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  1. Dunno if this can help someone, but you can easily find the dlcs bundle of the fallout3 in the ps store going to Games->additional content->sort from the high price to low price-> it cost 50€ so it is in the first 3 rows. I just bought them. i can find only bundle not the single dlc unluckly
  2. Done this way but didn't work EDIT: nvm got it, it took 50 ratings
  3. sooooo i tried to play 25 times my map (i'm totally sure to hit 30 times), but the trophy didn't pop. I notice that even i publish my map it doesn't be in the list "my pubblications" (or whatever, i don't know how is in english). Seems there is a problem publishing any map... someone have a workaround or any tips?
  4. High Quality Platinum Guide award 2021! Thanks man, i was completly stuck at level 1!
  5. It's also a matter of content, the online of ps3 now have the half of the heists and missions. Also it's full of hacker and they don't try to fight them. PC and ps4 online are more enjoyable and on old console is now a rare case that someone start online to keep play for long or pay microtransactions. The effort to keep up ps3 servers don't pay. I agree, i'm one of them. I started it, but didn't finish it. Now i reastarted, but i think there is enought time to do the online without big problems (clearly if you have done "run like wild" trophy before they remove it)
  6. Yeah, that's true, but the problem is to reach the level 50 avoiding modders 😓 I agree, after level 50 and some time you can relax
  7. same happen to me today... I was playing a mission with random people (accepted from a message on the phone). After some time the host left the session and i was redirected into a public lobby. I didn't have the time to start to move that i see my level increase, and i jumped from 42 to 580. You can stay always vigilant and try to be fast but if you enter in the wrong lobby it's unuseful... At this point the only thing to do in order to be 100% sure to avoid hackers is to exit the game after you're redirected at the end of an activity, but this is a pain in the ass, because the quantity of leavers is insane. I've tried to do heists with random people and i never reached 5 minutes of play because someone leave the session.
  8. thank you! i'm looking for ps3. Do you also know a method to do in solo on that platform? mmm this info is important 😂 someone can confirm?
  9. ty all, i ll try these methods
  10. Which contac missions you have done?
  11. yeah probably the common answer is: "google it", but i've already done it. Many methods are too old, and many times i didn't figure out if they are for ps3 or ps4 or pc. I playyed gta5 several years ago, so now it's changed a lot. Anyone know what are the best method to farm rp in solo, duo and team? I see a couple of "exploit" to instant escape from 4 star police and get 400 rp but when i tried they didn't work. I dind't see another topic that already speak abount famring rp, my bad if i missed it.
  12. I use this topic to notify that i got the 100 wins at level 75. I noticed that the amount of xp per win/lose is fixed (it doesn't change based on kills, less exp for losing a match). So if you nearly win every match you got this trophy around that level
  13. The trophy "Big Tease" doesn't unlock with this metohd
  14. i can confirm it works, i got the trophy to win a race. next time i'll try to do an emote before to kill myself Imho i suggest to play, you don't know when it can be the lucky match where your squad win the episode. EDIT: maybe i misunderstood your message. I didn't quit, and i played normally the next match
  15. there isn't official announcement about shout down the servers, but at the begginning of june the developers will "speak about the future of the game" (as they said). So probably the servers will not close on june (i hope they give some time). For sure the server will be close at the end of the year: no patch/updates from novemeber and no new season announced. If you want to be 100% sure you shuld try to finish before 1 june.