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  1. well, it great for people don't have buy DLC, for 100 percent tlou on ps3 lol.
  2. I can confirm they do stack the trophies, I just finished my new game plus with survival 2 difficulty. Also got 60 seconds trophy too.
  3. It seems there are taking the idea, from the last of us mode ground mode plus. Also, do you think the difficulties will stack if you beat it on survival mode 2?
  4. Ohh Ahh sawmill can't wait also new game plus too lol.
  5. if anyone got Nintendo switch pm me 😀

  6. yes, the horde challenges, are a cakewalk for me I'm tired of bike challenges lol. 😤
  7. damn
  8. it's a pain but not impossible lol.
  9. i check week 9 horde challenge, week 10 another bike .
  10. I took a gamble I change my id, I like taking risk lol but thank you for letting us know.
  11. Hoy, thanks for the follow ^_^

    Felicia will now follow you back x3



    Also, major respect to you for having Cyan on your profile ;)

    1. CrimsonWarrior90


      show by rock yep my favorite anime.

  12. damn i was close for 20 psn card, just one platinum away oh well.
  13. thanks for follow back 😁

    1. Jelloycat


      Nice to meet you! :D  



  14. damn
  15. man wait for passes are so boarding lol.