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  1. Fuck Trion. They never cared to fix the DLC problems with trophies not appearing, they even launched the PS4 version glitched and impossible to plat from the very start.
  2. My bad then, looking on how they put the info in the video I wasn't expecting a digital free upgrade too. Better that way then.
  3. Honestly, I think that it really doesn't matter if you claim it or not. To get the PS5 version you NEED the PS4 disc, that's all. IMO you won't get the PS5 version with the digital edition nor with the ps plus version.
  4. True, sorry! We can expect Nero too maybe?
  5. These two are Weiss and Genesis, both from Dirge of Cerberus.
  6. Weiss and Genesis? Shut up and take my money! About the remake on PS5, I won't mind playing it again, loved the game.
  7. It's super easy as you get a bigger and better shark. Just swim, chomp anything and repeat.
  8. It depends how well do you communicate and solve the puzzles. 1 hour maybe?
  9. I think it should be near to impossible with all the games ot there and all the games coming...
  10. yep, half of the trophies are missable as you need to complete the puzzles without making any mistakes. There's some kind of chapter select. for some reason, it didn't work for me and always started from scratch, but as HusKy said, it takes 15 min to beat the game so...
  11. It's the fourth puzzle iirc, and it's the only one involving levers. When you find the red lever, just spam X until it pops.
  12. Yes, already answered in the other threads.
  13. yeah whatever. We're talking about platinum a game. You can play the way you like and then just mop up by yourself the remaining trophies. I'd prefer all games not to be online or coop at all, just single player, hahaha
  14. or you can play just by yourself if you own two ps4's or ps4/ps5.
  15. Depends if you follow a guide or not. 1 hour tops if you follow one.