP in UK PSS. Turned out I didn't even give the prepaid cards out as someone who has the game and vita helped me to get the trophy. OK let me just top-up my own accounts. lol. Gamers are awesome! So guys please forget about the theory of leaving the game for 2 weeks or 2 months and then launch and hope to see someone. If the player cannot be seen at the moment, he can never be seen in the future! Also each player can only be seen once and he has to play the game before the shutdown of server. Each players on leaderboard can only be challenged once by one player! No matter how many mini-games' leaderboards you can see him on, once he beat your challenge once, his profile will be updated and be removed from server! So there's no point of adding the players who have already played/helped other players. if you really want this trophy, go do the steps I suggested. I had to say it's a very job: lots of asking and explanation and typing, etc. However once you receive the trophy, you would feel that worth it!!! I wish you all best of luck and have a nice hunting!!! (OK, now I still have 100+ FRs need to be cancelled, lol)
  3. (太有趣了,居然为了国行专门开一套奖杯!lol) Okay, guys take a close look at the trophy insignia. This is Chinese version of Helldiver. It's really funny that they replaced the original skull into a Helldiver in the picture, that made my day. LMAO. It is just because of the censorship. They changed the logo, and made a separate trophy list for it! Not sure if you can play with people from other countries, but the community progress should be shared anyway! 不得不说,太搞笑了。
  4. Topic. EU (UK) Vita version of this game is pretty much broken. It's hard to progress as in a few later levels the game decides to skip too many frames at once and it's kinda unbearable for a platformer like this. PS4 version is running okay tho, or try to play this on Vita for some pointless challenges.
  5. Emmmm, is it only me or anyone else also think the trophy pictures are weird? I would assume the gold trophy and bronze trophy pictures are somehow mistakenly put in wrong places...... anyways meh
  6. 😂 It's been one whole year since I got my first trophy in Bayonetta.


    I guess it's time to pick it up and finish it before my Switch version comes. 😁


    Surprisingly this game is very stylish and feels very cool, however not as addictive as I thought it would be. Maybe I will like it more when I spend more time in it.  

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    2. crisding89


      Indeed that's why I have to start all over again. Luckily I was only about an hour into game so much affordable in terms of time~

    3. AJ_Radio


      Looks pretty doable. Haven't gotten around to the game yet. Pretty difficult so far?

    4. crisding89


      @Spaz bayo is a good game depite that PS3 version is a bad port. It’s not difficult at all. It’s about 25 hours to plat the game with 3 playthroughs. 

  7. Same Day got 5 Main LBP titles done 100%!✌️



    1. marvelboy10


      Great job yet again! 👍

    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! That and all the Uncharteds must have taken a long time.

    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  8. Just completed Uncharted FFF a moment ago -- finally got 100% in all 10 Uncharted titles. Please sign me up for Fortune Hunter and Gambler. Thanks. Chris
  9. All 10 Uncharted games 100%!✌️




    After tedious grind and terrible fight against Tolbat, now finally got 100% in Uncharted FFF.

    This game is terrible.


    What a journey!xD 

    Let's move on!





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    2. crisding89


      @Spaz the game is not hard for the most of time but definitely not fun at all. You just need to go through the tutorial and know how the game works. yes having save file from Uncharted GA will power up your cards which is a bonus of course. That's what I did as well. Glad I kept my save file of GA.


      Also there's an exploit you can use here on this site. Quite handy!


      Good luck with your trophies and hit me if you need help with MP trophy in UFFF.

