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  1. Oh yes, it's the same. If a phantom dies by falling of by an effect (like poison), it won't change your tendency. But it's not that hard, the original game can be platinumed solo in like 10 hours abusing of the dupe glitch.
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. woah, is this real? what's that insane damage? I think that you only damage the tower knight by hitting the head...
  4. Bro, I was having notifications of you beating my times. Stop it! haha Well done! I just did that 6:44:39 on my first try every track and since I got the trophy I didn't came back.
  5. yep, I was talking about CEX! Just checked and it's like this: Disc one: They offer 640€ and they sell them for 800€ (with all the box and paper). Digital one: They offer 252€ and they sell them for 400€ (same, with the box). Edit: and we're talking that they're selling a second hand console!
  6. You guys are just blaming Bluepoint without even know if there's a chance to get the ring in the game...
  7. There's a store here in spain that pays you 550€ (so they give you extra 50€ of the disc console) so they can resell it for like 800€. So, who's the stupid here? Anyway, when I ordered mine on amazon it said that the delivery date was like 25-26 november. I didn't care, but hey, they I finally got it home the same launch day. I wouldn't care if it got late or if they didn't have enough stock, but I'm sure I'm not paying more that the base price.
  8. I hope there's more trophies. The only reason to keep leveling up... haha
  9. OH BOY, it gets better as you explore the webpage, what a wonderful job! I'm spreading the word on the gaming groups I am.
  10. Amazing job mate! Just saw a typo on the settings page, guess you meant my: hide games from by library when browsing (all games are displayed when searching)
  11. haha, true that! I mean, I'm almost sure there's a way to find the ring. Maybe somewhere with a concrete WT, maybe trading, maybe some rare drop?
  12. It's the best class as you can attack from afar. Just take it slow, dodge and attack. Don't try to rush or you'll die.
  13. Well, if you can get that supercool armor by giving 26 ceramic to the crow, maybe no one has tried to give him 100... I mean, it's a pretty new game, some of the secrets are still uncovered. I just received my PS5 and can't wait to play this gem again...
  14. Woah, amazong armor!
  15. Tested a bit yesterday and was surprised everything webt smoother, and yeah, downloads are faster.