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  1. Geez did the game devs get blackout drunk while designing this level? It's like they just throw random instant-death at you from all directions.
  2. Please play this on PS4, not PS3. The loading times on PS3 are horrible because every time you reload a level it has to be rebuilt (since each level is created randomly). The load times are almost as bad as Shadow of Mordor on PS3.
  3. Best thing to do is go to GameStop, buy a used PS4 controller and camera, go home and get all the trophies (should take maybe a day at the most), and then go back the next day and return the controller and camera for a full refund. GameStop has a week-long return policy on used items, so it shouldn't be a big deal.
  4. So I'm assuming they completely took out the abortion part of the game?
  5. Yea I'm playing as Jew and it's pretty fun. My team of Douchebag/Butters works well (as long as you get the timing down for Butters' main attack).
  6. I did two hours with Gat, then two hours with Kinzie. Then I got the final part of the game where I switched back automatically to Gat. I beat the game, went into post-game, and then the trophy popped like 15 minutes later.
  7. Really late to this thread, but here: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/vessel/242213-vessel-roadmap-trophy-guide.html
  8. Good news: I know how to get past this glitch without needing co-op. Bad news: you probably have to start a new playthrough and can't recover your current one if you're stuck at the end of Mirkwood. You basically have to go through all of Mirkwood without dying at all. If you die, your quest goal will reset back to to killing the boss at the beginning of Mirkwood (Wulfrun I think?) even if you're way past that point. Just abuse the hell out of the drawf's explosive bolt and get through this level death-free.
  9. I'm definitely glad I got this during Black Friday sales (for $30 I think). My only gripe is that you can't use your cosmetic upgrades in classic modes.
  10. I was buying upgrades the wrong way, so I had to start the game over from scratch and it helped a lot. If you get hit (even once), quit and reload the game from the last wave you were on. This is because the multiplier is essential to getting more money for the better upgrades. Don't bother buying shields until you're at a boss wave (wave 20/40/60/80/100). Just keep getting upgrades for your ship... especially extra bullets and bullet power. Add-on's are good too but not as important. Save recharge for last. Doing this, I was able to blow past the whole game quickly. And the moon boss was a joke with a loaded setup instead of wasting money on shields. But when you get to the Titan levels, don't feel ashamed to spam smart bombs and just cheese past the levels that way. Those last 20 waves are no joke.
  11. It's definitely glitched for me. 1. Before starting the drill fight, I checked my inventory: 11 healing items. 2. After the first phase, I hit circle (quick-heal) a bunch of times and checked my inventory again: 11 healing items. 3. After the second phase, I hit circle (quick-heal) a bunch of times and checked my inventory again: 11 healing items. 4. After the third phase, I hit circle (quick-heal) a bunch of times and checked my inventory again: 11 healing items. I didn't pick up anything during the fight and the trophy didn't unlock for me at all.
  12. So will there be a showdown between Shay and a VERY pissed off Connor in the next game?
  13. The story was total crap, especially the whole "who needs family when all you need is friends" thing. Good god it was so cheesy.
  14. I don't think it's been suggested yet, but this way is much easier. 1. Get a second controller (if you don't have one, get a used one from GameStop and return it for a full refund within a week). 2. Play a mission with only one player until the very end. 3. Plug in the second controller and make sure you can do in-game stuff with it. 4. End the level. This will count as finishing the level in co-op mode.
  15. I hate separate trophy lists. People will plat the same damn game multiple times and act like that's some kind of accomplishment. Oh wow, you got all of Sound Shapes' easy-as-shit trophies five or six times over. So amazing.