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  1. This was actually fun compared to the rest of the Breakthrough games so far. I like speedrun trophies most of the time and I liked having to memorize where all of the "holes" were.
  2. Yeah, I saw that from this OP and definitely wish I would’ve read it beforehand. Oh well.
  3. This was so fucking hard..I got 14 on the third try and then it took me 2 hours with a break in between after I got super frustrated lol.
  4. Looks cool, hopefully the plat is fast. I could use a nice short little chill game before I start AC Valhalla.
  5. Yesssss. I'm really enjoying all these free PS5 platinums. It's like a surprise present for putting so much effort into getting the platinum years ago in the original versions.
  6. There’s a list someone made here:
  7. Apparently they just fixed AC Valhalla’s trophy pops so I feel like they might fix it for Watch Dogs...hopefully
  8. Weird...Those worked fine for me... Oral History (50 audio logs) popped immediately. 15 relics popped when I collected 1 on the map. 20 Parcel Fox deliveries popped when I did one delivery. Darts/Paste Up/Drinks popped when I did one of each. 100k on clothes and vehicle paint popped when I bought a new weapon skin. Paintball kill popped when I got one kill. A bunch of the takedowns popped when I killed one guy. 20 recruits popped when I recruited one new guy. The only things that didn’t pop are turning one/all boroughs defiant because I don’t have any more, kick up challenge didn’t work when I did intermediate 2 so that’s not going to happen, all upgrades didn’t pop because I have all upgrades. Recruit a Video Game Designer didn’t work even though I still have one. Didn’t get any story trophies because I’ve done them all. I started a new game and unlocked the first trophy for the first mission when I completed it. None of my trophies are bugged, I’d just have to complete the entire story again on a new file, make all the boroughs defiant, and collect enough tech upgrades to unlock all the skills again. So basically have to redo all of everything which I don’t really feel like doing.
  9. I was able to get 55% of the trophies to pop by just completing one thing related to each trophy. Doesn't seem like i'll be able to get the rest though since i've already got the platinum on PS4 for this save...so i've already completed the story and all the boroughs and every upgrade which means there's no way for me to trigger those trophies. That's disappointing.
  10. I'm also wondering if it's an auto-pop since you can transfer your save data from PS4 to PS5. It must be either the same list or an auto-pop...
  11. Aww, what. I went from 62 19% to 629 20%....They pretty much just added a zero. I was expecting to be a little higher...
  12. Yeah, I was at 97% so I just rushed and hit Level 62 just to get one more level for the last time before the system switches over.
  13. Just got the platinum. After fully exploring on the first playthrough, NG+ took me 6:40 total. I maxxed out Ellie pretty fast but still had to speedrun to Abby and then I maxxed out Abby halfway through Chapter 28. The first run took me 25:31, NG+ took 6:40, so my total platinum time was 32:11
  14. Just a thought, but did you make sure each element is from a different creator?
  15. So does it seem like Record Possession is the fast exp we've found so far? I've been able to let it run for somewhere around 2.5-3 hours before the game crashes. Maybe i'll just use the note bubble method while i'm sleeping so I can still get some sort of exp. Almost level 24 at this point now.