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  1. originally i installed in a random order, so that must be the main issue (reminds me of flow, if you update it, you cant install the dlc) @Deathon6 @ThatDrunkGuy @TheYuriG @rogerfsa my method, using NA(CA?) digital goty version, probably includes a few redundant steps just in case: uninstall game & larger game data, keep 800kb profile data install f2p base 1.16 5gb launch, dont update, stay in main menu, exit update 1.19, launch main menu, exit install lv25 cap unlock install unlimited cap unlock install coop mode unlock(s) launch, enter mp, notice coop modes locked since the levels arent dloaded yet install coop level data, ~1gb install other coop modes data, some hundreds of mb launch, notice coop button from main menu now works, joining lobby works, trophy achieved actually i didnt even install every coop data pack at first to confirm that some of the lock icons would show up on the trophy profile screen, locks are also on the mp map packs since i didnt install them yet no need for 11gb singleplayer data (which would require 22gb available), no need for portuguese
  2. you could have disconnected the internet to see what the game does, but logically it would be strange to have an entire singleplayer unavailable (because it's not an MMO with server simulations) i dont think that's a glitch, i tried to make a 4chan one, extremely likely triggered some keyword for moderation, but of course nobody is available to moderate not exactly, it's still on everyone's hard drive that downloaded or created, all we need are backups then insert the content to modded console or emulator
  3. normally i hate kart racers, especially the fake drifting 'turn left & the kart moves to the right' nonsense, but modnation was something else... action, charm, humor, user generated content, cool editors, hub world of players, tips on loading screens, video tutorials, seamless offline/online transitions not sure why people expect servers to mysteriously stay up after an announced date, what kind of sloppy employee or server script will randomly do it hours late? now is the lowest player counts in the world, it will be the least disruption, look at any game with graphs, such as steam game charts, either the client or individual games, peak player counts are around noon EST because that's when europe's afternoon is, while right now is when most of the world sleeps or is at work if i remember, MAG shut down at the same time a few years ago, i had japanese people on my team at that point load times were improved with patches werent they? the modspot also loads much faster offline since it's not trying to load a ton of custom content
  4. is the text on the right supposed to say '0 daily players'? i've never gotten into any game every time i check over the past half year, only played competitive a couple days in 2013, wish i actually did more, never even loaded coop...
  5. if you're sitting far from the screen, try sitting close & vise versa maybe close your eyes when you see the zoom animation start keep your room well lit, maybe even with a light behind the monitor/tv
  6. domination is happening right now, i'm surprised, last weekend was the one where people were trying to be around oh well, let's see how this weekend & next weekend turn out