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  1. The epic key is needed for another trophy, right? Still figuring everything out...
  2. Thank you, I didn't know how to use the verses!
  3. Can you elaborate what you need to do to get the trophy? I quit the game like 5 dlcs ago and I'm a bit lost... Thank you!
  4. So, we're fucked with the vita version right? Oh god I was finishing 2x levels when it went down...
  5. Well finally new trophies! That's what I was waiting for to keep the boring leveling to finally get the plat!
  6. Thanks, but does that mean you have access to all trophy stacks via free upgrade if you own the disc version? Yeah, you can't autopop it, but can you earn them legit?
  7. Yep, Yuffie is only the DLC story.
  8. 4. Can I use the Friend Pass if my friend and I are on different platforms? Friend Pass offers full crossplay. Doesn’t matter which system you’re using, your friend will be able to join and help you save the world. 9. Will I need a PlayStation Plus / Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Operation:Tango on a PlayStation or Xbox? Yes. As Operation: Tango is a multiplayer game, both players do need such a subscription, even for the trial version. Both players also need an internet connection and need to be online simultaneously.
  9. Infinite didn't make me feel I was playing a Bioshock game, that's it. I like it, but it's so different IMO. Loved the darkness in 1&2.
  10. Thank you! At least some common sense! Haha
  11. I tested playing on my PS5 the PS4 version of the game, and the cloud icon wasn't there. Then I switched to the PS5 version, and the cloud was there. I believe the idea is to carry your game FROM ps4 TO ps5, and not viceversa.
  12. Are the survey trophies glitched or it's just the activity card? I've 8 xenogliphs on biome 1 and the activity card just went from 0 to 10%. Do anyone know if the trophies pop just fine? Thanks. EDIT: NVM, next run and the activity card is now OK.
  13. Same here, no errors so far. One of the corpses converted in an enemy with tentacles and didn't get any ether just a weapon. But yeah, pretty useless.
  14. Oh man I'm only missing the last boss! (Jajaj no no, però pensava que hauria d'estar 4 hores a l'últim bioma!)
  15. 4 hours only the last biome?