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  1. One as Digital Clock, one for playing, and my latest hunt.
  2. Metal Slug Advance (almost brand-new condition).
  3. Aluminum Game Boy Advance with IPS V2 screen and Micro USB Charging from website Boxy Pixel.
  4. Nintendo GameBoy DMG-01 (Backlight and Bivert Mod), Booster Boy, and 2 GB games.
  5. Battle City (GameBoy), Trails of Cold Steel IV Collectors' Edition, and Senran Kagura Reflection.
  6. I hunted some JRPG (Japan-exclusive), Collector's Edition with Music Box, some retro consoles, and retro games last month. I also bought GBA and GBA SP with IPS screen.
  7. I completed the trophy list of NA version without encountering any glitch/issue. I will get EU version as well as Xbox One version once they are on sale since I love this game. Not sure if Asia version has physical version as well? Since I played this game nonstop when I was 14-15 years old, I still remember the good strategy how I completed these missions on all all difficulties, except 2 Defense missions on Hard mode so it should be easy 100% for me. Of course, if the game requires to beat all difficulties, it will be tough since it's not easy to control the army efficiently on console. I had fun in the last battle. I tried to save my army as long as I could before an all-out-war at the end. For first phase, use Catapult to destroy Iberian's camp (Gaul) from the high ground, then build another Catapult when you cross the water to destroy Mauretania's camp (Egypt), and then use the same Catapult to destroy Provincial Army Centurion's camp (Roman). Since enemy Gladiators hide in the forest and high vegetation, you can use Centurion to lure them out and then let the archers take care the rest. You should try not to kill the Green/Yellow/Orange colored enemy, just don't stay close to them then they won't bother to attack you since you need them as reinforcement later. For second phase, you need to eliminate the enemy army in front of their fortress, just build a lot of Towers then let your long-ranged army in there, use Centurion to lure enemies, if you don't kill colored enemy other than Black ones then you should have enough long-ranged troops. Do not meet the allied army at the camp since the enemies will attack you, try to kill them all from the towers first. For third phase, just enjoy all-out-war.
  8. Inuyasha full series and SwanCrystal (the latest and best model of WonderSwan handheld console).
  9. Yes, I do. I played this game nonstop when I was around 14-15 years old. My PC could barely play it, so I used arrow buttons to move the cursor most of time. One of the best real time strategy games I ever played. I think this is the only strategy game I saved every minute/small battle because I didn't want to lose my troops, so I kept them alive as long as I could until I could reach the last place/battle, then it was all-out-war. I tried to complete all missions on all difficulties; however, my troops couldn't survive in 2 Defense missions on Hard mode, the mission which the player has to defend the barrack in the forest, and one huge fortress in the desert. The cutscene was also great, especially the one which the battle started between Rome and Egypt army after the Egypt soldiers killed the prisoners. Glad to see the trophy list available now, it means the game will be released soon. Hopefully, they won't change the releasing day again. I'm still waiting for Amazon to ship my order Commandos 2 and Praetorians HD Remaster Double Park.
  10. Thanks for the info. I contacted them via Live Chat around 6:30 PM yesterday. The staff member didn’t know about this reward, so I sent her the Twitter link, she said she would let the team review this case. I also told her that some PSN users received the codes during the Live Chat; however, she told me that some staff members had it but they already left. I received 3 voucher codes from PlayStation at 8:24 PM after that. I haven’t redeem the codes yet, hopefully, they are the right codes.
  11. Kemco mostly published the games which are made by different developers nowadays; however, I'm only interested in the ones which are developed by Exe-Create due to good art-style, music, and short game, especially games's title starts with Asdivine. I used to buy these Exe-Create games day one on PS Store, but then Limited Run Game keeps releasing physical version for these games later, therefore I will wait for them to announce this game. Sadly, they haven't release physical version for Asdivine Dios and Asdivine Menace yet. I bought Marenian Tavern Story (Rideon) and Chronus Arc (Hit Point) because I thought they were Exe-Create games. Asdivine Kamura and Seek Hearts are still in-waiting for publishing.
  12. Updated from last post and also added Death end re;Quest™ 2, Famicom Handy, 2 PS2 mod chip, Famicom AV, and another 12 games.
  13. I joined a retro gaming group on Facebook recently. I bought some retro games in order to have something to discuss. Everything in “red area” except Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Girls und Panzer games were the ones I hunted last month. Two NES consoles are still in transit. Those games stacked together are Tank/Panzer-related games, I don't have enough space to take their photo.
  14. Badge trophy popped after I got 92 badges. Actually, I got 87 badges in total before I started mission 15, then I completed this mission with 5 badges, but 3 out of 5 badges only popped at result screen, while other two badges popped during the mission which made 89 badges in total before mission 15 was done.
  15. Mission 5 -The Magnificent Five