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  1. Congrats to all the winners!!! Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. Yes, it is hard; however, it can be easy if you know which weapon is the best for specific mission and boss fight. Also learning to dodge at right time is required for certain boss battle on Hard and Extreme Mode. Here is some info: Level Farming: Mission 2-D Assault Rifle WNY-P03 [XO/D] (Capacity Up + Dismemberment) is highly recommended About the Weapon Master trophy, the police officer zombies have a high drop rate compared to other zombies. You should pick a Timed Survival mission which has police office zombies or Base Defense in the specific chapter for quick grinding since it only takes 3 minutes each time and you don't have to run around to look for the zombies. I won't explain how to get every weapon in details, so you can look for the trophy guide on the other site for more info. Tips and Info: Yellow zombie inflicts Panic (slowly reduce stamina) if their attack or explosion hit your character Green zombie inflicts Poison (slowly reduce HP) if their attack or explosion hit your character Dodging before the Yellow or Green zombie explodes will prevent getting hurt Club Attack has same function as Dodging, you can avoid getting hurt by using Club Attack when enemy attack you or before they explode. Rei Kanazaki is the good character to get SSS rank because of her Club Attack ability Charon, Outfit, and Shoes can be found easily by starting the mission with Mayaya Himeji who has ability of Super Intuition (can find location of key item, outfit, Charons, and shoes) In Base Defense mission, you should use Assault Rifle WNY-P03 [XO/D] (Capacity Up + Dismemberment) (or any weapon has high rate of fire and Dismemberment) Stay outside of the room to prevent the zombie hit the base by accident when they attack you Camp at Hammer zombie's spawn location and keep killing them, their objective is to destroy the base Destroy the aggressive Red zombies' legs by using club attack or weapon with Dismemberment. They won't spawn if you don't kill them, then focus on killing Hammer zombies Wire-trap is also good in case you don't have weapon with Dismemberment, place it outside of the door. Underwear Trap and Clothes Trap are recommended to lure zombies away from the base, they do not work on female zombie and boss Zombies can't reach high ground where there is no slope or stair such as instructor desk, tables, or flowerbeds, so it's better to stay on high ground to avoid getting hit Use club attack to kill the dog-type/human centipede zombie easily Rocket Launcher can be unlocked by hunting specific amount of Charon: Cryptic Launcher - 10x Charons Doom Bazooka [A/B] - 20x Charons Ragna Missile [QR/B] - 30x Charons Panzer Crunch [EX/B] - 40x Charons Ex Machina [D/B] - 50x Charons About alternative Club Attacks, according to Japanese wiki, these missions have high drop rate. Someone also mentioned that these Club Attacks are not required for Weapon Master Trophy. Sayuri Akiha - Mission 2-D Risa Kubota - Mission 1-C Mayaya Himeji - Mission 1-C Enami Kamijo - Mission 2-D Rei Kanazaki - Mission 1-C or 2-B There are 50 missions each difficulty mode, so you need to get SSS rank in 150 missions in total. Chapter 1 (11 missions) Chapter 2 (10 missions) Chapter 3 (10 missions) Chapter 4 (10 missions) Chapter 5 (09 missions) The RANK is calculated by these factors: Kill Count Clear Time Bonuses After testing several cases, here is the incomplete list of bonuses: ("Headshot", "using Items", "destroy zombie egg", "using Underwear Trap", and "using Rocket Launcher" do not have bonus) Each small zombie kill - 500 points for normal zombie including female, police officer, aggressive/poisonous/explosive type, and centipede type (2-head zombie) Each big/special zombie kill - 800 points for wall crawling/crawling type, hammer, and butcher Each Copy zombie kill - 2,000 Die Jaeger kill - 5,000 Ren kill - ??? No Shots Fired - 3,000 (use melee only or don't shoot at all) No Items Used - 1,000 (don't use any item) No Damage - 5,000 (not getting hit) Low Damage - 1,000 (get low damage ~75% HP left) Perfect Defense - 3,000 (Do not let the enemy hit the base) Big Game Hunter - 1,000 (kill 5 or more big zombies such as hammer and butcher) Sniper Scoper - 2,000 (Use Sniper Rifle only to kill the zombie) Handgun Hog - 3,000 (Use Handgun only to kill the zombie) Assault Riflewoman - 500 (Use Assault Rifle only to kill the zombie) Shotgunner - 1,500 (Use Shotgun only to kill the zombie) SMG Groupie - 1,000 (Use SMG only