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  1. I was actually thinking that myself, your basically just paying a higher price for a different name brand name i suppose. Here is the Hisense brand And here is the Samsung brand As you can see there is a bit of a price spike between the two. I'm only gonna be using the TV for gaming anyway.
  2. This has been bugging me for quite some time, but never actually got around to ask the following: The names of the 4k tvs i.e Samsung, Hisense, Panasonic, Sony. There is alot of different price ranges with Hisense being the cheapest. If i were to choose Hisense for example would the quality be the same on the other TVs or are there differences?
  3. Dear jeebus, these races in Dirt 4 are seriously dragging. 4 qualifying heats! Seriously?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EternalChaos72


      Nope. Stay away from this if you were thinking on picking it up lol. The boredom is really kicking in at this point, dunno wether to continue or just move on.

    3. Banana_Sausage47


      I was kinda interested in getting it at some point too lol. this has put me off somewhat xD

    4. EternalChaos72


      The game isn't difficult in the slightest just takes far too long

  4. It'll be a shit month if this is the case.
  5. I didn't have much choice but to send the game back.
  6. Most likely another stability update
  7. Please make it happen. I never got the chance to plat it on the PS3, It was a fantastic game.
  8. Bingo. Everyone is here to play games not earn other people's respect.
  9. Your best bet would be to get all the trophies (except the difficulty related trophies) on a easier playthrough and then save the DO playthrough for the very last if people are struggling with it.
  10. Wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  11. March 2019 for AC3 release? That's rather far away, i thought it'd be here next week
  12. I think I vaguely remember playing AC3 on the PS3, but I think i only played like 10 minutes of it or something like that for whatever reason.
  13. I need to pick up AC3 and Liberation as it's the only AC games i haven't platted yet.
  14. Why are you looking for these people just outta curiosity?
  15. Ohhhh this looks amazing, will definitely be keeping an eye on this.