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  1. Yeah, I REALLY didn’t wanna see this shit again! The full house trophy could be another pain in the arse.
  2. #400 - Horizon Forbidden West. 

  3. So I just got a USB stick to play my music on the PS4 while playing my games, but for some reason the USB stick isn't working? It plays on my laptop just fine, but not the PS4? Can anyone help? The format is FAT32 if that matters.
  4. #320 - Iron Snout, good riddance, the game was horrible lol. Ain't no way i'm replaying this on the Vita. 

  5. #316 - Marvel spider man 2018.

    #317 - Chickens cross the road.

  6. The only thing I'm even a tiny bit interested in is the RE4 remake. The rest is meh.
  7. Ooh I'm interested in this, I always enjoyed the bond games.
  8. Guys do any of you know do the races drag on? Like many laps per event and such? Dirt 4 was ridiculous for this, it totally dragged and dragged on.
  9. This game wasn't that difficult, I done most of them the first try although there was a couple that i had to retry. Keep at it you'll get there eventually.
  10. Hey folks how difficult is veteran in this latest installment? Hopefully its nothing like WAW. In all of the previous COD games that I've platted i managed veteran many times before, but I just want to know as I plan on picking this up with the PS5.
  11. Honestly expected there to be more trophies with this. I can see a shitload of DLC trophies incoming.
  12. Dear God one of the easiest platinum out there goes ahead and glitches on me (Road bustle) check my trophies 'facepalm'

    1. Tesla_Rules


      OOOOOO....that IS an easy trophy....:giggle:

    2. EternalChaos72


      Just got the platinum there now. Had to uninstall the game and re-install. Those trophy timestamps are messed up as a result. 

  13. What car did you use? I'll try that tomorrow.
  14. Anyone know the best drift car setup for these drift zones. They're doing my head in seriously.