to kill the zombie) High Accuracy - 3,000 (~90% Accuracy or more) Lady Destroyer - 1,000 (???) Equipment Mistress - 500 (Use every carried weapon to kill the zombie?) Top Gun - 1,000 (???) No Team Deaths - 2,000 (Do not let any teammate die) Runner - 500 (run while shooting?) Walkwoman - 200 (walk while shooting?) Double Item - 100 (Pick up a certain amount of item?) Triple Item - 300 (Pick up a certain amount of item?) 10x Item - 1,000 (Pick up a certain amount of item?) Double Kill - 1,000 (Kill 2 zombies within ~2 seconds? Piercing type weapon is good for this bonus) Triple Kill - 2,0000 (Kill 3 zombies within ~2 seconds? //) Scraped by - 3,000 No AED Revivals - 1,000 Majority of missions can be SSS rank easily by killing a lot of zombie even you complete the mission with remaining 10 seconds. Here is the video for Boss Battle and Chapter 5's Sub-mission in case someone needs a reference: Mission 5-5 (Extreme Mode) Shotgun SPYC-DEP [ST/A] (Attack Up + Aim Assist), Assault Rifle WNY-P03 [XO/D] (Capacity Up + Dismemberment), and Underwear Trap (last for 1 minute) are highly recommended. Do not let your teammate die since you need them as a meat-shield while you keep shooting at the boss with the Shotgun until his HP is in critical condition (Red HP) then use the Assault Rifle to kill some zombies. You need to kill many or less zombie depending on your clear time. After you kill enough zombies, then it's time to deal with the boss. Use the Underwear Trap to lure the zombie away so you can use the shotgun to shoot the boss until he dies. In the video, I wasted my time to shoot the boss with SMG Rune G25 [ST/A] . Mission 4-6 (Extreme Mode) Shotgun SPYC-DEP [ST/A] (Attack Up + Aim Assist) and character Rei Kanazaki (with ability " reduced stamina cost when using club attack ") are highly recommended. Dodging and using Club Attack allow you to avoid getting hit if you press the button at right time. Due to input lagging, you should tap the button a few times quickly. The boss has 5 attack patterns: 1. Left Uppercut Attack - can be avoid by dodging backward 2. Right Grab Attack - can be avoid by dodging backward 3. Right Swing Attack - can be avoid by dodging backward 4. Jump Attack - just dodge toward the boss. In case you dodge toward your backside, you need to use Club Attack immediately by pressing the button multiple times quickly in order to avoid getting hurt. It's easy to mistake this attack with Left Uppercut Attack since the boss moves the knee down a little bit. 5. Dash Attack - can be avoid by dodging toward left side. In case you are still in within the boss's attack range, you need to use Club Attack immediately by pressing the button multiple times quickly in order to avoid getting hurt. You also can use the platform to make the boss runs around since he can't reach the top; however, he can jump down. Mission 5-B (Extreme Mode) Assault Rifle WNY-P03 [XO/D] (Capacity Up + Dismemberment) is highly recommended. 1) Kill 3 female explosive zombies (Yellow) in order to remove the red barriers: In last shower room of Ladies side On the Gym building's outdoor balcony On the Gym building's indoor balcony 2) Kill the police zombies to open the path 3) Kill 3 female explosive zombies on the school ground to remove the red barriers on the schoolyard Mission 5-C (Extreme Mode) Assault Rifle WNY-P03 [XO/D] (Capacity Up + Dismemberment) is highly recommended. Mission 5-D (Extreme Mode) Shotgun SPYC-DEP [ST/A] (Attack Up + Aim Assist) and character Rei Kanazaki (with ability " reduced stamina cost when using club attack ") are highly recommended. You can also use Shotgun SPYC-DEP [ST/B] (Attack Up + Blast) to knock the Copy Zombie down except Enami Copy Zombie since her ability is "resist knockbacks when being attacked". Keep shooting at them when they start to stand up. Dodging and using Club Attack allow you to avoid getting hit if you press the button at right time. Due to input lagging, you should tap the button a few times quickly. Mission 5-A (Extreme Mode) La Mare [RF/D] (Rapid Fire + Dismemberment) didn't work well in my case. Therefore I decided to use RT Marseile [AC/B] (Accuracy Up + Blast) in the first three rounds and La Mare [RF/B] (Rapid Fire + Blast) in the last two rounds. Since the enemy spawn location is random, therefore it's disadvantage if they may spawn next to Risa because you don't have enough time to aim for headshot. If anyone needs a video guide for specific mission on Extreme Mode, you can quote my post or mention my username then I will made a video for that mission. G'luck and Happy Zombie Hunting.
