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  1. Got it waiting to play on my PS4 and can't wait to start. Just need to finish the game I'm currently playing.
  2. Hitman 2 for me. If you haven't tried it yet, go and download the FREE Hitman 2 Prologue to try out the Miami level. Too many people are sleeping on this gem.
  3. OK, some great questions above that have already been asked, but here are my quick fire questions to both of you; Which 1 game from your backlog are you most looking forward to playing? Which 1 game do you regret the most for playing/plat'ing? Which 1 game (or game series) do you just not get? (i.e. Others rave about it, but you just don't get the hype) What has been your best game that you have played in 2018? (Doesn't have to have been released in 2018, just that you played it - maybe you were late to the party on a game) Other than that, have a great Thanks Giving the both of you and don't get trampled in the Black Friday yearly carnage. Knack 2が最高です。😆
  4. Maybe slightly off topic, but I don't know why more companies haven't ported older games onto PSVR. Personally I think Skyrim VR is the best VR game out at the moment (mainly because it is a fully fleshed out game), but more games could be released like this (looking forward to Borderlands 2 VR). I was disappointed that Fallout 4 didn't get a PSVR release, but I get why due to the technical limitations. Fallout 3 or New Vegas would have been good, but what about games like; Bioshock, Farcry 3, Deus Ex, Metro, Payday 2, Theif, Alien Isolation, etc. There are so many great older first person games that they could do if they wanted. PS4 had a lot of remasters, don't understand why more companies don't 'remaster' their games for VR. I think VR does pilot/cockpit type games well (i.e. Driveclub) and you can really get an appreciate for perspective & distance in VR games. So my idea would be a Crane Simulator type game (think Farm Simulator... but with Cranes 😀). Would be nerve-wracking sitting in your chair looking down at a 100ft+ drop beneath you and having to move "stuff", maybe against the clock.
  5. I quite liked the Hitman [2016] story. Thought the acting in each of the cutscenes was of a very high standard (really liked the scene on the Train between Diana & the mystereous 'The Constant' guy). Am looking forward to learning more about the Shadow client in Hitman 2 and the relationship that he has with Agent 47. Having said that, Hitman is more about the gameplay loop than the story. The story is just there (if you want it) to tie everything together.
  6. Expansions 1 & 2 are future levels to be released (no details about where these levels will be set yet), plus additional sniper assassin levels. Essentially, it is 2 DLC packs that will probably drop sometime next year.
  7. Interesting. Bar Hitman 2 (the new one), I'm only missing Hitman Absolution, so would pick that up if it got released.
  8. If they weren't a gamer at all, then I'd show them either Ratchet & Clank or Uncharted 4/Legacy. R&C is gorgeous, entertaining and just pure fun, whereas Uncharted has a great story and visuals that can draw people in. I know you said PS4 games, but PSVR has been a great way to show off gaming to non gamers too.
  9. I can only think that Hitman 2 is going to be what Hitman [2016] was going to be. Hopefully that means that there will not be a Hitman 3, and that future levels (i.e. season 3) will be added to this game. Would kind of make sense them doing this now that they have switched publishers from Square-Enix to Warner Bros. Fingers crossed that that is the case, as for as much stick this game has already got for re-publishing the season 1 trophies, can you imagine if they did the same with a future Hitman 3?
  10. It probably is a record, but those aren't all paid DLC. The first 7 DLC packs are all in the base game. The 'Legacy' DLC packs can be purchased in 1 purchase, or you get them free if you owned the first game.
  11. Each to there own, but overlooking a game because it doesn't have a platinum seems a bit silly to me.
  12. Is the 'Himmelstein' trophy set the same level in the Sniper Assassin free pre-order? And if so, does that mean that the game is only releasing with 1 sniper assissin level?
  13. Love the fact there are so many trophies. 😀 Disappointed there is no platinum. 😞
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. So the latest Hitman 2 trailer dropped revealing the last locations that we will get to explore. They will be; Miami Colombia Hawke's Bay Mumbai Vermont Isle of Sgail From the glimpses that we get to see, these levels look stunning. Will be interesting to learn more about what each level will revolve around (like Miami is a race track), but could be fun to theorise about. Personally, I'm excited about the Mumbai level, as it looks like it is set on a partial building site, making for some potentially very creative "accidental" kills. Vermont looks like it might be a similar setting to the suburban 'The New Life' level from Hitman Blood Money. What do you think? Are you excited for Hitman 2? What future levels would you like to see (2 more DLC locations to be added at a future date)?