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  1. Something else that kinda disappoints me is that each region doesn't have a completion pop-up when you hover over like Far Cry 5. I'm still really enjoying the game but it seems like a huge step down from FC5 in terms of quality of life.
  2. Yeah, it works now. Looks like the PS5 list went up late last night so I was able to sync.
  3. Anyone else's trophies not showing up? I've been popping them since the game came out last night but the game isn't even showing up on the trophy list on the console. Edit: I'm on PS5, forgot to mention. I'm starting to think that the PS5 list hasn't been uploaded to the Playstation servers yet.
  4. I just unlocked the trophy with no problems on PS5 after 59 collectibles. I picked up 95% of them with the spiderbot, and haven't done any main story after unlocking the side missions. I did all of Angel's side missions, and i'm on the final Connie mission. Haven't touched any other sidequests.
  5. Agreed, I really loved this DLC. I played it right before Surge 2 came out since I missed it somehow after the Amusement Park.
  6. I think most of them have been mentioned already, definitely The Surge and The Surge 2. I also liked Ashen a lot. It's pretty indie but it was a solid soulslike. Death's Gambit was a very good 2d soulslike similar to Salt & Sanctuary. I know Immortal Unchained is a shooter soulslike, like Remnant From the Ashes but I haven't tried it. Let It Die was interesting but I didn't really like the free to play aspect of it. Hellpoint also seemed interesting but haven't played it. Those are honestly all I can think of.
  7. I am ready to catch some balls.
  8. Just saw the movie, curious about the game lol. I can always get down with a kids movie plat.
  9. https://tenor.com/view/welcome-to-space-welcome-space-greetings-dana-carvey-gif-13011658
  10. Thanks for the guide, what’s the price of the game?
  11. Just a heads up, there's no new game this week. Regular weekly bible things will start up next week again. I figured i'd post here since I came here first looking for info.
  12. Now that they've released all four parts of this Halloween story, I wonder what the hell we'll get next week. I'm semi excited to see what's next.
  13. This was actually fun compared to the rest of the Breakthrough games so far. I like speedrun trophies most of the time and I liked having to memorize where all of the "holes" were.
  14. Yeah, I saw that from this OP and definitely wish I would’ve read it beforehand. Oh well.