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  1. #320 - Iron Snout, good riddance, the game was horrible lol. Ain't no way i'm replaying this on the Vita. 

  2. #316 - Marvel spider man 2018.

    #317 - Chickens cross the road.

  3. The only thing I'm even a tiny bit interested in is the RE4 remake. The rest is meh.
  4. Ooh I'm interested in this, I always enjoyed the bond games.
  5. Guys do any of you know do the races drag on? Like many laps per event and such? Dirt 4 was ridiculous for this, it totally dragged and dragged on.
  6. This game wasn't that difficult, I done most of them the first try although there was a couple that i had to retry. Keep at it you'll get there eventually.
  7. Hey folks how difficult is veteran in this latest installment? Hopefully its nothing like WAW. In all of the previous COD games that I've platted i managed veteran many times before, but I just want to know as I plan on picking this up with the PS5.
  8. Honestly expected there to be more trophies with this. I can see a shitload of DLC trophies incoming.
  9. Dear God one of the easiest platinum out there goes ahead and glitches on me (Road bustle) check my trophies 'facepalm'

    1. Tesla_Rules


      OOOOOO....that IS an easy trophy....:giggle:

    2. EternalChaos72


      Just got the platinum there now. Had to uninstall the game and re-install. Those trophy timestamps are messed up as a result. 

  10. What car did you use? I'll try that tomorrow.
  11. Anyone know the best drift car setup for these drift zones. They're doing my head in seriously.
  12. Cant wait to play the first Mafia as i never played that one, and mafia 2 was an absolutely amazing. 3 was pants so I wont be going near that again.
  13. Does anyone know the fastest car for the off road races? I'm using a BMW, but there's no way it can reach the 320+ performance level? Basically the same question for the drift cars?
  14. Couple of questions regarding NFS: heat. 


    Do you have to lose the cops to enter the safe house? The peelers just busted me and have no cash left 😑😑


    Is it better to play at night or during the day? A bit confusing. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me. Thanks. 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EternalChaos72


      Thanks for clearing that up for me. 

    3. EternalChaos72


      it seems impossible to escape the cops when they're chasing you. How do you even get rid of them without getting busted? It was a bit stupid not to include weapons for your car. 

    4. Shinobi


      Ramps/jumps are the cops worst nightmare. Any cops that follow you off a ramp will instantly wreck in the air.


      Escaping them without abusing ramps/jumps is honestly pretty difficult, possible, but difficult.

  15. 312 - Dragonball Z: Kakarot. 

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    2. Condemned09
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. EternalChaos72


      Thanks folks. First platinum in a long while, hopefully not feeling burnt out anymore.