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  1. On the competitive menu, while trying to sign into racenet it's says connection failed. Have the servers gone down?
  2. This list actually looks incredibly easy.
  3. I usually play in a very well lit room. Bad for the eyes if your playing in darkness.
  4. Why am I not surprised. Won't be picking this up, fuck that. 118 trophies yet couldn't include a platinum? Baffling.
  5. Bear/daddy type?
  6. From the sounds of things i think this is a game definitely for us
  7. Oh.. I thought people were losing everything to get their name changed.
  8. Sony just trolled all the people who need this feature
  9. I was able to join a game in progress and it still counted for me.
  10. I tried this on my TV and it never worked.
  11. I've been getting spam messages like nothing normal this past while, maybe now Sony will get off their arse and fix it.
  12. They're are some games that push the console to it's limit though so that's probably why your fan Is sounding like a jet plane taking off.
  13. When this happens to me I know my console is on it's way out. It could very well be different with you.
  14. Anyone need the 3 MP trophies in Dirt 4? Send me a friend request. Need another 2 people. Already made a gaming session for it.

  15. Myassstretched haha love it.