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  1. Take my wife and son to go play at the park. Nothing brings me happiness like that little boy and my wife. I dont care what I do as long as its spent with them.
  2. I might have to buy a bigger memory card if I'm getting free games
  3. Just picked up LBP Vita. Add me if you did too. PSN Dark_KnightRisen

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    2. Kirbz


      i meant to say 6 weeks :( 6 WEEKS!! xD october 29 at midnight :)

    3. Jarred_450


      thats better then whats your full PSN so I can stab you in the back in the MP :devil:

    4. Kirbz
  4. I'd recommend AC: Revelation. All tho the story was better in Brotherhood, there are some elements of the 2012 story line that would be important if you plan on picking up 3 on release day. I plat'd Uncharted 3, and it really wasn't anything special. And if you havn't played Batman Arkham Asylum or City I highly recomend those. both are pretty cheap now.
  5. Something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everything. What became of subtlety?

    1. Orlay_


      Nah.. sure some of us are desensitized, but the world is still full of whiners too.

  6. Before infiltrating the amusement park, silently waiting in his box, Snake must first wait for the ever attentive carney to take a piss break
  7. God of War 2 story complete only challenges left. Man I love that game

  8. I will also be picking up LBP Vita so feel free to add me Dark_KnightRisen nice avi by the way
  9. God of War 2 will always be my favorite ^_^

    1. simula67
    2. Kirbz


      true. it has the best surroundings.

  10. I actually enjoyed Ratchet and Clank All 4 one. It is different from the rest but it is still fun to play, for me at lease. Only downside is you have to have a different character than you friends as the guns purchased only apply to the character that purchased them. But I am rather disappointed in the direction my beloved Dead Space is headed. But I'll still buy it none the less, to hopefully have some closure on the story line.
  11. anyone play Treasures of Montezula Blitz ? Add Dark_KnightRisen

  12. My internet at home is about as usefull as a one legged man in a ass kicking contest :(

    1. snakebit10


      You still haven't got that sorted out?

    2. Jarred_450


      No, and its getting increasingly worse. I could log in last night and my internet would go out again in less than 5 min's.

    3. Jarred_450


      Good thing I like single player games, mostly.

  13. For informational purposes only
  14. Since there are claims from the creators stating that it disables most games trophies, but their video blatantly shows a trophy being earned for God of War 3, I picked up a Game Genie to test it for myself and I will report here my finding. Also Sly/eburk/AF if you want to remove Dark_KnightRisen from the leader boards feel free as I am using a cheat device to earn trophies on this account. https://psnprofiles.com/Dark_KnightRisen First Game Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Cheat Available - Max Money When was cheat used - Near end of DNA sequence 2 (after all the tutorials on how to buy things) Did trophies still pop afterwards? - Yes I earned 7 trophies after installing cheat ranging from 10 killstreak - completions of DNA sequence 2 - throw money in a well. Do I think this makes the platinum easier to achieve - Yes and No. While having the money to buy the latest armor as it becomes available makes the actual game easier. But the games combat system is basically hold wait for enemy to stike then press to kill them. So the latest armor doesn't make it that much easier to achieve. But I will say that having money that much earlier in the game allows you to purchase the crossbow, allowing you to 100% the "do not be detected" missions easier without replaying them later once you have saved up for the crossbow. So I will go as far as to say that it makes the Il Principe from The Davinci Disappearance DLC easier to achieve.
  15. Nice to meet you Aeirou. I guess I'm lucky that my little boy asked to start using his potty. We had it in the bathroom so he was used to it being there way before we started potty training. I guess since it wasn't new that he wasn't scared of it when it came time. Anyway good luck with the new language.