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  1. Honestly, one of the announcements that I'm most excited for is Undertale for PS4 and Vita. I'd love to play through that game again.

  2. Platinum #21: Horizon Zero Dawn!  *insert witty Dawn pun here*

  3. I just finished watching the first episode of season 2 of Attack on Titan. I'm definitely excited for the rest of the season!
  4. Love some game orchestra music. That Bloodborne suite at 53:40..... Still gives me chills. So good.
  5. I know this was posted the other day, but I can't stop coming back to this song. So good. Can't wait for this album!
  6. New Mastodon album this year?! Hell yes!

  7. So I've already finished the main story and I'm at Chapter 15. I'm looking to do Cid's upgrade quests to get those sweet weapons (Ultima Weapon, I'm looking at you), but they aren't available. I've done the ones to get Engine Blade II and Drain Lance II, finished them, and have them in my inventory. Now the rest of his quests aren't even available for me. Every time I talk to Cid, he just rambles something. Anybody else have the same issue? I know there's an issue for people that already have the quests, but I can't even start them. Anybody know how to fix it? Or is it a bug? Thanks!
  8. This song came on the radio last night and I've had it in my head ever since.
  9. Blasphemy I say! Don't you EVER insult my Babymetal!!! lol Here's some pretty sweet (non-Babymetal) Japanese metal for ya...
  10. -
  11. Platinum #20 - Final Fantasy XV! After a month and some change, and 111 hours of game time, I got the plat. Take that, damn turtle.

  12. That's the same problem I have. All I've done is the first Engine Blade upgrade and Drain Lance upgrade. He won't even start the rest. Thanks everybody for the help, though. I guess I'll probably have to wait for a patch or something.
  13. Just finished a can of Diet Mtn. Dew.
  14. I'd suggest getting those Exploration skills, like the ones for gaining AP for trips in the car, making camp, etc. They'll obviously make it easier to get more AP. As for other suggestions, it depends on your playstyle. Getting some of Noctis's Combat skills would be good, like Light Phase (reduce MP cost of Phasing), and I'm a fan of Airstep. Also get some of the Techniques and Teamwork skills. Ignis's Regroup is a must if you don't already have it. I'd suggest Link Up, but I always try to Blindside the enemies and get Link Strikes. If you're a fan of Magic, grab Powercraft and Elementalism. You say you want Health, so Health Level 1 should be a good investment. I wouldn't worry about getting 2 and 3 yet. Heck, I'm at the endgame and still haven't gotten either one. Oh, and get the second Accessory slots for everybody too. Hope that helps!
  15. Finished FFXV as my first act of 2017! Mixed feelings about some of the story, but still an emotional ending, and a great game. Now on to endgame quests and getting the platinum!

    1. MortalRikku


      Congrats ^_^ still need to finish it myself :)

    2. DamagingRob
    3. Arc-Tangent-




      @MortalRikku It's definitely worth finishing. Good luck with it! 

  16. Currently relating to this song.
  17. Platinum #19: Dishonored Definitive Edition. Can't wait to dive into the second one. But now I have FFXV so that might not happen so soon...

  18. Plat #18: My Name is Mayonnaise. Yes. I did it. How could I ever top this?

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. Arc-Tangent-


      Thanks everybody! Took me a little over 47 minutes.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Easily, sync Sound Shapes =D

  19. "Only after the last tree is cut, And the last river poisoned Only after the last fish is caught, Will you find that money cannot be eaten."
  20. "No longer recognize the place that I call home." Kinda how I'm feeling today.