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  1. Oh, I won't pay anything, don't worry hahaha. Bought the game at launch and really enjoyed it.
  2. No, versions were messed up at the beggining, I played the disc one.
  3. Sorry, no idea mate.
  4. I don't think it will effect the platinum much, as the only real benefit towards the platinum is the private world and the unlimited stash. About the private world, it'll make easier some parts, because now you can get to an area where there is another high level player and all mobs are on that level, so impossible for you. I don't know how will affect the PVP trophies. And killing the scorchbeast by yourself it's going to be impossible. The unlimited stash will come in handy for sure.
  5. Well, neved had a german account but yes, it must be hard as hell to know where you are clicking.
  6. There're only two versions. The second one is just German digital, so you must create a german account and buy it there.
  7. I'm starting to have this "lag" problem, but I'm at 3 stages of finishing ng+...
  8. Just playing this game on the vita and 0 problems at the moment. Did you have the last patch installed?
  9. Ninja Gaiden impossible. The game is hard as hell and even if you have unlimited continues, last stage starts always from the beggining if you get a game over. I've been unable to kill the last boss, no matter what I try. It's super easy in ps4 because you can play co-op and as long as the two player don't die, you can't continue and continue, so beating all bosses is easy (plus, you can use your bombs non stop).
  10. All trophies are bugged if your system language is not English. Try to change your system language, enter the game and gain a new level. It's something with the last patch.
  11. Colega!, te ha tocado el Legend of Skyfish 😁 mis más resentida enhorabuena 😂

    1. breakXedge


      Jajajaja ni idea de qué juego es, a ver qué tal...

  12. Ok, Olympus Has Fallen also popped with system language to English.
  13. Hi, thank you XmodE_7! Yes, the trophy It's A Long Way To The Top popped after following your steps, thanks! About Olympus Has Fallen, it's still locked, but I'll try today when the GW battle resets. Again, thank you!
  14. Weird, It's A Long Way To The Top is not popping either...