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  1. No coop, but the difficulty wasn't really all that difficult.
  2. Crapcom actually included a platinum? Well fuck me sideways and call me Brenda. They could add a wee plat to megaman, but not RE4? fucktards.
  3. I'd like to know this aswell. It would be hateful to begin MP after busting your balls getting the Personal Decorator trophy only for the modders to pop your MP trophies at once and then having to hide the game, so you can get back on the leaderboards.
  4. BOOM! It's now working! I didn't have the toothpick like you suggested, but it gave me the idea to swap controllers and it's working like a charm now. There must be some dust/dirt in that other controller which is probably why the QTE wasn't registering properly.
  5. Here's a video that I just made to show you what's going wrong. Excuse my QTE fail at the shower part lol
  6. Yeah I had it on the easiest difficulty setting. EDIT: Tried on all difficulty settings and still nothing. Is there something you have to do beforehand?
  7. So when I'm drawing the picture the first QTE is fine, but with the 2nd QTE it won't let me proceed even though i'm doing it right? The game is recognizing it as a mistake?
  8. I tweeted Sega a while back asking if there will be a platinum and never got a reply back. Typical
  9. If you bought the game pre-owned then the code would been used.
  10. When the assassins creeds were re-released on the PS4, how come the 3rd never came along with the rest?
  11. I spared him and let him go. Nowhere in the guide did it state to let him drink your blood. Is this run screwed now?
  12. I'm trying to increase stability. Nope i'm trying to keep everyone alive, i haven't discovered them yet, but where are they? I'm on chapter 3. Thanks for that i'll definitely look into the graveyard for the serums.
  13. So i spared Sean which dropped the district to 54% now i'm starting to worry abit as there is nobody around apart from Martin Nightingale and the elderly woman. She has a headache which i can't cure her from since i don't have the blueprints. Any help?
  14. So i accidentally upgraded on the wrong bench in chapter 2, didn't even realise i had to craft it at the office. Now I cant find anymore of the stuff in the morgue? Where else can you get the hypochloride? EDIT: nvm I didn't realise you could get the stuff outside of the morgue.
  15. I actually forgot this game existed