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  1. Wooohoo no fucking challenges trophy thank christ for that. I couldn't finish the Pre-Sequel because of that stupid trophy.
  2. Ohh i didn't know that. I'm only on Sequence 7. Thanks for letting me know as i was worrying.
  3. I've checked the map thoroughly and I cannot for the life of me find the last viewpoint, has anyone else had this problem? I've noticed the game glitching on me a few times, I just hope this hasn't glitched on me
  4. I'm presuming your more of a private fella? Otherwise i'm curious as to why you want to unfollow everyone.
  5. Can you use dingodile for all the trials? H'es my favourite character, but if I have to use Penta then I will.
  6. Save file usage. Didn't need to go through his trophies to figure out where it all went wrong, seen this ballocks many a time.
  7. Push Square, Gamingbible. There usually reliable.
  8. Which puts me off this game completely. Mahjong was a nightmare in itself in Y0 it took me over 25 hours to get the game down properly, the platinum followed immediately thank god (as i had everything else done) so I'll watch how the story unfolds on Youtube. I don't even wanna know what this Puyo Puyo is like unfortunately for me i have to re-do all this again in Yakuza Kiwami.
  9. A fucking football game are you actually serious?! I hope your next shit is a hedgehog Konami.
  10. Sweet jumping fuck, this dangerous driving game is totally unbearable to play, glitches galore. Anyone thinking on picking this up stay clear. 

    1. Terra


      That’s a shame. I haven’t opened my copy yet. 

    2. EternalChaos72


      I wouldn't bother opening it tbh. The game is terrible, burnout was a much better game. 

  11. Is the Ubisoft E3 over? Tell me we got a new watch dogs game? 

    1. ResoluteRock


      We do have a new Watch Dogs game.


      Ubisoft conference is tomorrow at 3pm EST.

    2. skateak


      Watch Dogs Legion. 

    3. T0mmCgiLLiVray


      Yeah it's going to be set in London 

  12. Choked on me fucking vodka Lmfao.
  13. Makes more sense now, because I wasn't born in the 80s. Shadow Realm for you
  14. Literally never heard of this game, and I was born in the 90s. Not sure if that makes a difference or not lol. EDIT: Nevermind, it doesn't have a platinum.
  15. Excited for this!! Some of these trophies are difficult, relics, gems, tokens. Can someone please explain to me about the master drifter trophy? Is it basically just use the speed pads on the track?