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    i really love anime and games i just cant get enough of both of them OMGGGGG *drools ._.

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  1. Hopefully they bring back drakengard 1 and 2 with trophy support !
  2. Nice i didn't realize that
  3. ssss
  4. Put me as a Regular soldier , i have two call of duty platniums, but on different accounts. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 - ThiefYG (new account) Call Of Duty Ghosts - Yothief_ (old account)
  5. DBZ tenkaichi Drakenguard 1 and 2 ( love these two especially). SSX 3
  6. If i remember the time trials in the underground channel (Chapter 1) and the item only challenges for the stages were somewhat tricky, but other than that this game is perfect ! I'm so glad that they ported it to PS4 after seeing 1 get ported. Now after this a Dark Cloud 3 hopefully hmmm ....
  7. Looks like destiny with some crysis features in there , and as always guns have no recoil and , pistols are 1 shot ?
  8. THIS! Yes you are missing out big time if you havent played this game one of the best remakes that has been made The trophy list is simple The gameplay is amazing And the Story is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time I loved the game from start to finish 10/10.
  9. haha really ? the guide i was using suggested the glitch .-.
  10. ahaha very simple game (if glitch is used) , challenges made me rage but i got them done in about 2-3hours , final answer 3/10.
  11. Hold it: i watched the anime and would love to play the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim
  12. I simply loved the beta, and yes the supercharged moves are op in crucible i cleared out 3 enemies on a zone just by doing this but its alright since they can do it aswell. Overall the beta is pretty balanced and i cant wait to play the full game on PS4
  13. desinty beta is amazing. enough said.
  14. Well i recently only bought a ps3 last year around mid april and Black ops 2 was the first cod game i played and it was fun for about 6-8months. As most people did i jumped straight into the multiplayer and left the campaign behind , i played the game straight everyday as soon as i got home and on weekends also. I must say i had alot of funny times with friends on that game, but about 6months into the game i started to gradually get bored of it every time i played and found myself wondering "why am i still playing this game". So i decided to play the campaign for a change and yes it is underrated , when i got to a certain stage in the campaign it reminded me when i first played the game i cant explain it but you feel an exciting feeling. I then moved onto ghost which is the most dissapointing game ever it didnt live up to the hype or my expectations of it i rarely play the game but when i do its usually extinction the only thing thats worth your time in that game. In the end i still play both but not as much as i use to, also i am looking foward to another black ops, advanced warfare not so much.
  15. Dark Souls 2 (My fav song in this game is "Gwyn lord of cinder") Okami Final fantasy X Dark Cloud 2 Halo 1 and 2 GTA vice city (dat 80s music) i cant think of anymore but i know there are other game ost's that i like.