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  1. Already backed. Got some zines and manuals from this guy and they're amazing.
  2. Yep, that is a good method if boosting for sure. About the note, in the last patch syringes kill count (that's how we did it) but for some reason it's not working since last patch so maybe they screwed up (or maybe they disable this kind of kill). IMO they screwed up.
  3. Hi. I wrote the ps5 version of the guide and I don't think you should increase the dificulty on something based on rng, that's not difficult, that's luck. And having that said, When I boosted this game with my friends, we had the casino spawning like 3 o4 times in a row. Some of my friends had difficulties to play on gardens or personoid quarters ahd some had the casino as their first trophy... We can discuss it in the guide comments section if you wish!
  4. This. The game is cross platform but they stated in their faq that you must add your friends ingame and then invite there as they see ps4 and ps5 two different systems.
  5. Boy, you almost kill me! Just tested and content manager works fine. And what a relief, as I have a lot of backed up games, some with quite a lot of hours on!
  6. Yeah you can backup anything on your pc or mac (i'm using mac). Just use the content manager amd you're good to go:
  7. Just played the newtwork test for a couple hour so far and, woah man, I like it. A lot of errors trying to summon for help, but I think that's the point of the test.
  8. Just to clarify, scanner on the second level is rng, but on the third level is always there.
  9. But will them void trophies? We don't really know. The game is so easy with a group of 6 people, just RNG. But once the scanner trophies and endings from level 3 are out of the way, if you got a map you don't want, aka the mall or resort, just vote YES on the voting screen and have the host leave the game. Everyone will follow and you'll start a new match fast.
  10. Thank you, I'll try next time I boot the game! EDIT: Got them all three. Thanks Viper!
  11. Thanks for the info! Just found one in the second I think tomb. I don't think I'll replay them again, so I'll wait for the next DLC or whatever.
  12. Thanks for the guide! I have this game on my backlog from a twitter contest or something, will use this guide for sure.
  13. Thank you!
  14. One of the best months for me, 6 games! And I wanted Saints & Sinners!
  15. Oh boy, can't wait. I don't have much time and space to play right now with a 1 year old walking here and there, but I'll play S&S for sure!