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  1. Hopefully this is a sign of more crown events to come this year. I've got this one already.
  2. Ya. It's a bit worrisome that the year is almost over and we didn't get any crown events at all. I did just farm out the elder dragon crowns at least except Lunustra which I'm having trouble with. Still just going to wait a year if need be for event quests that give crowns.
  3. Is anyone interested in hunting specifically for Large Namille and large lunustra? Can't seem to get those 2 for the life of me.
  4. You can do this. Make sure you select return and not abandon
  5. Extremely worrying that the Horizon crossover didn't even have a guaranteed gold crown. I worry that they aren't doing guaranteed/increases rate drops from events this time around.
  6. Anyone get a gold crown zinogre from the Horizon event yet?
  7. Every Thursday I check the schedule to see if there are worthy event quests on the way and end up dissapointed. Today was no different ☹️
  8. Ya I think what has been said about me essentially having a near-complete meta build has a lot to do with why I'm getting bored. I'm honestly beyond ready for these crown and cross-over events. Had a blast with the game up to this point but I should probably just play something else now. The event quests for the next 3 weeks don't look that exciting tbh
  9. Maybe it's me mainly being annoyed that there aren't crown events yet but it also feels like the events in the base game were a lot more interesting at this point. I've already got a decent gear set optimized for the only weapon I use (longsword) and I'm finding myself being a bit bored ☹️. Not really willing to crown hunt either until the crossover events at the very least. Not too interesting in farming out tempered elders that may or may not 1) show up in the gl and 2)drop the right stuff for augmenting. Event quests made this stuff easier.
  10. Could this replace the need to get the crown of one of Iceborne's base monsters?
  11. Hmm well I don't see anything like that this time around. We're definitely more than three weeks in.
  12. How long did it take after the base game launched for crown events to start happening?
  13. Is anyone willing to spawn the lvl 6 specific monsters for Ancient Forest and Rotten Vale Area of the Guiding lands and then I can just join in? Does that work? I've done the other 2 areas already.
  14. Why is the banner using the Erica actor they replaced lol?