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  1. 5+13+18=36 quick maths! Yep, you're good in this particular challenge.
  2. I've just started the game. I'd say a couple hours to get to Jeet's (you need to follow the storyline until you go to explore the Jaws) and collecting all 4 pieces to build the Scrap Team or whatever is called in english. Then it'l give you like 50-60 scrap per hour offline, more or less. If you progress on the story you can build more Scrap Teams, speeding up the process. What you can do is checking always that your stats tab matchs the challenge tab. Check the video on the first page. Then, when you're done with this challenge, just make an usb backup or cloud backup just in case. I'd say you should worry only if you die upon completing a scavenge zone, but better check everytime.
  3. Working on 1.11 btw, just didnit and going up my hero souls atm! Hope I can get rid of this game soon.
  4. hm, can't find this game on the EU store. It's american only?
  5. I bet you lost your streak somehow. Data is stored server side, so reinstalling shouldn't affect.
  6. Oh boy what a hell of a game. I'm doing the grenades in that picnic stage, you can kill 2-4 just at the beggining. Flamethrower seems easy at the pool tdm as sometimes bots just ignore you... Bazooka will be a pain in the ass and the 10k points in the freezer too.
  7. Topic. Just won this game on a giveaway but can't find the info. I've seen you can play with bots, but can you plat the game without a partner? Thanks.
  8. Well you don't even need to collect all journals to get the plat, it's a very easy game already.
  9. Can't say about teleport, but reload rooms sounds useless. I had to reload once and was quick without the debug mode.
  10. Wow hahaha thanks! Do you know if it's useful? I've already deleted the game...
  11. No, I mean if you can move your character, as any shooter for example, or if the game is only a series of dojos.
  12. Can you move freely in this game? Or is it only a dojo?
  13. You don't need to collect all journal pages to get the plat, don't worry.
  14. Weird, maybe it glitched on you. Saved my 5th hope in the forest and the trophy popped.
  15. Hi guys. Just to let you know that pressing L1+R1 shows a debug mode on screen. I haven't been able to use it yet, please let me know if you can. Thank you.