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  1. Are the survey trophies glitched or it's just the activity card? I've 8 xenogliphs on biome 1 and the activity card just went from 0 to 10%. Do anyone know if the trophies pop just fine? Thanks. EDIT: NVM, next run and the activity card is now OK.
  2. Same here, no errors so far. One of the corpses converted in an enemy with tentacles and didn't get any ether just a weapon. But yeah, pretty useless.
  3. Oh man I'm only missing the last boss! (Jajaj no no, però pensava que hauria d'estar 4 hores a l'últim bioma!)
  4. 4 hours only the last biome?
  5. On the last tab after pressing the touchpad, can't remember the name!
  6. Same here, I already got that audiolog without even trying but I tend to pick every parasyte so...
  7. oh nice to know! I was on 25-ish, I'll start spending some!
  8. Hi guys, Just a couple lines to state how useful reconstructors are. They're basically a save point in case you die (only if you die, if you turn off the console you lose it) but in my particular case, I was on a pretty good run, beat the second biome and was playing on the third. First I got stuck in a zone where I couldn't go back. There was a vine but it was invisible! I got caught by pure luck and managed to get out. But the most important part, I got to a platform where I picked a resin and I couldn't go back. No chances of scaping or jumping anywhere. I had to suicide, losing my shields and the parasyte that revives you but at least I got the reconstructor active. Check 00:39:00, a vine not appearing (was lucky to get caught to get out this zone) and 1:56:30, I jumped down to get resin and couldn't go back, losing my shields and parasyte (1 up). Glad I had the reconstructor active! So guys, make sure you spend 6 ether anytime you find the reconstructor! I wouldn't recomment it on biome 1, but I do onwards!
  9. Glad you finally updated it!
  10. My respects, master!
  11. This guy on reddit posted this: Update!!! Here’s what has worked for me. Delete your games from your system Go to settings -> users and accounts-> other -> restore licenses Start your PS5 in safe mode and rebuild the database. Go to settings -> network -> settings -> turn off your connect to internet Put your game in and let it copy Once your game has copied turn your internet back on from step 4. Go to your game on the hone screen and hit options -> check for update. It will run for a minute or so but will download your update. Hope it helps man!
  12. Maybe you can try to reconstruct the data base to see if it helps. It installed ok to me.
  13. 4 hours straight without a single crash, but thanks for the heads up! At the very begginning it's not an issue as you'll die a lot hahah
  14. How many hours do we expect to get the platinum for a noob player? Never played the game on ps4, so starting from scratch.
  15. Still down... I'm only missing some 2x levels, dammit!