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  1. Operation Darkness I already have this game; however, I let my friend borrow it. Since I just create a new gamertag and I want to play this game again as soon as possible to unlock one online trophy while new gamertag's Xbox Live trial is not expired yet. I didn't want to ask my friend to return the game so I bought it again as brand-new; however, the case was broken which also damaged the art cover's back side in transit so I had to replace the case. This game was the main reason I bought Xbox 360 in the first place. It is an interesting SRPG WWII theme. I highly recommend it in case anyone likes SRPG and WWII game. If you want to play the game which has German Tanks, WWII weapons, magic user, werewolf, vampire, skeleton, zombie, dragon, and historical figures/event, etc. then this is the game for you. I forgot to mention that you can see Hitler casts magic as well. I contacted the seller to talk about the damaged case and art work since I believed the damage was from the seller’s mistake, not in transit since the package was in very good condition. He gave me a full refund as well as told me to keep the game. Thanks seller, that’s very nice of you. Here is the game trailer: (Fully English voice and text)
  2. Need to have a drink with "someone" later Lili is waiting for me. Hopefully, the plat is not that hard for someone who is really "good" at fighting game like me . I didn't know this game is available as physical version. I bought one from eBay a few days ago. I heard the plat is pretty hard, but....who care. Seeing the girls in school uniform like this is good enough to buy the game. Hopefully, SEGA will remaster Y3,4, 5, Dead Souls, and spin-off "Yakuza Samurai" for PS4 in the future. Another fan-service game, I guess. A horror game is made by Korean developer. I knew this game long time ago but I didn't have a chance to play the original game on PC. I wish Digital Happiness would port DreadOut game for PS4 as well. Their game reminds me of Fatal Frame series. I also want to see Fatal Frame remaster in the future, but since we talking about Nintendo....just forget it. Since I bought the season pass when it was on sale a few weeks ago, I decided to buy Nioh from eBay because it's an interesting game so I want to own a physical copy. Currently, I really enjoy playing this game even my character is killed countless times lol. Just bought it from Double Discount sale on PS Store.
  3. Added Endless Grind in your list It's indeed hard to rate the guide. I usually don't trust the rating and time estimation from the guide writers (including myself and other players) because they spend a lot of time to play and figure out how to make the game easier to plat. Since they are "good" at playing their game, therefore their rating is not good enough for the real value of game difficulty. Besides, you may see the low rating in some guides if the guide writer is good at specific genre. For example, I couldn't plat original Dead or Alive 5 as everyone know how hard it is. One day I saw a trophy guide of DOA5 Ultimate with a rating of 2/10, I thought I could plat it due to such low rating; however,I still got stuck with combo and challenge trophies. I don't blame the guide writer like some people usually do when they have a trouble unlocking some trophies, because I know that guide writer has an expert on fighting game while I really suck at this genre. Since I can't plat 2x DOA5, I don't mind to have another "impossible" plat (DOA5 Last Round) later. That's why FPS players may give Fighting games a high rating, or JRPG players may have a hard time to plat FPS game. Here is another example: I rated Bullet Girl 1 as 2/10 in term of difficulty because there is a trick to make the plat extremely easy; however, someone posted a comment asking "I need to have whatever you're smoking to consider this a 2/10 difficulty rating. I'd put this as a 7 minimum. I can't even get past area 4 with how challenging the levels are let alone S rank. I use your little "strategy" but still either die or run out of time ". The Trick: 4x level 1 assault riffles + Dodge + Auto lock-on trick => Clear mission easily 4x level 3 assault riffles + Dodge + Auto lock-on trick => Clear mission with S rank easily Here is the list of Area 4 videos: I admit that I may rate the game pretty low since I just tried to complete the missions for the first time with auto lock-on trick, then I came back to achieve S rank with fully upgraded assault rifle + auto lock-on trick. This game can't be a 7/10, if so, I think Call of Duty and other FPS games should be 20/10. According to PST's rating thread, the average rating is 3/10. It's also hard to put the hour in time estimation since not every game has in-game clock. Some guide writers write the guide and play game at same time, while others pause the game or put PS4 in rest mode then write the guide. Besides, the time may vary based on how the players play the game. Some people may focus on getting trophies, beating the main story/side quests and ignore everything such as collecting non trophy-related items for completion, while others enjoy spending their time to stalk the NPC. But like you said it's just guide writer's opinion and it should only be used as an approximation. Grindy trophies should not added to the overall difficulty unless you have to kill hard bosses for specific item, and since it's a random drop then you have to "suffer" in killing the bosses countless times.
  4. 1. Queen (Miss Class President, my ideal girl...But you are still my #1 @Emma) as Magic user / Damage dealer 2. King (a Real Man of few words) as ranged attacker 3. Cinque (my “club” is bigger than yours) as damage dealer or Deuce (Stubborn Cutie) for support role depending on the battle situation.
  5. I have this game (still brand new) as well, but I don't have a chance to start it. Have you look for the guide on PST yet? There is a trophy guide for this game there. Since I can't provide the link, you can search for the guide on google "Time Travelers Road Map & Trophy Guide", it should be the first link in the search result, or manually search it on PST.
  6. Here is my game room Consoles and Devices (Overview) LG TV 24" (PS3 Slim) SONY TV 40" (PS4, PS3 Super Slim, and PS2 Slim) SAMSUNG TV 40" (XBOX360, PS TV, and GameCube) Table (Toshiba Laptop, 2X PS Vita, and PSP) Game Collection (Overview) Left Shelf - Top Left Shelf - 1st Layer (Right) Left Shelf - 1st Layer (Middle) Left Shelf - 1st Layer (Left) Left Shelf - 2nd Layer (Right) Left Shelf - 2nd Layer (Middle) Left Shelf - 2nd Layer (Left) Left Shelf - 3rd Layer (Right) Left Shelf - 3rd Layer (Middle) Left Shelf - 3rd Layer (Left) Right Shelf - Top Layer Right Shelf - Middle Layer Right Shelf - Bottom Layer
  7. English (Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Pronouncing)
  8. Sadly, I did want to join the event after I finished the 1st playthrough two days ago; however, I doubted I could make it in time to plat the game before the deadline due to busy work schedule, therefore I didn't participate in this event. I bought P5 Premium Edition since day one; however, I didn't have a chance to play it until I finished other "projects" recently. Anyway, I just platted Persona 5 (April 5th, 2018 10:03:58 PM). @Dragon-Archon I want Hifumi emblem (T_T).
  9. I think the option to hover over the badges on mission result screen was not available at the time when he asked that question. This option is available once you install the patch. I’m not sure which one since I remember there are two patches, one to fix the bugs and one for dlc mission. Anyway, just install the latest patch, then you can check the badge on mission result screen.
  10. Deadly Premonition
  11. Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match - The Complete Guide (Japanese version) for GuP collection.
  12. Nice list! I didn’t see Mind Zero (Dungeon Crawling game) and Ragnarok Odyssey/RO Ace (Hunting game) in your list. Are you not interested in these games?
  13. Bullet Girl is available on Vita only, while the trophy list has 3 regional tags: PS4, PS3, and Vita. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2818-bullet-girls
  14. I bought this device to record Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match gameplay.
  15. There is no online trophy, but the time you spend in online match is also counted towards 20 hours of match time trophy. The guide is almost done. If you have any question or need a tip, feel free to ask me.