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  1. Yeah I figured that. It's ridiculous.
  2. weird, I can see it in the Czech store but I'm unable tu buy it: Maybe it's because I already have the game from the Spanish Store. Can you try this link? Edit: I can buy it if I log out, so I'm sure that's the problem. Try buying it from the link above. Can you try to select the store from the webpage once logged in, and select the Spanish one? Maybe you can get the game that way. Same, can you try to change your store frontpage and buy it on the spanish one? EDIT: ooops, you can see things from other stores but not buy. Ridiculous.
  3. And the car minigame is always the same except for the memory minigame, so just check a video, learn the paths and you'll beat it in a couple tries.
  4. Late syncing: should never be flagged by default. If I take my Mashini Isso (or whatever it's called,まいにちいっしょ/breakXedge), that I know it's impossible as today, the CRT MUST prove that I hacked, and not me proving I've not. I can easily have another PS3 lost in my parents and just synced the game. Or I can use CFW to do so. If you can't prove someone is guilty, you shouldn't flag him. As I stated before, I had 4 vita games 6 months platted and not synced, and that's not a crime. I hope. Override timestamps: I think it's more difficult, but we're in the same boat. I can sync the same legit trophy today and 2 years from now. How can I prove I did it legit? I shouldn't, the CRT should prove that. Anyway, that's not the point of the thread. That's my opinion.
  5. Answering the poll, absolutely NO. It's absurd, you should give proof that someone hacked. Syncing late? What's next, flag someone because he/she played at midnight when he/she should be sleeping? Come on. I had several vita AS games like two months withouth syncing as I wanted to make FFVIIR my 300th plat and then continue with the vita trick. After a couple months or so, I just synced the vita and then went with FFVIIR. Is that a crime? Also, I can understand how suspicious can be syncing a game you platted 10 years ago, but again, it's not your business. Maybe you can have your ps3 broken, unable to sync anything or even connect to the internet and then repair it, or something. You must prove that someone is guilty.
  6. It was like 5 years ago and two trophies were already unachievable... Plus I had to buy a disc copy from the usa.
  7. It's a website where you can buy codes like psplus, money, giftcards... I remember I bought FIFA12 DLC when it was delisted. Somehow, it's still in the database, so you can redeem the code and get the delisted DLC.
  8. Voted I don't mind crossplay but I don't prefer it. I mean, I don't like online, but if I have to play something online, I just prefer the same conditions to all. I don't want to see hackers around messing the game and I don't really care about xbox so... Just give me single player games.
  9. Yes, check the posts above, but I don't know if it's fixed.
  10. Grabbed all DLC's from USA store, even I do not own the game. On the spanish store, only DLC 2 and 3 are free, the "Faster, Baby" is still at ~15€
  11. Well, you know the proper setup if you just stop and think. Start the battle, analize enemy or check if he's vulnerable to any status or magic. Restart before the boss fight, equip your materias and try. And always read what materias do and if the're going to be useful. I didn't use Guard on Cloud because most of the time I wasn't blocking attacks, but having it on the AI really helps.
  12. This is my winning strategy, did it at first try. I think the guide is wrong by putting elemental with ice... Sorry if the names don't match to the english version. Cloud: Weapon: Twin Stinger with Reprieve. Cure (max), Revive (basic), HP UP x2 (level 4), MP UP x2 (level 2) Armor: Chain Bangle. Fire (max) + Elemental (level 2), First Strike (max), Guard (basic) Accessory: Combat converter, the one that fills the limit gauge by using abilities. Barret (yes, Barret): Weapon: EKG Cannon with Reprieve. Cure (max), Guard (max), HP UP x2 (level 3), MP UP x2 (level 2) Armor: Supreme Bracer. Fire (max) + Elemental (level 2), Revive (max) Accesory: Champion Belt Aerith: Weapon: Silver Staff with Reprieve. Fire (max), Revive (basic), HP UP x2 (level 4 and level 2), MP UP x2 (level 2) Armor: Rune Armlet. Cure (max) + Magnify (max), First Strike (max) Accessory: Spectral Cogwheel, consuming MP fills the limit gauge. Also, that Silver Staff has a 50% faster MP recovery during combat. Having elemental not maxed, I was just inmune to Fire. At max level it will heal you, making Ifrit and Pride & Joy a walk in the park. I don't think there's a huge difference between Tifa and Barret, but you can be a bit screwed during Leviathan battle withouth a long range attack. Just IMO. Shiva: Was the worst fight IMO but if you screw up, it's just the first fight. As the guide states, it's easy with Ice+Elemental, but that makes useless two materias on the later fights. My strategy, cast Arcane Ward and then double Firagas to Shiva if you have the chance. You'll regain MP on the next battles so don't worry. Swap to Barret everythime you can cast Overcharge and Cloud's Focused Thrust. Then, summon Ifrint when you have the chance and she'll be down pretty soon. Fat Chocobo: Easy. I controlled Barret almos all the fight with long range attacks. Everythime you see a Bom or a Tonberri, unleash Maximum Fury to kill them ASAP. Use Cloud and Aerith to fill the stagger bar and try to save MP. It's a really easy battle. Leviathan: This time I used Cloud with close range attacks. When it starts to fly, swap to Barret and keep attacking. Have Aerith ready to cure anytime. It's a pretty eassy battle too. Bahamut + Ifrit: This is the real battle here. Just go with everything you have. I didn't stagger him and killed my 3 characters, that's where Reprieve is useful. Save your limit breaks, and when Bahamut is staggered, unleash them. I used Cloud's and Barret's limit breaks when staggered and lowered his HP a lot. Use Aerith limit break everythime you can to be inmune to phisical damage. When he summons Ifrit the battle goes easier. With maxed elemental he will heal you with every attack, so focus on Bahamut. When Bahamut is down, Ifrit won't last. Pride & Joy: Another easy battle. He has fire attacks too, so again, you'll heal by having fire+elemental on your armor. Just heel attackin with Cloud and, if he uses the catch attack, swap to barret and unleash everything to the right hand. Aerith just supporting the battle.
  13. Fuck this company. I got the dlc glitch on the ps3 version and they didn't care to fix it.
  14. I'd rate it between 3 and 4. It's not hard, but we are used to have it the easy way. Hard mode is not that hard if you just stop and think and equip the correct materias. Plus the accessory from Pride & Joy makes the game super easy. Got this accessory on the 9th episode during my hard playthrough and the only really challenging boss was The Arsenal.
  15. They don't need a petition, they need (want) money. This is the same as Starblood Arena, an online only game that bites the dust within a year. Did you pay anything? Well, fuck.