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  1. First the announcement of the PS Store closure (which went back on the decision 2 weeks later), then came the problem of games not receiving updates (it's already been fixed), supposed PS3s being banned and now PS+ games not showing up after renewing the subscription. Not to mention that some games will have their servers shutdown this year. Hard days for the old warrior. 😓
  2. My PS PLUS had ended in February, but I was able to log into the game normally and even see other players in the free roam. But I can't say if you can play in a group without a Plus subscription, but I don't believe it's possible. I had already done the 2 trophies that someone else needed last year, I currently play this game for fun even after platinum.
  3. It's weird enough. Last year they removed the contents of NFS Hot Pursuit without warning, but this is due to the remastered version that was to come. Now EA warned that the aforementioned games would be removed and would have servers turned off but ended up dropping ProStreet and Most Wanted'12 as well, but the latter left only the Ultimate version. Luckily I had already bought everything.
  4. After Capcom released the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection it gave slight hope that Konami could do the same with the Castlevania series on Nintendo's handheld consoles. Wait for the official announcement and who knows with the DS game and a possible physical media version.
  5. I thought about playing this game to play, but after the exhausting online GTA IV and after seeing Max Payne I gave up. Good luck to those who want to venture out before it's too late.
  6. Glad I got platinum 2 weeks ago after 5 years trying to solve the trophy issue "Freeze! Hold it right there!" that never worked for me. I think it was from my last attempts at support that EA learned of the existence of Undercover. lol
  7. If it were a few years ago, I accepted the challenge of grinding that game. Now I don't have so much time and patience for that anymore. But I will rescue to play casually.😆
  8. I didn't choose the PlayStation because of exclusives, that doesn't matter to me. So it's great to see it expanding horizons for the PC.
  9. I don't know about the gems, but the trophy of 300 titles is very fast if you buy the DLC of the characters, including Lars and Alisa are great in the most difficult difficulties. But they don't need to platinum, only if you want to be a more complete set of characters. Just to recap (even though everyone should know by then) Jim Ryan give up on closing the PS Store on the PS3.😁
  10. To this day, people still have doubts as to whether the server is still active or not. When I started playing it was in the last quarter of 2018, since there was no success in connecting. Passed 2019 I looked at the foums and clarified nothing about the servers. I only found out after hunting a lot and found a topic on Steam from an ex-dev that the online one would be closed on the 11/5/2018 just like that. That is, the online is OFFICIALLY closed. It is worth mentioning that on the PC they made an alternative server for the game that has an active community, so do not confuse if the official servers are working because of this mod.
  11. Good idea, but for many it would be useless because the service is not yet available in certain countries. Not to mention that you don't have the complete library, because you need to license the games again.
  12. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (US) is updated for me.
  13. I have my doubts. But let's wait and hope.
  14. The way Sony has been messing with the PS3 just to decrease resources, I find it hard for them to stop to fix this problem. My theory that this update is being phased out may be intentional, I hope I'm wrong.
  15. If there is an update record, and that one game or another has people who can, others do not. This suggests that it is a problem with the PSN server to locate the update. But the way it is going I find it hard for them to want to fix a problem on a console that they intend to kill sooner or later.