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  1. ill be on the next few nights if you want to join in.  im working on getting to the point where we can grind out a bunch of stuff. 

  2. Since its pretty straight forward, you should have time. No problem
  3. PS3 servers are dying slowly...
  4. Y'all asked. I offered. Keep the warning. I give up. Sometimes it is better.
  5. First of all i owned a PHAT who got YLOD. second of all i did more than enough for this annoying thing.
  6. I will be mean as you guys were to me since i've been explaining myself. Prove that i am wrong. That's it. You are paranoic for everything that i show, but immediately believe any piece of shit. Why da hell is not anyone closing this dispute already ? I already told you to keep your warnings I own two ps3's. I've played it LAN
  7. Appreciated dude !
  8. Appreciated man. Respect
  9. Man , really. Hear yourself. If i would do that (which i won't) they will bring arguments that is not me on the film and that is other player involved and bla bla. I don't care about the flag. I care about the things that i say and the things that random players are posting here. That's why i stress about this. That is just a virtual flag for me and it wont affect my gaming , my life, or what i do. It's my word that i am fighting for here. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT They can flag me, over flag me, send me warnings. Won't lead to nothing phisically. Everything is virtual and every rational and hardcore gamer or should i say old school gamer will understand that leaderboards mean $hit. It's the personal satisfaction that u get from games and the way that you chillout when you have the time. Indeed. Trophies made ppl go crazy either by this kind of crap either spending countless hours on worthless games (guilty)
  10. I already told him 3 times to close this Dispute and keep all his warnings. But ppl are keep coming and saying this and that and that is what really pisses me off Everyone is a judge behind the monitor. And honestly a bad one cuz of the way they act. Also the fact that i created a mask in 2012 and played it in 2014 ? WHO CARES? I mean games have to have a logic ? Or you can play them anyway you want ? If i want to create an Ultimate Team Account now and play after 3 years SO BE IT ? Am i forced to play when i buy the game ? YES OR NO. Doesnt matter if it is logical or not. Maybe thats the way i like to play my games. Prove me wrong !!!!
  11. Cuz i want to prove them wrong. That's why i kept going. False acusation and just simply the satisfaction to insult every thing that i say by saying that I LIE. So that's why i kept going to explain myself that i am right and trophy can still be done LEGIT
  12. Yea i could've been called as you wish but i brought evidence. Yáll not. And even if you do...IT IS STILL POSSIBLE THAT I'VE CREATED the mask LONG BEFORE I GOT THE FIRST TROPHY. You cannot prove me wrong. So ??? where is the genius inside of you now ? The correct judge ? The rational one ? How can you acuse someone when even you know it is possible to be wrong Irrelevant
  13. Might be for a Free Giveaway from origins , and also FIFA. But i cannot remember. My friend (who is a PC guy) told me that they give away a NFS and Crysis. Or it might be when i bought Medal Of Honor Warchest But i've been playing it for years, and STILL no way to prove me that i am wrong.
  14. Ok then why the hell are you asking for this and that IF EVERY GODDAMM THING THAT COULD BE SHOWED TO YOU ---CAAAAN BE FAKED ? I've proven that i created the mask before. Come on , show me that i lie, and i did not created the mask before earning the first trophy. PROVE IT, bring evidence. This is bullshit. Hear yourself speak before you do