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  1. The whole wireless trading sounds amazing when it comes to trading. For someone who hasn't played a nintendo console in light years, can someone tell me what the latest handheld is called? I'm seriously considering going back to the pokemon games to fill the dex
  2. UK this is my main account. My JP and US accounts are for deals on their PS stores.
  3. This is actually happening to me alot now, wish there was a way to stop it
  4. DR2 looks alot more complicated than this
  5. Yeah my bad, I completely overlooked the fact you need them outta the mall and not in the security room
  6. According to the notebook i have saved 12 people so far, yet the trophy for getting 10 people outta the mall hasn't popped? Any help?
  7. This game is definitely a 10/10 i thoroughly enjoyed this game. There's nothing that i disliked. Guerrilla has outdone themselves yet again.
  8. Gave up on the Saint trophy in DR1. You obviously can't be everywhere at once to try and save people. I was going by the list on the guide and it said someone died. like WTF? 

  9. LOL this isn't even that difficult, once yo get the rhythm down it's simple. A script is not needed for this.
  10. Why create a shit username to begin with? Still baffles me.
  11. Currently playing this game atm. I didn't know how to dodge roll until just now lol.
  12. Huge fan of the first one yet they go and release it exclusively for the Switch. Absolute ballocks.
  13. Hellblade is still too pricey i'm in no rush for it so i can wait.
  14. Nah you should be fine.
  15. So i finally gave up on mein leben. The more times i kept dying on death incarnate the more my confidence kept dropping so i sen't it back to the supplier. Oh well, L.A Noire and AC:O are up next hopefully.