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  1. how the mighty keyboard warriors do fall...

  2. From one legend to another, where you at? 

  3. If you ever come back you better make damn sure I heard about it.

  4. Eburk, I miss you =( and the old days =(

    1. Apex Predator

      Apex Predator

      You know what I just noticed? I've hardly seen you in the chat for like over a week... why'd you ditch me with these clowns?

  5. Fair enough, to qualify my earlier pros and cons, those were just the pros and cons that were important to me.
  6. Nobody is forcing you to buy digital or buy Sony for that matter. What am I missing? My take. Digital: Pro: 1. I'm impatient and want game NOW. Yay, new game now. 2. I still have game when trophy DLC is released 46 months later. Con: 1. No resale 2. Will probably get lost in oblivion when next gen consoles come out, who cares - I'll be over it by then anyways. Physical Media: Pro. 1. Resale Value Cons: 1. I won't still have the game when trophy DLC is released 46 months later. 2. Collects dust in my entertainment center and infuriates me that I am held hostage holding on to it for years for no reason while it drops in value.
  7. I'm a man, I'm 40. Quit the crap.
  8. Cheaters most likely. If you are a Premium Member (gratuitous sales pitch!) you can file a report on any user you feel has broken the rules, we will review it and potentially flag that user.
  9. Not allowed here.
  10. Saw your topic about DA:I agents and added it to the guide.

    1. eburkulosis


      Cool, really enjoying your guide. Tons of info and detail. Well done.

      Are there any good sources out there for all dialogue outcomes (for approval/disapproval?) I couldn't locate a good compilation in my internet searches.

    2. Dragon-Archon


      Thnx :). Don't know about that, but I noticed that taking party members with you while completing their personal quests yield more approval. Main quest decisions are also one of the major (dis)approval changes. I also figuered out Vivienne is a pro-circle mage, so any dialogue that says "I want the cirlces back, mages on a leash, rebellion is stupid" yields approval. Sera is all about looking out for the common people. Solas approves if you investigate every dialogue and be "s...

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Solas approves if you investigate every dialogue and be "spirits are people, we can co-exist, demons and spirits are basically the same".