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  1. Here is the email from Play-Asia after I complained about English patch for Asia [English] version. “About Fatal Frame, I agree that it does not make any sense if that were to happen. I would like to apologize for the confusion but the English language support is applicable even without the patch. That only applies to the Japanese version. To avoid confusion on this matter, we will ask for the disclaimer to be removed for these versions.” If the above statement is true then you should get Asia [English] version since the English audio and text are already in the game. There is another Asia version as well, which is Asia [Chinese], I think this version also has English language support in the game. The downside is you have to wait another month (11/30/2021) for Asia version release. Japanese version is still on schedule (10/28/2021), but you have to wait until 11/30/2021 to download English patch.
  2. https://www.play-asia.com/search/Fatal+frame I just search Fatal Frame on Play-Asia, they have another listing for Asia version (Switch and PS4) in Chinese, and the releasing day is the same as Japanese version’s. It also has the note of English patch on November 30, 2021.
  3. I just received email from Play-Asia about the “price drop” for Asia Switch and PS4 version ($39.99), I think the price is also “dropped” for Japanese version as well ($49.99). I got the refund of $50 for the excess amount which I already paid from Play-Asia; however, I’m not really happy after they updated the listing with the note “Please note that English subtitles are available via patch update in November. 30, 2021”, and they also have this note for Japanese Switch and PS4 version.
  4. I pre-order both Asia PS4 and Switch versions on Play-Asia, may get Japanese switch version as well for different cover art. Hopefully, they will remaster the rest of Fatal Frame games. I'm gladly to add new version to my Fatal Frame series.
  5. My latest hunt (the games are on the floor).
  6. Hyperboy by Konami for Gameboy and full series of Fatal Frame
  7. Hey just want to say thanks 

    with help of the trophies guides you make i got some trophies and games done because of it 


    hope you make a trails of cold steel 4 guide 

    love see that 



  8. One as Digital Clock, one for playing, and my latest hunt.
  9. Metal Slug Advance (almost brand-new condition).
  10. Aluminum Game Boy Advance with IPS V2 screen and Micro USB Charging from website Boxy Pixel.
  11. Nintendo GameBoy DMG-01 (Backlight and Bivert Mod), Booster Boy, and 2 GB games.
  12. Battle City (GameBoy), Trails of Cold Steel IV Collectors' Edition, and Senran Kagura Reflection.
  13. I hunted some JRPG (Japan-exclusive), Collector's Edition with Music Box, some retro consoles, and retro games last month. I also bought GBA and GBA SP with IPS screen.
  14. I completed the trophy list of NA version without encountering any glitch/issue. I will get EU version as well as Xbox One version once they are on sale since I love this game. Not sure if Asia version has physical version as well? Since I played this game nonstop when I was 14-15 years old, I still remember the good strategy how I completed these missions on all all difficulties, except 2 Defense missions on Hard mode so it should be easy 100% for me. Of course, if the game requires to beat all difficulties, it will be tough since it's not easy to control the army efficiently on console. I had fun in the last battle. I tried to save my army as long as I could before an all-out-war at the end. For first phase, use Catapult to destroy Iberian's camp (Gaul) from the high ground, then build another Catapult when you cross the water to destroy Mauretania's camp (Egypt), and then use the same Catapult to destroy Provincial Army Centurion's camp (Roman). Since enemy Gladiators hide in the forest and high vegetation, you can use Centurion to lure them out and then let the archers take care the rest. You should try not to kill the Green/Yellow/Orange colored enemy, just don't stay close to them then they won't bother to attack you since you need them as reinforcement later. For second phase, you need to eliminate the enemy army in front of their fortress, just build a lot of Towers then let your long-ranged army in there, use Centurion to lure enemies, if you don't kill colored enemy other than Black ones then you should have enough long-ranged troops. Do not meet the allied army at the camp since the enemies will attack you, try to kill them all from the towers first. For third phase, just enjoy all-out-war.