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  1. To be honest, you need a difficult Platinum, which you do not have yet. That 100th Platinum Milestone is a very important one. The game should be challenging, making you proud forever because it tests your true skill and dedication for that game. The games mentioned below are very rewarding and astonishing to play, most of all, worthy of your 100th Platinum Milestone. Also, these games tests your true limits and potentials as an exceptional gamer. Gratifying Platinums ~Binary Domain ~Blur ~Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ~Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance ~Mirror’s Edge ~Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ~Red Faction: Guerrilla ~Super Street Fighter IV ~Transformers: Devastation ~Vanquish In the end of the day, it should be a game that is meaningful and significant to you. 🙃
  2. Try both Rebuild Database and Restore File System in that order, might remedy problems. Clean your PS3 completely, guts to lens of dust buildup. Last resort, most expensive, replacing reading disk laser. Or, a no hassle way, take it to a reputable video game repair shop. Mine has free diagnostics, and charges only $20 to clean PS3 fully. Worse case scenario, they charge $30 for lens replacement. The shop you take your PS3 to might have excessive pricing on services than my local gaming store.
  3. This is not going to get approved. Many people on this site just look at the “H” at first glance, and stop looking at the profile altogether, no matter the amount of Hidden Trophies. Made other simple suggestions below, no chance of implementation……….. ~Delete your OWN topics and messages completely without Moderators. ~Option to hide your number of Views/Profile Views and Country/World Ranks. ~Feature to not receive any Reputation Points. ~Choice of customizing your Trophy Milestones. Forgot to mention: ~Moderator Report Card: Open to everybody, can post feedback for posts deleted wrongfully and other unfair actions towards the PSNP Community. Prevents corruption, with enough creditable complaints, the Mod would be stripped of their role to make room for a more amicable replacement. ~Ignore List: You cannot see the profile photo, topics, and posts of the users on your list.
  4. Never thought I would be giving love advice on a gaming site, first for everything. Do not post much on here, might as well make them worthwhile to help in some way. Anything with a love triangle is toxic to everybody involved. For your own sake and well-being, cut all ties with her. If she really loved you, the choice will be made instantaneously to be with you. You do not deserve to be stressed/depressed on somebody that does not think the world of you. When you love each other, it should be platonic, unconditional, and exclusive between you two only. You are giving all your time and heart, even traveling to meet her. But, she is not returning that high levels of love that you have honored her with. A life-time relationship encompasses faithfulness; forgiveness; trust; honesty; and loyalty. Although difficult, you have to walk away from this predicament, mainly to help yourself mentally and emotionally. You deserve somebody who loves you for all you stand for. Judging with what you have posted and your actions, you will have no problems finding a soul-mate because of your strong devotion and other marvelous characteristics that you are blessed with. I hope this lady the best too. Seems she loves him even with all these imperfections with personal hygiene and a lack of relationship bonding/building. This guy is very lucky to be loved by somebody special like her, and realizes that to make a complete transformation for a healthy and happy life journey together. The two involved should always give 100% to a loving relationship both ways, and help each other to became a better person overall. Best wishes to you, Star, and God bless you. Left you some uplifting songs below………..
  5. Video Game Leaderboards are BS in my opinion, I do not care about them. Also, many Trophy leaders have Hidden Trophies. Even with 1 concealed Trophy, the players at the top should not be included in the Leaderboards. Use some common sense, there is no way to earn all those Trophies “normally” at short time frames without some form of aid. Guinness World Records and countless others do not know most of the things listed below about the people on game leaderboards………. Gamers Top Of Leaderboards ~Multiple people using/sharing one account to earn Trophies. ~Professional hackers, custom firmware users, and save file manipulators that will never be caught. ~Buy Trophies that take long and are difficult to earn skill wise. ~Have more than 2 PlayStation consoles to boost Online Trophies easily and quickly. ~Play crappy games. ~Region stack the same games. ~Only care about Trophies. Once you help them with their Trophies, they abandon you ASAP without returning the favor. ~Spend more time earning Trophies. Family and friends are more important, deserving more of your time instead. ~Given bias/leeway because they are at the top of game leaderboards, bringing attention/revenue to particular sites. ~Egotistic people, wanting to get attention globally for something so trivial. My final thoughts, just worry about your own PSN Profile and the games you play. Who cares what other people think, being happy about your game endeavours is what matters.
  6. Been using PSNP since 2012, and do not post much, but this is the most unselfish and devoted act I have ever seen towards the community on this site. Looks like you have just started your own YouTube channel, and are passionate about Trophies. Kudos to you for spending 35+ minutes or over of your time/leisure on gamers' PSN Trophy Profiles, giving positive comments on them. 👍 Did not even know people on YouTube reviewed PSN Profiles until this topic. Watched profile reviews done by Lawless_Llama; StayPationt; spllitz; Spencer Strott; and KingSuperOne after this topic was made. In my opinion, Goat King, is the most complete/thorough; gives us backgrounds on games; has a friendly voice; and most all, his reviews/feedback are always on the positive end. I think you will get many participants because of your uplifting PSNP reviews. Just a suggestion, Goat King, you can also talk about the gamers’ PSN Avatar and the custom/personalized images within their profiles because those mean/symbolize something dear to them. I do not want to participate, wanted to give you praise only. Wish you all the best with YouTube and life. ✌️
  7. Have stopped collecting childhood stuff almost a year ago, from toys to games. I am proud and lucky to have every G.I. Joe 3.75 inch figure and vehicles released in the States from 1982-1994. My US, Generation 1 Transforms from 1984-1990 also collected and completed. Lastly, every M.A.S.K. figures and vehicles made for North America from 1985-1988 joyfully attained. Been collecting Video Games since my 1st system, the Sega Master System, from 1986 to the last days of the PS3, around 2017. Finally done collecting, and very happy with my toys/games acquisitions. I will never stop collecting Asian and European, Martial Arts and Crime movies not released in the US though, my whole family loves watching foreign cinema.
  8. 🎮
  9. Nice, thanks for letting us all know about this awesome Platinum Mosaic Generator. I will have my Platinum Mosaic enlarged, printed in high definition, framed, and displayed in my game room. Thanks again. 😎