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  1. Hey mate, The guide was written solely from playing it on the PS3, I never took the time to complete it on the Vita. I can understand that it may be slightly more difficult on the Vita, I always thought the Vita was fairly clunky and garbage most of the time anyway. I'll leave the difficulty setting on my guide as is, because it is referencing PS3 and that's how hard I thought it was at the time. Difficulty ratings don't mean much on these things anyway honestly, everyone is different and faces varying obstacles in games.
  2. 1: What is your favourite game that you played and was released in 2018? God of War, really enjoyed the new playstyle and the amount of places/things you could do and the “lore” that was involved. 2: What is your favourite game that you played and was released before 2018? Sleeping Dogs, I think it was the (third?) time I platinumed it. Never get sick of going through it. 3: What is your favourite PlayStation Plus game of 2018? Don’t think I played any plus games this year but I’ll go with Bulletstorm because it’s the only game I had wanted that I didn’t already buy myself. 4: What is your proudest Platinum that you earned in 2018? Farcry 5, decent single player story. Multiplayer was average and took longer to complete than it should have but overall was a good game. 5: Which game do you consider to be the most over rated game that released in 2018? Haven’t really played many of this years games, I knew from the get-go that Fallout 76 was going to be a terrible “mmo” type game that was not what Fallout is about at all and was a cash grab at most; I don’t plan on playing it unless it’s super cheap or becomes free. 6: Which platinum trophy pushed you the hardest this year? Not really “pushed” me but getting the Fallout Shelter platinum took a while for me to get and I actually spent a bit of money on micros trying to get it which is unusual for me to do. 7: Which trophy (excluding platinums) was your most frustrating trophy this year? Getting wins in FC5 multiplayer, always managed to get put on a losing team even if I was playing fairly well, took way too long to get 10 wins or whatever number it was. 8: What is your most anticipated PlayStation game for 2019? Either Days Gone because it looks good, Rage 2 because I enjoyed the first one; or Tropico 6 because I really enjoyed T5. 9: What is the last game you bought for: PS4: The Council Season Pass PS3: No idea, probably one of the backlog games I didn’t play PSV: Same as PS3 PSVR: Superhot I think 10: What would be your Top 10 recommended games that you've played this year (they must be PlayStation games and they can have been released at any time, as long as you played it in 2018) God of War Red Dead Redemption 2 Sleeping Dogs Farcry 5 Dead Rising 4 Zombie Army Trilogy SECTION 2: 1: What was your favourite part of the ATL? Bit of multiplayer here and there with a few of you guys, also getting to read some of the friendly banter. 2: What was your least favourite part of the ATL? Like all comps I’ve been in or seen there can be a bit of drama and childish behaviour from some people, part of the reason I’ve been fairly inactive was because I got sick of it. 3: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your End Of Month Result? The scoring was a bit odd to me, I myself kind of preferred a more simpler raw trophy counting approach instead of multipliers and other variables. 4: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your Bonus Categories? Same as above 5: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for Backlog Games? Same as above 6: How do you feel about the Backlog Game setup (10 games across any PlayStation format)? Backlog system was fine.
  3. Hahaha, I take a little pride in that. It's funny because I think I've been slightly more active the last month or so compared to most of the year. Thanks again for hosting the comp this year mate, appreciate the effort that you and some of the other guys have put in the last few years I've been "competing". It has been fun and interesting and I've wholeheartedly enjoyed the chats and gaming sessions I've had with those here and in previous comps; It was silly of me to sink back into more of a relaxed view on gaming (Not spending time on cheap plats) and taking the time to fully experience a select view games at a slower pace, examples being God Of War and currently Red Dead 2 which are both fantastic. I most likely won't be participating in any comps in the near future but don't be afraid to message me if there's ever an opportunity you may need me for a coop/multi session; I may not have a lot of free time but will try and make the effort. Great job to everyone this year, good to see a few people complete their backlogs. Looking forward to seeing the crowning ceremony and the wrap up.
  4. Definitely not turning my back on Playstation, just trying out a bit of everything. Fallout is a great franchise to get lost in, I'm looking forward to restarting New Vegas again soon because I've never played the dlc's for it so that should be new and fun for me. Tell me about it with the not getting around to games, I'm a lot better at buying them than I am at playing them that's for sure.
  5. Mate one of the best things to do is chuck some music or a podcast on and go through ridiculous amounts of collectibles. My gaming is fairly average currently, getting closer and closer to the Fallout Shelter Plat. Been playing Fallout 3 on the XB1 for a bit now and almost completely done everything in the main game and completed 1/5 of the dlc's, hit the level cap the other night and it's already getting a bit boring finishing it off with no rewards now so might shelf it soon and start one of the other 100+ games I can play on it. Also bought God of War the other day on sale so might rope myself into that, have heard good things. Also purchased a PC build last week so should be picking up the finished product sometime this week, then comes a few days or so of installing the 900 games I have on Steam :0 Not sure what I'm going to do with myself once that happens, considering I've been spending most of my free time after work fiddling with my guitar haha. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  6. Hey mate, This comp started way back at the start of the year and is closed to new entrants. It also looks like you are French (or at least your PSN account is) which would mean you would not be able to partake due to this competition being for Australians. If you're interested in competing in some comps you should check out and see if any are currently open to new contestants. Best of luck mate. Btw a backlog is a list of games that you choose to play throughout a competition duration that you own and have not played yet.
  7. Good job everybody, great stuff again Adam keeping this comp going. Lousy effort from me again, lots of working going on. Went and bought myself an Xbox 1 a few weeks or so ago "jsut for exclusives" and I've gone and indulged in Live/Gamepass/EA Access and also went and bought Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 all with dlc's plus The Witcher 3 and a bunch of games off those subscription services so all my gaming time has been going over there lately. Will need to find some time to do a few those backlog games at some point (He says for the seventh month in a row) I hope everyone enjoys their August!
  8. You haven't even begun to peak, you're a five star man!
  9. Yeah it can be tough man, check out my guide to see if it can help at all, haven’t updated it recently though so it may not provide much useful information especially if it’s just a case of practicing and nailing the part but doesn’t hurt to take a geeze.
  10. Are you playing Achilles on Regular? Got to love when you miss certain notes on songs over and over, I got to a point where I had 100% FC'd the Fall Out Boy song three times and then couldn't do it a fourth time for whatever reason and went and randomly got it on a different song. Sometimes you have to take a break and return to it.
  11. Good luck on Guitar Hero mate, pretty sure there’s still under 500 of us (on psnp) that have the Plat so it’s a pretty cool one to have.
  12. I can usually do weekends if I’ve got nothing planned, I’ll start a chat and see if we can all agree on something. Been a while since I played it but I remember there being possibly up to 8 player. Sorry to hear that, best of luck @fang7744 Hope your venture is going well Adam, look forward to an update.
  13. This reminds of what a guy at work was telling me today. He recently started and he was asking me what kind of games I play and then started telling me how he was a tournament Dota player for a while and all the computer merch and stuff he and his team would get from Asus (Is that how it’s spelt?) and prize money and stuff, pretty much told me it was fairly boring and shit for him because he’d spend all day every day playing Dota and nothing else except eat, toilet, sleep. I enjoy gaming but screw living like that, been playing less and less recently and can’t imagine doing that. I definitely understand Matt and have been stepping away from “trash” games currently to just sit back and enjoy longer and better produced games when I have time.
  14. Ah nuts, didn't realise you guys had gone and boosted that, was waiting a while for some of you to play it. Did you do all of it or just a single session so far?