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  1. You'll have to excuse me. I come from the past.
  2. Unlike the first Rocksmith installment who was happily & proudly platted, this Rocksmith 2014 experience is completely ruined for me due to the 2 of the ugliest silliest trophies ever which require a lot of grinding and time consumption. This game sits idle on my "To Complete" list since January 2014 with no intent of finishing it. I am talking of course about the Mission 214 and Hitting .500. Ruined.
  3. I purchased the PS4 version in this last flash sale from Telltale and I can confirm it loads fast, even faster than the Xbox One version. I intend to plat it on PS4 as well. Nice gameplay & Easy plat, very rare to find these days.
  4. Looks identical to the first Ride game. I remember getting all of these trophies in the first installment.
  5. The wife's head
  6. Check youtube for Carmageddon Reincarnation smelly bushes guide. Pretty much the same.
  7. Call of Duty BOPS 3 beta dynamic theme. Still can't find anything to beat this great theme.
  8. Sweet news! A new carmageddon title is finally being released to this gen's consoles. Spent my childhood playing these games, so excited. www.carmageddonmaxdamage.com
  9. This is becoming a bad habit. No matter how good a game is, at the single second that I reach Platinum / 100%, I instantly lose interest and delete a game, ditch my friends with whom I'm playing it, get judged for being a trophy whore. Recent examples include Destiny, The division etc...
  10. I finally got a few hours to spare and created a second character to do it, popped right away. This is supposed to be an easy fix by Ubisoft.
  11. A race doesn't count if you did not complete it (aka if the racers arrived way before you and you ran out of time).
  12. Well, first 2.5 GB patch didn't solve my problem. Skillz remains bugged.
  13. By the way, this trophy does not unlock on daily missions. Did yesterday two dailies on hard without anyone in the fireteam dying and it did not pop.
  14. I am having trouble unlocking the Skillz trophy although I have unlocked all my Mods (Except two signatures). Anyone facing the same problem?
  15. Wow this game blew my freaking mind when played in 3D. Just like Motorstorm 3D Rift also did. Nothing beats 3D gameplay. Do you know any newer 3D games that are playable on PS4? I am really getting hooked on this.