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  1. thanks!
  2. I have two questions regarding crew levels. For the trophy "Family" i need to max out the crew level with 20 characters, the max level is 5 or the bonus level (lvl6 i guess?). Also from the main menu or the character select screen i don't figure out how to check the current crew level of a character.
  3. i read also that if you exit the game and press continue it counts as checkpoint restarts, if you start a mission you must play from the begining to the end. If pressed continue you need to hit restart mission afterl loading screen
  4. luckly i only need gauntlet and around 20 wins with nu wa, but in that mode i dont have so much problems... i mean, yeah many times fail, but 7-8 wins per hours are still achievable by me only 2 in 1 hours is very bad O_O
  5. similar problem to me. Me and my friend are trying hard the arena trophy, but seems much harder to find the partener. I only need 6 wins in arena and this nightmare finish ç_ç
  6. yeah, they use a raspberry pi as server probably. This situation sucks. The platinum is long only because the 50% of the matches start. I passed 2 hours and achieved only 28 wins over 50 attempts
  7. this problem happen sometimes, its a random problem, keep trying or you can try to reset your ip restarting your router
  8. For the trophy of the 5 events in multiplayer, are the servers populated At the moment? If tomorrow i will try them, will i find People?
  9. I've get it on my first try. My suggestions are: 1- use the purple mecha, it shots faster than others 2- try to take the kill chain high, to do it make multiple kills with explosions, so every time you see a tank destroy it (many times seems that the enemies were too far but the explosion kill them anyway) 3- i always stay on the left of the arena where there is the ramp with a tank. In that point you can spawn kill many enemies with the tank 4- if there are no enemies near tanks shoot the blue minions 5- i always have the chain during the combat i lose it only during the final boss fight (but at that point i had already 12m points and more) 6- Never used triangle Good luck guys!
  10. I finally finished all gambler's challenges. The worst is the number 8 (win 3 times a blackjack round with 3 hits or more). Searching in internet i figured out a method that it's not 100% sure, but many players noticed that you have better chances: 1) Go to blackjack table in rhodes 2) Play 5-6 rounds trying to complete the challenge 3) Exit the game and shoutdown your PS4 4) After 5-10 minutes turn on your console and go to blackjack table again 5) Now you always (almost) recive at least an ace or a very low card 6) play 5-6 rounds, if you don't achive at least 1 victory with 3 hits try to leave the table and rejoin 7) if you get a victory for the challenge leave the table save e start from point 1, if not start from the point 2 I achieved my 3 victories always after i turned on my console on and played for 2-3 rounds, also one time i achieve 3 blackjack in a row Again, it's not 100% sure but many player noticed this, some lucky guys write that they have played for one hour, turned off their console and after they come back they achived the challenge in 10 minutes. Remember if you achieve the 3 hits but you still low number (like 14) see the other players cards, if they have very high numbers you can stay if not you can try to ask for another card. Also if you recive high cards (and it's very hard to have 3hits) try anyway asking 3 cards. Good Luck Guys, i hope this can help someone
  11. i figured out a possible problem why the artifacts are not tracked in the collection set. I reached the 100% in every region but some sets were incomplete, with a research i looked witch artifacts are not counted and i noticed that one of them i picked up recently, so i reload a save of 2 hours early and i tried again. The second time the artifact was tracked correctly, then i reloaded again the save i tried some situations. And the end i figured out that if i pick up an artifact and i die, in the few minutes after, the game reload the checkpoint losing the artifact in the set, but counting as picked up in the map. With another research i saw other artifacts that missing in the sets and i remember that in all of them i died some minutes after picked up. So my suggestion is to be careful to not die and switch save before pick up any artifact/document, so if you die and see that the artifact glith you can reload the old save.
  12. I got these trophies. I don't know if They're bugged or if they have a wrong description. I have done a motoGP championship (i don't know if it's important but i've got the trophies only doing motogp as first, moto2 as second and moto3 as last) in fast mode, 3 laps, easy AI, with only 2 races (mugello and assen), official rider (Marquez). In moto2 Morbidelli, and Mir in moto3. At the end of each championship i've got the releated trophy.
  13. yeah i know, but there isn't ç_ç
  14. thank you man for tips, i've imported all old lbp accounts. I don't know if this perm bug the npc el jeff, but i think i must delete save and restart ç_ç i hate this plat
  15. i've just finished the story, and the quest still missing... i know the guy must be on top of lighthouse (i see many videos), but it there isnt's. Anyone know how fix it, or do i missing a requirement?