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  1. platinum the evil within 1 and 2 yeah.

  2. Thank you for the following :D

    1. ESJS90


      no problem for fellow latino lol


  3. simple but undefeated and everyone is alive colud be tricky.
  4. for me sony and nintendo not mircosoft sorry
  5. Good lord beyond two souls, platinum is done such a grind.

    1. Fidel


      Nice work!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  6. Hello thank you for visting my profile, btw like your profile too it nice :) 

    1. Kale


      you're welcome mate, thanks for your comment :)

  7. resident evil revelations 1 platinum done, on to resident evil revelations 2 platinum so close.

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Good luck on Resident Evil Revelations 2!

    2. ESJS90


      yes thank god for shareplay, play together for medals lol.

    3. Fidel


      Nice work!

  8. thank you for visiting my profile, i see you like marvel as well i do too.

    1. marvelboy10


      You're welcome. :)


      Yes, I've been a huge fan of Marvel ever since I saw Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire when I was a kid. Ever since I saw that film, I've been hooked on Marvel. I can't until Avengers Infinity War releases in April. I'm going to see it in IMAX. 


      Who's your favorite Marvel hero? 

  9. either one
  10. Man injustice 2 dlc trophies are very simple, expect for two which are annoying as hell.

  11. 10 trophies are easy and two are annoying, which are push your self and kidd thunder.
  12. for those going for training trophy, my advice go for strategy mode it easier for me anyway.
  13. well i try to earn them it seems we, might need to wait for the patch. Maybe i'm doing something wrong?
  14. Anyone keeping track of there trophies, on Sony rewards website just curious.

    1. Lag_The_Ravager


      Always wanted to use the Rewards Site with my main account, but being from Canada (and only a 10 min walk away from the US), I am disqualified from signing up -_- 


    2. snakebit10


      I haven't checked lately. Which reminds me that I should check.

  15. 😂   Hey Arnold the jungle movie, it was very good.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      What a weird movie to come out. I mean hasn't that show been off the air for like 10 years ^_^


      I remember liking the show when it was out though

    2. ESJS90