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  1. Yup, but it can “kill” some ppl. I don’t like to use the spoiler highlight in my guides since it makes the guide “ugly” and I don’t care if it annoys some ppl or not. One day, there was a guy made a big deal about it since CS1 trophy guide mentioned the true identity of an “evil guy”, he posted on GameFaqs and complained about it ruined his motivation to continue playing the game. From that day, I wrote a disclaimer note in CS guides about the spoilers, so I don’t have to deal with that kind of situation anymore.
  2. Review the “upcoming guide” before you start CSI 😏, so it will give you more spoilers 😂.
  3. Writing guides is indeed fun ....but ...only if you don’t encounter “those ungrateful ones”, and hope you won’t encounter any of them.
  4. If PS4 version has its own trophy list, then I guess transferring save data will mess up the story-related trophies.
  5. Which FAQ did you use?
  6. Thanks! lol, first of all I need to finish the guide before GOTY207 deadline in order to make it available in eligible list; however, I doubt it. Nah, I may not come back to Sen III if I play other games now. Yeah, it's not a forum to discuss other games, otherwise @ Satoshi Ookami will kick me out of his fav PP. I will pm you the tips how to unlock some "stupid" trophies later. Freezing issue also happens in Sen I and II, so I'm not surprised if I encounter one in Sen III 😅. Yay, I would call it Emma Chapter.
  7. That is the same website I used to write guide for Sen 1 and 2, as well as the current guide; however, I only use it to make checklist or double check the missable entries. The website which I use to write the walkthrough is http://game-kouryaku.info/sen-no-kiseki3/, it's simple and "friendly" compared to the wall of texts from other site. It's okay. "Somehow, I'm still alive", it's a good thing, I think 😅. I actually want to finish this game and the guides as soon as I can. Spending too much time on playing one game is not my habit anymore. It seems the new patch Ver.104 also has another issue. It makes the game freeze at certain point on the last day in final chapter.
  8. Same as previous two games, Overall Walkthrough and Trophy Guide. The JPN guides take a lot of time to finish but once they are complete then the English guide will be done quickly since I only need to replace the English map/images, remove all JPN characters, and update the official translation. Yeah, that's why I like it. Want to know my setup and strategy in previous games? 😁 I put all STR quartz and accessories on Laura and Rean....kill all the bosses with ease on Normal mode (not work well on 1st playthrough Nightmare mode ). Playing each game 8 times on different difficulty mode, I never bother to use other quartz except some stupid required elemental slots. If the characters are the beasts then I give them all STR-related stuff, while Emma and Elliot have all ATS ones. As a huge fan of hack and slash games, I prefer using physical attack in JRPG except some special cases which physical attack is not working. Blade is too random and luck-based. This new card game reminds me of Monster Monpiece because it requires certain amount of Mana to summon the cards. At least the game doesn't "award a penalty" for losing such as losing some cards like the one in FF8 and FF9. How is the fishing game in those games? I wish I passed out because of playing too much 😞. 60 working hours (+12 hrs for driving and preparing) weekly, therefore I pass out 90% of time while playing game every night, specially grinding tedious trophies.
  9. Still in the first day of Chapter 1 😅. I already spent 18 hours in the game, but ~75% of those hours is just for taking notes, formatting, translation, and (passing out 😂 ). So far I like the new battle system which is brave orders and guard break, new card mini-game Vantage Masters. I didn't like the new fishing mini-game at first since I tried to catch high leveled species by using Rod Level 1 which is nearly impossible to do it, then I decided to do cheap Mira trick to get enough money to buy all available Fishing Gears in the shop then those high leveled species could be caught easily; however, I still prefer the old button mashing style which I never fail to catch any species.
  10. I guess Emma doesn't like that MQ 😙. Good news for anyone who missed getting all master quartz in 1st playthrough and planned to get it in 2nd playthrough with MQ carried over bonus. The recently patch Ver.1.04 fixes this issue.
  11. Girls & Panzer: Senshado Kiwamemasu! Limited Edition To Love Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy Limited Edition
  12. I guess it will take me double amount of time to plat it as well as finish "something". 30 hrs gaming weekly, it may take me 5-6 weeks to finish everything, only if I don't spend too much time on playing other games (-_-;). A wise old man once said only one playthrough is required if you don't miss any collectibles to plat this game.
  13. Lol, buggy and crashes a lot...... it's good motivation to play this game. How long does it take you to plat the game (including reading texts)?
  14. The only help which I need right now is a motivation to play (or continue) this game (-_-;).
  15. Thank you for the quick reply! "playable at some parts" ....sad face ..... Hopefully, Emma is still playable in Sen IV. Yeah, I'm sure I will enjoy the parts she is at to my heart's content 😁. It will be my first bonding trophy again. I wish I could let Gaius and Emma spend time together, they should make a good couple.