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  1. Hopefully they bring back drakengard 1 and 2 with trophy support !
  2. Loving my Dark Chronicle playthrough ! ahh its good that i know most of this game inside out :)

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    2. YoThief_


      @shadowgandalf yeah dude i had over 100hours on this game ! i remember printing a guide over 100pages when i was a kid for this game haha. @xionx oh in heim rada ? yeah you're suppose to take a picture of the geyser before sealing them all, heres a link to a small guide which says the things that are missable (note: it doesn't incldue that the medals from chapter 7 are missable.)

    3. ShadowGandalf


      I'm currently writing the trophy guide for this site. I took many notes on things years ago too. It's slow going (I work full time) but I'm getting there.

    4. YoThief_


      @ShadowGandalf i would so help you with the guide if you need some bro.

  3. Nice i didn't realize that
  4. Was just wondering if anyone else makes logos for fun , not signatures but logos. They could be logos for a team or anything. I've been getting into making them, but I'm struggling to become more creative with them. http://rainbowskookies.deviantart.com/art/Disciples-logo-
  5. Just finished cleaning up the dlc for ac unity, ah that 100% :)

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    2. YoThief_


      Thanks ! Those collectibles are provoking, i think you should focus on one district at a time while listening to podcast(good mythical morning). Hopefully you get back to it :)

    3. SkyesUnholy


      563 required collectibles in the entire game to 100% it, I'm so glad I got that done and over with, congrats :D

    4. YoThief_


      Thank you ! Yeah i face palmed when i found out there were more collectibles in the dlc. Oh well :P

  6. Put me as a Regular soldier , i have two call of duty platniums, but on different accounts. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 - ThiefYG (new account) Call Of Duty Ghosts - Yothief_ (old account)
  7. DBZ tenkaichi Drakenguard 1 and 2 ( love these two especially). SSX 3
  8. Getting back into trophy hunting after a long time. Check out my signature to see what account i play on now :)

  9. If i remember the time trials in the underground channel (Chapter 1) and the item only challenges for the stages were somewhat tricky, but other than that this game is perfect ! I'm so glad that they ported it to PS4 after seeing 1 get ported. Now after this a Dark Cloud 3 hopefully hmmm ....
  10. Looks like destiny with some crysis features in there , and as always guns have no recoil and , pistols are 1 shot ?
  11. THIS! Yes you are missing out big time if you havent played this game one of the best remakes that has been made The trophy list is simple The gameplay is amazing And the Story is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time I loved the game from start to finish 10/10.
  12. haha really ? the guide i was using suggested the glitch .-.
  13. ahaha very simple game (if glitch is used) , challenges made me rage but i got them done in about 2-3hours , final answer 3/10.
  14. Hold it: i watched the anime and would love to play the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  15. I simply loved the beta, and yes the supercharged moves are op in crucible i cleared out 3 enemies on a zone just by doing this but its alright since they can do it aswell. Overall the beta is pretty balanced and i cant wait to play the full game on PS4