    3. DamagingRob
    4. Maxximum


      Excellently done! 💯

  10. re-uploaded to another photo share provider/ try now
  11. LOL, same here!😆
  12. definitely not the case. see my post above. request completed. hope it helps. See my screenshots above. totally for main campaign on Novice and online boosting plus mop-up tracks for Stats Life took me 7:32 hours on record, and I was not fastest one. Good luck to anyone who's doing this fantastic game, peace!
  13. Yes The online trophies tied to main trophy set requires you to finish main campaign on any difficulty to unlock skin. Then you have to find a session with total 8 players, that will do it. I'd say finish main campaign takes around 6-8 hours of gameplay, and online boosting about 2 hours + for 5 trophies. Totally doable! I am in the same bar as you, I'd assume we are safe as long as you done have any numbers tied to online as 0. (e.g. page 4-online kills) but I decided to do this trophy in recent days just to make sure no more potential trouble in the future. ======================================== Update regarding Stats Life trophy: Although I have completed online part and got online stats done but no trophy popped when I check stats. What I have done: find the numbers with 0, and do them first ( take photo, local split-screen). Then after no 0s on any page of my stats, the trophy did not pop. What I have not done yet on my stat page: 1. Use all team ships ( with loyalty to most of the teams as 0 in ship selection page when you start a track, also to be checked on page 2 of stats) ; 2. Set a record on every track even though I have completed main campaign once (page 2 bottom, laps of some of the tracks are N/A which means 0 essentially); 3. Arcade Perfect! (page 1 - I never did this all tracks were grey coloured) ================================================ Update: 1. I started DLC tracks with all the teams I never used before, currently I have fulfilled number 1 criterion from above as well as number 2 (just use Racebox then Time Trial for any base game tracks you may need. play 1 lap then quit for quick process. As for DLC tracks then play dlc modes like Detonator and finish one lap to set record on any map you need). 2. I also have 2 of 16 arcade perfect races making there is one track changed to blue colour, which I don't think it's necessary for this Stats Life trophy. (But doing just 1 win for this is not hard at all I did both on my first try with 2nd controller method mentioned in the trophy guide on the other site.) In conclusion (confirmed): Apart from ONLINE related stats, you will need to do the first 2 things listed above to make this trophy pop. Refer to pictures where I got my Stats Life trophy! Hope this helps! Chris ========================= Just to clarify: as mentioned before you don't necessarily get the Stats Life trophy before server closure, as long as you finish online part and have your save file which contains the online stats securely back-up on PS+ cloud or external memory drive, then you will be good. This means people still can leave this to unlock later after server's down.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. A quick question, you reckon one need to set a record on every track and play every team at least once for this trophy to pop? I finished all online trophies with main campaign done, have not played dlc yet. I checked my stats, found I miss a few with a number 0, so I fulfilled them but trophy still didn't pop. I guess I will have to play all ships and set a record on all dlc tracks as well. Will update once I have done.
  15. Before August 2015 when I first got my PS3 I was a Vita exclusive player since 2013. I love the little console so much could help to play hundreds of hours. I'd say it is very disappointed and Sony sucks for treating Vita like this. But everyone knows it's fully their fault. As nowadays the way people gaming is changing. When you want to play on the go, you don't really need a handheld....anyways, I still enjoy Vita and would still buy and play Vita games. Here's my physical collection of standard edition Vita games: not including the ones I traded/sold already, these are the ones I will keep with me forever, little over 120 copies most of them being EU version (OCD). Limited edition games like Blazblue CSE, Muramasa, YS8, Yomawari 1,2 and Rose in Twilight are not shown here, most of them are released by NISA Europe. The problem now for physical release is that most of the games are localisation version of Japanese games, and to be honest some of them are really really bad. So I am being really pick recently and stopped buying physical releases of Vita games. Personally I won't bother to buy Limited Run games since I think this concept of business is purely stupid. Again, if they have the games I really like I would still get them, like OddWorld Stranger's Wrath which is a really good game! Digital Vita games? Well, excluding PS+ free games, I'd say I bought roughly 200+(including X-BUY) titles from PS Store. I love Vita, still looking forward to the new games like Catherine: Full Body to be released, better got physical this one.
