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  1. That's why people think they want to be English teachers on this damn website that I don't care of how I should out the way I put it better that i explainthe way I write that makes sense which mostly people still getting on to me with that which never gets old. I don't fucking care of people wanting me to write better, I'm me who cares of typing up the way I explain that once again I getting the same type of shit that most likely they'll say the same thing already.
  2. Don't care that's how I write. Deal with it. People ssy it otherwise where they just getting tired of Telltale overall
  3. And seriously, I already know IT has that, but it doesn't mean that ps3 has this issue too where I just research it that both consoles has issues as well that it isn't just last gen that runs badly for telltale having a new engine problem, it's both that the company just don't know how to establish a betterframe consistently just like thier failures keeping piling up that I aware of. And look the other part on youtube where once again it's false that the ps4 version has problems that a company named Telltale doesn't fulfill thier problems at all just to run it better if you include these consoles to be featured. And already, I typed up telltale ps4 glitches, and what I see, thier latest game The Walking Dead Nee Frontier already has glitches ehere just like that it also still has some issues
  4. Yeah,but when you get several members eho constantly criticized the way you type up, it gets very annoying that they think every post should be so perfect that every time I explained that especially one of my status updates, several people don't get it that I'm tired of it.
  5. Well it's a shame how most other people including me who recieve the bad side are noe giving thier own thoughts of how crappy Telltale doesn't want to make thier games run better that is alresdy messed up as it is which isn't surprising that most people will disagree that they had no issues except noticeable frane rate drops.
  6. Well I think it's false where I also saw on youtube that even on ps4, it has problems as well thst thier engine is quite shitty. The whole "improved" is totally a myth that if I totally see videos on youtube that they experienced how sucky Telltale is when it comes to glitches,than I think thos isn't true where they really dropped the ball on fulfilling thier problems which Telltale is more like Tellcrap.
  7. And again I don't care of grammar where these type of responses that's I still explain where I think it is bullshit that others think they can't read the way I wrote, but it's false where I don't want to deal with people who always havea problem by how I should write correctly in psngrammarprofiles. Tired of everytime I get these type of responses everytime I get quotedon here that it's time to drop it already. Why people who won't get the memo if they don't understand how i wrote, how about you, uhm, not respond bssed on what I thought instrad of assuming things just like most of the communities that seems to know what I get, but like to joke around that I'm getting tired of daily by this.
  8. Though the reasons i stated are true where the videis i shared was the reason i dont want to do it plus what i said as well. Yeah, but again, what if your friend plays that game for online and forces you to play online that you got to pay? No matter whatI still not going to play the console surely for ps plus where I love free stuff even though some games don't have ps plus. Mistly on Facebook and other website forums says it that I don't need to show statistics so you could realize it I get that also it is risky since they are hackers no matter what console you're in, but like I said, I avoid them and not engage in it that I just not going to be involved in it just like this thread here on what I said in the last number of threads. Just like cod games, i avoid them heavily and overall, i feel safe there as long i continue to be aware of it, and not get into the hacked lobbies and trophies since even current gen has one too based on reports on here. Exactly which no matter how every time I get mentioned that I should get one, or I already get and discussed when this thread was created, there still some people quoting me that I just get ticked off by it, and still stand on whag I said no matter how much they try to say they don't fully mean to get one.
  9. Then I should share this video yo you where regardless of how mistly anyone wants to try for me to move on to the ps4, I am not trying it. And the community is more than that I already mentioned I aware I can do those rhings, but I dont get those a lot when I don't use online since most games on current gen forces you to go online anyway, and most people not just me hates it for diffrent reasons. And I still stay by in fact thst I will for right now stick the consoles on what I'm have and enjoy it for the most than, more risky problems that these days it has so much to endure with.
  10. Thoigh again it's more reasons of why I don't want to switch than just that. Most of the current generation is bad that based on this and more issues it has, I am not going to there that has things like that he community is way too much that even most people complain how much online is payedsubscription, etc.
  11. And again, it's more reasoms on why I don't want to do that where it's my choice of what I stand that it's better to stay on what I have and enjoying more content of what it's to come than having a comunity right now that is ignorant when it comes to these things. And I already state that I aware when those moments come and how I should handle it, I just not going to touch it that will cause more problems where even the ps3 (in some cases most people don't play it no more in terms of hackers where I keep looking out for them just in case,) doesn't have an updated community that causes issues.
  12. Good thing to know where now I will take off the game on my wishlist for the vita. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. Even though i put anyone can message me where I aware of blocking someone if they spam or what not that I know how I used to get them on ps3 but only those scams psn messages, Hadn't had that, but I saying if you use a recent console, most likely unless if you set the settings I would see those type of responses that I glad I stay away from it due to more people using the ps4 of the spambots of some people, the lesser of how ps3 is that mostly ps4 involves advanced party chats and invites to communities.
  14. I'm serious actually where I know that's a better way, but I rather not going to be involved if the community is like that especially to a new console that I stay away on getting a ps4 because of that.
  15. I tried that, but I was still stuck at that one scene where I had to start over from episode 5 right now while being signed out since fucking ps plus won't transfer my real save data that i backed up of for 24 hours which is stupid