  3. Please sign me up as Ultimate Warrior. Platinum Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Dynasty Warriors 7 Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 8 Samurai Warriors 4 Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Samurai Warriors 4-II Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada Warriors Orochi 3 Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Still in progress Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (PS3 version) Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (damn digital only) Dynasty Warriors Next (curse ad-hoc trophies) Warriors All-Stars (need more playable characters) Thank you!!!
  4. According to the fans' theory, the reason Capcom hesitates to remaster Onimusha series because of using several likenesses of famous actors such as Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno in those games. Hopefully, it's not true. I may give this Devil May Cry HD Collection a try since I never play this series on PS2 or PS3. Hopefully, Crapcom will release more remaster version such as Dino Crisis, Chaos Legions, and ...Onimusha.
  5. Top 10 Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada Dynasty Warriors 8 History: Great Battles Medieval Medal of Honor: Airborne Yakuza 5 Resident Evil Revelations Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Valkyria Chronicles Folklore Flop 5 Super Stardust HD Enemy Front Dead Nation Medal of Honor (2010) Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
  6. https://www.rpginsanity.com/forum/dragon-sinker/6646-to-true-end-and-beyond/ You may find some good information or ask questions on website above. It’s a Kemco fan site where ppl make guide for Kemco games and share useful info to help each other. Another Kemco game 🤔, hopefully the plat is easy like other Kemco games. If you like classic-style RPG, you should play other Kemco games: 1. Asdivine Hearts 2. Antiquia Lost 3. Revenant Saga Cross-buy but not cross-save
  7. 195 hrs gameplay includes the time to take notes and write guide . This game may take ~50 hrs to plat (excluding reading texts). Reading texts, “enjoying” the beautiful landscapes, and listening to nice music will take more than 100 hrs for personal entertainment. Yeah, I knew what you meant 😁, because I haven’t reach 150th plat, why would you recommend to wait until 200th plat 😏 right (maybe CS3 English version)? I only have one PS4, there is no way I will wait for 6 hrs to plat CS3 while I can spend these 6 hours to finish 2-3 missions in SS4, or at least extra time to sleep 😅.
  8. Thanks! Overall Walkthrough (including detailed checklists and partial trophy guide info) will be done on January 1st, 2018 (if I’m still alive ). The trophy guide may take another month to complete 😅. Lol, nah. I needed to finish that game quickly for personal purposes. I planned to make it 150th plat; however, I changed my mind and decided Sudden Strike 4’s plat (World War II Veteran) would be be a perfect milestone for a history geek. Getting plat for this game is not an easy task 😓.
  9. Just platted Sen no Kiseki III (Time: 194:33:43 😅)
  10. Nope, in Emma's opinion, Sen is the best. In my opinion, Emma is always right. 😆 Just play Sora series on steam, then ask @Satoshi Ookami to translate the scripts when you play Zero and Ao.
  11. Nah, Emma said Sen is the best because of her role. Believe in Emma, or she will cast a "weird" magic on ya
  12. Yup, but it can “kill” some ppl. I don’t like to use the spoiler highlight in my guides since it makes the guide “ugly” and I don’t care if it annoys some ppl or not. One day, there was a guy made a big deal about it since CS1 trophy guide mentioned the true identity of an “evil guy”, he posted on GameFaqs and complained about it ruined his motivation to continue playing the game. From that day, I wrote a disclaimer note in CS guides about the spoilers, so I don’t have to deal with that kind of situation anymore.
  13. Review the “upcoming guide” before you start CSI 😏, so it will give you more spoilers 😂.
  14. Writing guides is indeed fun ....but ...only if you don’t encounter “those ungrateful ones”, and hope you won’t encounter any of them.
  15. If PS4 version has its own trophy list, then I guess transferring save data will mess up the story-related trophies.