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  1. Do not turn Aloysius into a vampire.. powerpyx for some reason says in his guide to turn him. I did and it caused major problems for me. If you do turn him he will kill everyone in that district which will void the usher hall tree investigation to obtain the dragonbane (bloody roots trophy)
  2. ( I’m still buying this game! I’m actually waiting for it to be delivered right now. But this trophy is unfair on the vast majority of players) I’m sorry but I’m all up for contacting Bethesda/ machine games In fact I already have, and I suggest people do the same. Why? Because the stupidly of this trophy is beyond reason. It caters for such a small minority of people. You cant expect people to sit there for 5-10 hours without saving with ONE life. Ive said this before and I’ll say it again! They should of done what Doom did in there trophy list! But it’s too late now. But what they can do is allow the ability to save! Even if it’s a limited amount of times like the evil within 2! I’m a big souls player I love hard games but they need to be fair on the player in some way. if you don’t voice your opinion noting will get changed.
  3. Hit the nail right on the head there mate!
  4. I must stress to people who are annoyed as I am about the trophy tied to Mein leben. Don’t end up not buying the game because of this. It’s still shaping up to be incredible shooter.
  5. Yes it’s a very odd choice “rolls eyes” more of a kick in the butt as many of us will be at 98% completion. Lol. I cannot not understand why this trophy is even in the list because Wolfenstein the old blood has this difficulty but it was completely optional after finishing the game on über.
  6. Calm down, It hasn’t ruined the game for me! I’m very excited to play it! not evey game I platinum it’s not a deal breaker. I would only question there decision to add this difficulty as a trophy as there sister studio who made doom has a similar difficulty but only one level is required for competition.
  7. Hope and pray you can save if not I’ll be tweeting the developers lol
  8. I wouldn’t get your hopes up mate as I said Mein leben difficultly In Wolfenstein the old blood was one life no saves. There was no trophies tied to The difficulty last time.
  9. Unfortunately Mein leben won’t be easy. In Wolfenstein the old blood Mein leben was unlocked after completing the game on Über difficulty. This means One life no saves. Personally I’m not happy with this trophy, I preferred what they done with doom. Complete one level on nightmare etc
  10. Let’s hope so if anyone wants conformation on the Beta check your profile and then ‘achievements’ it lists everything you’ve achieved and I’m 99% sure these will be tied to trophies.
  11. Judging by the beta it’s going to be extremely difficult to obtain pole positions and number of victories trophies as these can only be earned in sport (online) mode. Unless these can be boosted. The rest of the trophies look straight forward to me.