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  1. Okay, I'm just wondering if someone can answer this for me. I'm unable to create a new trading post? It only lets me search for size or mirage type. The friend I was gonna trade with is having the same issue. Is this a known issue? Are we missing something or did they take out the ability to create a new trading post?
  2. Late to the party, but I lost mine too. It still shows 10 trophies in my cabinet though, which I thought was odd
  3. I'll say my top 3 and the reasons for them! 1. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: This is genuinely the most satisfying platinum I own. I ended up finishing the platinum (and the online portion) 4 years after the game came out. So when I accidentally stumbled into an 8-player lobby and soon after, finally fought a 1st rank player, I was through the moon with excitement. I also made it trophy #3333 so that was fun lol 2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: The Call of Duty I spent the most time with and the first time I genuinely felt like I could beat the hardest difficulty mode in a game (Veteran was tough but fun). The Spec Ops missions were brutal at first but once I got the hang of them, it felt great to finish 3. Infamous Second Son: Literally just because it was my first PS4 platinum and I did it within a week of getting my PS4. Good times.
  4. Can anyone confirm if this would extend to people that don’t have it preordered yet? Like, is it retroactive so I could preorder the last season now and still get everything else free? Never got to do 400 days or Michonne so it could be fun. Also, is it NA?
  5. My first trophy was “The Pugilist” from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. It was on December 7th, 2008. It has a missing time stamp but I remembered the date because I knew it was gonna end up being important for me lol. I actually made MK vs DC’s platinum my 2000th trophy overall because it my first ever game with trophies. Almost got the plat on the 4 year anniversary but missed it by a few days (Dec. 11) Will definitely try to do SOMETHING for my 10 year at the end of the year!
  6. Awesome! Thank you!
  7. So is there a minimum post requirement to join? I’m a 5 year lurker of the site that’s been looking to be a bit more active and also actually go through and finish the KH games since I haven’t platinumed any yet so this would be right up my alley 👀
  8. Ratchet & Clank at 6 which is my favorite series. PS3 R&C Going Commando Up Your Arsenal (favorite game ever) A Crack in Time Into the Nexus PS4 R&C
  9. When did you start gaming? I started gaming when my older sister showed me Super Mario World on the SNES when I was about 5. Instantly fell in love and I blame her for anything and everything I do in the realm of gaming. What consoles did you play as a kid? SNES, Nintendo 64, PS1, and GameBoy Color are the ones I remember having from the beginning. Got PS2 for my birthday the year after it came out, PS3 for my 14th birthday, and then started actually collecting stuff after that. What consoles and systems do you own? PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, New 3DS, Switch, SNES, SNES Classic Edition glorified emulator lol), N64, and Wii. What do you have set up and currently play? Mostly just PS4 right now because of school eating my time, but Odyssey comes out tomorrow for Switch so I'll probably be playing that for the next few weeks. What do you collect for, if anything? I like to collect games that are unopened and/or games that come in their original box. While I don't have a lot of these, my examples of this are unopened Final Fantasy IX, unopened Tomb Raider 1-3, Donkey Kong Country in box, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for SNES in box (this one isn't as impressive, but I'm an avid Waldo cosplayer and Carmen is seen as the counterpart, and I would play the PC Carmen Sandiego games in elementary school so it means a lot to me. And finally, Are you going for a full collection or just a curated library of your favourite games? Ideally, full. Realistically, favorites and unopened classics (FFIX+Tomb Raider)
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn. Haven’t decided if I just wanna play something to beat next or if I wanna work on another plat
  11. I feel like I do the reverse. If I see that a game looks pretty cool, but the platinum seems too high, I’ll skip out on it. ICEY, for example. Watched a trailer and some gameplay, and was like “that looks pretty cool” and then saw it was a 70% plat and went “ah never mind.” It’s interesting to think how these virtual nothings dictate our choices lol. Also, regarding My Name Is Mayo; when I discovered that game, and discovered what you had to do to get the platinum (dress up a jar of mayonnaise and press it), I told my best friend about it. We saw it was like a dollar and he said “eff it, why not”, just because of how goofy it sounded, and that was one of the funniest hours of gaming we’ve done. All the different costumes and the general stupidity of it entertained the hell out of us. So it’s really important to understand intent when you see someone’s platinums. 😛 But to answer OP, I see them as a “you’ve beat the game, but go do this extra thing to get a little prize, and when you get all of those prizes, you’ll get the mega prize to say ‘hey I did all the things the devs wanted me to do’” and I did it for RE5 and instantly wanted more plat dings
  12. Oh! I wanna join in just because my rarest platinum isn’t something you see too often. 1. Platinum Trophy - Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (0.64%) 2. Master of Fate - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2.10%) 3. Over the Edge - Mirror’s Edge (3.22%) 4. World Destroyer - Injustice 2 (3.33%) 5. Borderlands Defender Round 1.5 - Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (4.46%) 6. PLATINUM - WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2011 (4.73%) 7. Platinum - WWE ‘12 (5.51%) 8. Portal 2 Platinum Trophy - Portal 2 (6.49%) 9. Platinum Blades and Dark Corners - Dishonored (7.21%) 10. Borderland Defender Round Two - Borderlands 2 (7.42%) Fun note: I originally wanted to platinum every WWE game and then WWE ‘13 came along with its nasty online and made me sad. Could’ve finished 2K14 but ah well, maybe 2K18. Also interesting to see a third of the games have “vs.” in the title. And I’m glad my top ten stayed under 10%. Now I want more ultra rares lmao.
  13. A lot of Assassin's Creed on that backlog; Syndicate was my favorite. But you should totally play Thieves in Time or Heavy Rain (Haven't platinumed either of them but they're both super fun games! )
  14. 10/10! Nice number of Ultra Rare plats amongst other awesome games in general. Almost to that 100 milestone too!