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  1. Same problem here, completed the game in 3:34 with the cow costume and the trophy didn't pop. I'll wait for it to pop, I don't want to speed run the game again... haha EDIT: turned the vita off and on again and sat on the throne, the trophy popped
  2. I'm afraid yes, Guerrilla confirmed all coop modes will be not accessible. I think someone tested to play without internet and the whole coop tab wasn't there.
  3. First post. The statue.
  4. I did the "multiplayer" trophy of the JP stack by myself, you don't need two vitas nor games. Everything can be done solo.
  5. oh, you can keep waiting, it's not going to happen. The game was dead months ago.
  6. OK, thank you both!
  7. First of all, thank you for all the work and effort! Is there any repository of pending and/or rejected petitions? Just to not duplicate. I love the sessions filters on my games and the two options on the sessions page to hide platinumed or 100% games. I was wondering if it can be improved even more. Sometimes there're a lot of sessions for a game, with different trophies to be intended. Would it be possible to filter just the sessions of trophies you don't have? Ideally it should filter on your psnprofiles profile page (not mark a game with a session active) along with another check on the sessions page to hide those sessions. Thank you!
  8. Some people are complaining that servers are already gone, saw a few posts on twitter. Are servers still up? Thanks!
  9. // EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone (PS4) (EU) [breakXedge] // "5397": [0], // EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone (PS4) (NA) [breakXedge] // "5396": [0], Closed servers for an online only game.
  10. Yeah I know but as I'm done with server closures (EVE, RIGS and KZ Shadow Fall), I'd better do the Elite playthrough and put the game in the shelf forever haha
  11. I think I played some coop matches with you, congrats man! I'm only missing the stealing ability and the elite playthrough to 100%!
  12. Thank you EVE, my first VR experience!
  13. Once starting a match, before spawning, press R1 to access the class tab. You will see like 3 or 4 loadouts for every class. Press square (I think) in a loadout to edit it and add the holo sight or the ability you need. You can only have 2 abilities (tied to left & right on the dpad). Hope it helps!
  14. That's the real deal, 4 stuns every pulse (100 points, easy to track, 25 each), got the ability maxed in no time, thanks a lot!
  15. Just tested it and it's working. It took a while to find a match but there were like 7 people there.