  16. Just a little heads up that guys if you are going to play this game. Please try play on PS4 only. The vita version is glitched as f:(k and PS3 does just a little bit better but also causes frozen every so often. Despite the really low frame-rate issue, the most common glitches on Vita are: 1, infinite bombing, 2, constant application error and you have to close the game and reopen it to continued. This is painful if you are trying no death trophy, etc. And it won't do you any good for speed run. Playing on vita it almost ruined my trophy information on my vita system and this was the first time I met this. Again please try NOT doing it on Vita to avoid the issues. I started a bad run first on Vita and then cleaned up some trophies on PS3, then I did a perfect hard run on vita again. By the end of game the hard and normal perfect saving trophies popped expect the easy trophy which should pop anyway. Then I loaded last save file and played again still nothing. So I checked my trophies and then I met the Oddest thing ever (see pic): that meant this game caused issue to my trophy information which stored in system and I won't be able to earn any new trophies unless it's restored. How brilliant! After the info was restored then I loaded the last save file and the easy difficulty trophy popped without issue this time. PS3 version may cause less trouble but still not perfect. It froze 3 time for about 2 hours of playing. Check WTF is this: Also for the 99 kills of Mudokons trophy you cannot do chapter select on Vita (maybe on other platforms as well), you have to play continuously chapter otherwise you're fuked up like me. Had to do a separate run for it. But if you kill every possible Mudokons in every secret areas in chapter 1 & 2 (there are 111 Modukons in these chapters but only 99 can be killed by your preferred means: possessed slig, electric, bomb, etc. Try not to let them killed by AI sligs, as this won't count towards the trophy. ) Then you should get this trophy anyway so you don't have to go for chapter 4. Oddworld is one of my fav franchises but poor ports on vita always disappointed me. It reminded me how I met the issues in Munch's Odyssey HD on vita which is another great game with not too good port on Vita. Ah nightmare! The developers definitely didn't know how to make good criteria for trophies. Good luck and have fun guys. I'm going to suffer the speed run on my Vita now....😂
  17. latest purchase might be this: My Collection updated August ↑ if anyone interested.😝
  18. Thanks for the info, indeed I have turned replay off and have turned on before I did 10 levels no death trophy. I have just got same tip from my friend who suggested me to turn on replay and play last boss. He played PS4 version as well tho. Will test it on Vita version later and update here. UPDATE: Yes. Turn on 'replay' before trying to earn Normal Ending trophy! Otherwise you won't be rewarded the 'Who's Laughing Now' gold trophy.
  19. Thanks for the info. I can confirm it works and helps a lot! Got 10 level without death trophy in my first try using this method.
  20. WTF? I finished Boss 3 but did the Secret first. Then I went back to do normal ending to earn the gold trophy but it didn't work. Went through the final boss 3 times now, no luck at all....hmmm.... Is there anyone having the same issue? Is this trophy glitched? Definitely don't wanna go through the horrible game all over again!
  21. About one year ago on 3rd October I got this:




    Been playing single player games for quite some time and I miss the old chaps and the time we spent together.


    1. madbuk


      I finished mine 6 months ago. I don't miss it at all.

  22. Currently playing Dead Nation for the 3rd time through PS Now streaming. Real problem at the moment is that for some reason you can't even do power shots. Holding fire button and you get consecutive shots! This is the problem for Morbid difficulty cuz i have got used to do power shots. 

    Take it slow then.... 🙃

    1. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      been a while but isn't power shot only for like pistol?

    2. crisding89


      @Leo Leopold Leon III yes it's only for the default rifle but that's my fav one :)✌️

    3. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      and it's one of the most useful ones tbh

  23. 100 USD that's way much over-priced imo even for me as a physical game collector. Nowadays more and more small companies are doing so-called "limited edition" or reprint of old games then trying to rip-off the players who enjoyed the games and missed the first releases. The whole selling point of the reprints is you are still willing to pay for the games you loved even tho we all clearly know they are over-priced. -Chris
  24. Agreed. Infamous 1,2 are awesome and must-play, other infamous titles are not necessary to play if you are not a fan.