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  1. I got real lucky I guess, I saw someone saying that the patch breaks everything and I was able to delete it before it finished updating. Interesting that they pulled the patch. I don't remember the last time that happened with a game.
  2. Wooooooo, no trophy. Thank god. Now we wait for some real DLC.
  3. I hate all of these boss fights, but Guardian Ape was interesting to learn his moves in the second phase, and Demon of Hatred was almost a good fight.
  4. I wish i’d saved the Chained Ogre for farming, but I’ve done it all on NG and it’s not THAT bad compared to grinding AC Odyssey where it takes an hour per level in endgame. I need 10 skill points left for the trophy before I hit NG+ for the platinum, and I’ve been averaging about 15 min per skill point in the final stretch. (I beat the final boss needing 63 more skill points)
  5. Nice work, thanks! It is definitely riskier than the other method (not that bad though), and I really don't like having to fight the red guy at the end. But all you have to do use the Divine Abduction (the fan) on the second red guy so you can stealth kill him too and that makes the run super smooth. Feels like it's a lot faster than the Outskirts Wall Stairway method, or maybe just less boring.
  6. Cleopatra’s Temple was the last one I needed for the plat, but I got it from a sidequest in the Sorting Area if that helps at all.
  7. I just started and i'm about 3.5 hours in. I love this game so far. It's much more fun than any Lego game they've put out in recent years. I skipped Lego Worlds so I have no idea which mechanics are from Worlds, but it's really colorful and rainbow and loot explosioney so it's really hitting the Lego collection itch I had in older Lego games.
  8. All the new extra stuff is out, and i've officially lost interest in staying max level/max upgrades. The upgrade cost for one of the new ship upgrades is just insane. (Removed the end-game spoilery lieutenants in the screenshot for a friend) After 120 hours, I can't even imagine how you'd afford these without another 100+ hours or micro transactions, not including the probably super high upgrade requirements at lvl 99, and the new higher tiers of engravings from Hephaestus. I guess i'll just have to be content with 100% trophies in every AC game, since this is the first AC game I won't 100% ingame at this point. I'm incredibly glad there's no NG+ trophy, at least.
  9. I've got A in every heartless battle, but I didn't try buying the special weapons from the store. I'll test Edit: Hey it worked, thanks! It turns out that Special Weapons are actually the things you equip when you launch your ship, like the Repair Kit, Force Field, etc. I bought the Decoy Duckies ability from the store and it bumped me up to the 13 required for the mission to complete. Now at 100% Gummi!
  10. So i'm only missing one last Gummi mission for 100% Gummi, and it's for collecting special weapons. Anybody have any idea where to farm these and how many I need? I'm guessing asteroids or heartless battles but I have no idea, tbh.
  11. This is exactly what I did, got all the blueprints in the first galaxy then that ship carried me until I could make the Milkbox ship. Only took a few tries to kill Schwartzgeist and then the ship you get for beating him gets you A's on every heartless battle after that including Schwartz. I haven't even unlocked the third galaxy yet, but if Schwartz was the hardest boss it should be easy.
  12. Just got the plat. I'd give it a 3/10. First playthrough with no upgrades and no healing wasn't that bad except for the Wasp boss, and the Ultimate S run didn't require any effort at all. Oni Spirits took a few tries but it wasn't anything compared to God of War challenge rooms. It's not really bad. You just do no healing and no upgrades until the final two bosses (skipping the Dark Realm), beat them while healing but no upgrades, reload, beat them while upgraded but no heals.
  13. Oni Spirits was definitely the hardest part. I just beat Oni Spirits and i'm about 15 min into the Ultimate S rank speedrun. This speedrun seems like it will be incredibly easy.
  14. Honestly all 3 of them were REALLY easy to platinum. I got the total completion for the trilogy in 27 hours (7 for Spyro 1, 10 for the other two) and nothing was a challenge except maybe one or two levels per game. For me, the flying levels are some of my favorite levels in each game (I wish there were a few more) and they're just a really nice break from collecting nonstop.
  15. Somebody in the Discord was saying that they're adding Raids apparently? I guess they confirmed an Adamantoise raid a while ago, but I didn't hear about it until yesterday...I'm slightly interested but I don't want any more trophies.