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  1. Marvel spiderman amazing gameplay and great villains
  2. As someone who was obtained the trophies spending hours on the Easter eggs legit then to be flag for the big leagues trophy because of stupid hackers hurt my perfect profile of trophies however just hide it and forget about it I'm disappointed I can't showcase my trophies of black ops 2 especially the buried one that took the longest. I took a break from trophy hunting but now I'm back ready to climb the leaderboards. Yes I won't have the bo2 plat but I have others just move on and hope one they'll release a remastered version
  3. HKelly91 Call of Duty: Black Ops II I was in a public match in zombies then i noticed the plat came up i tried to leave but the all trophies was obtained but on one popped because i completed every one without hacking
  4. I would suggest following this guide this guide helped me so much
  5. I've got the fut online draft trophy once before and i'll do it again. Was hoping for more journey trophies
  6. I don't want to wait till then and not prepared to paid that price
  7. I'm about to buy the ps4 gold headset. Before I buy it can anyone suggest any alternatives, looking for the headset to be comfortable and around £70.
  8. The more time its delayed maybe they'll add more content and fix bugs to make it even better.
  9. yes but i found nothing
  10. Hi I have a Samsung galaxy S5 and today I accidentally deleted videos from my phone I don't think I have a back up. I want to get them back is there any app or way to get them back for free they was on the phone memory
  11. Yes its a great game, good customization of characters and excellent story. Start on normal to start with then if too easy change to hard.
  12. I think i'll wait over £300 plus and you have to buy the camera, i'll wait to see the reviews before i buy
  13. Hey I have upgraded my hard drive put it in however I forgot my save files I still have the old hard drive and haven't touched it can I grab the save files using a PC ?
  14. Lol i'm not lazy I just have a PS3/PS4 wish list and when games go on sale I buy them DLC as well
  15. Hey this we play is for me personally because sometimes and don't know which game to play so I decided to do a backlog challenge for myself you're welcome to to join if you want. The rules are simple I pick a few random games on my back log you guys vote for it at the end of week which ever game is chosen I will 100%. Once I have completed this game the time to 100%/Plat that game will be over and the next game will be chosen. I may pick a PS4 and PS3 game so people can have the option and possibly pick 4 games. If you would like to join message me "Ultimate Trophy Hunters" and your name for the leaderboard as I would like to keep this forum as clean as possible. The leader-boards won't be for me because I don't like to rush a game they would be for you. I may change some rules and time to plat as the we play goes along The leader-board system will be 1000 Points for first one who plats/100% it 500 Points for the second 250 Points for the third 100 Points for Everyone Else 10 Points who plat/100% until the next game is chosen Bonus Points Fastest Time 500 Points DLC Content 250 Points each DLC (Don't have to purchase DLC if you don't want to) When I start the chosen game I will post the start date and the end date is when I finish that game then I will post my thoughts on the game and the fastest person maybe there thoughts on the game. When the fastest people finish message me e.g. First and which game it is. This competition will start once I have 10 participates. I may give out monthly and yearly prizes. If you would like to add a game thats not on the list message me as I'm universal when it comes to playing games. If you would like to add me my PSN is hkelly91 Happy Hunting