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  1. Just got the platinum. After fully exploring on the first playthrough, NG+ took me 6:40 total. I maxxed out Ellie pretty fast but still had to speedrun to Abby and then I maxxed out Abby halfway through Chapter 28. The first run took me 25:31, NG+ took 6:40, so my total platinum time was 32:11
  2. Just a thought, but did you make sure each element is from a different creator?
  3. So does it seem like Record Possession is the fast exp we've found so far? I've been able to let it run for somewhere around 2.5-3 hours before the game crashes. Maybe i'll just use the note bubble method while i'm sleeping so I can still get some sort of exp. Almost level 24 at this point now.
  4. Yeah, my experience of playing the game over the last year was basically looking through created dreams and spending 30 seconds playing each one. I never touched the creation tools until trophies came out and my first thought was “how the hell did anyone make anything with these tools”.
  5. Yeah, it took me barely 2 hours on NG. Even less if you don't explore everything.
  6. Wow, that was a really short DLC. It only took 2 hours to get all the trophies and it was barely anything. I'm pretty disappointed after the two DLC for the first game were so good.
  7. The URBN gear is incredibly useful for most of the game. It is almost identical in stats to MG Cerberus, but you can't get Cerberus until near the end of the game while you can get the URBN set super early. I just got the platinum and didn't use any of the other DLC sets. I ended up using the Iron Maus set for endgame like the first game though so it's totally up to you.
  8. Super glad there's no difficulty trophies, i'll definitely play it on normal. It is weird there's no trophy guide up yet, usually Powerpyx has one up like a day before the game comes out. I preordered and it's ready to go, but i'm not playing it until I beat Pokemon Sword, so there should be a guide up by then.
  9. Ouch haha, yeah I panicked a bit but somehow I finished the puzzles with barely enough time each one.
  10. Thanks for the Will and Max tip! I was running Eleven and Max for my first 100% playthrough on Normal and was using Max as a healer, but I never used Will because I can't stand him in the show. Will definitely made NG+ easy and Max's healing was a must for staying alive. Finished NG+ at 3:43:55 and didn't die a single time.
  11. Cool game, but that 4 minute speedrun was really hard. It's definitely not as chill of a game as it looks. Took me 45 min to do the first two playthroughs and then an hour of restarting over and over and over for the speedrun.
  12. Just tried it on an alternate account and yes you can start Survival from the beginning.
  13. Yep lol, i'm definitely looking forward to the new challenges though. I'll do those for sure.
  14. RIP. There goes my 100%. I'm definitely not replaying it in survival mode after I just spent over a month getting through the game, lol.