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    Eh...Im gamer since 2004, i have a PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 and i love collect trophies! and i speak Spanish and English That's all of me :I

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  1. I' ve never seen a FIFA Women World Cup, maybe because my country is horrible at Women football, i remember that the U-20 2008 Womens Cup was here, USA win, but the people weren't excited of it. Im, not only me, all my country is excited for the 2015 Copa America, and the matchs have been awesome! I almost get a heart attack in the match with Mexico , 3-3! I hope my country wins this Cup, because it would be the first time. Like a said, im not so good at Womens football, so people who knows a lot from this, wich are the big teams? I know USA, Japan and Sweden are big teams
  3. Nice, i can play without worry about that now, thanks!
  4. The Witcher 3 is my first The Witcher game, so i decided to not simulate the decisions of The Witcher 2. I complete the prologue in Death March doing every secondary mission and all in that zone, so now im in Velen. I decide to view some trophy guides on internet to see if i can do a trophy now, and reading for the trophy Full Crew in a guide it say that you need to simulate decisions to be this trophy possible. Exactly for a character name Letho, can i simulate the decisions without starting the game again? Also, if you can put the link of a really good trophy guide of the game it would be awesome, because all the guides in my language are almost empty
  5. Why you always forget South America, here me recive the same games :c
  6. -BloodBorne (already pre-ordered) -The Order: 1886 -Batman Arkham Knight -Grim Fandango Remastered -Resident Evil Remastered -Resident Evil: Revelations 2 -DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition And Uncharted 4 if is launch this year.
  7. I go to the mission select, replay and after the end i get the trophy, BUT! days before i re-install the game because i couldn't get Out of Your Depth. So, there's two options, replay the mission or re-install the game and replay the mission. If you play offline maybe the chances are better.
  8. I just obtain the Plat 8 minutos ago, so maybe i can help. Waste Management i obtain it in my first try, i was playing offline. For Subversive i don't know... replay the mission? In my first try i didn't obtain The Big One!, so i replay the mission and it work. Other trophy that i had problems was Out of Your Depth, i install the game again and it work, so... maybe if you re-install the game and play offine could work. I can't believe that a re-release game have more problems than the original! in the PS3 version i never had a problem!
  9. This...this...is more than beautiful, i can't describe this! THIS IS MY PERFECT TIME TO GET A PS4!!!, i just hope that this will be available in my country!!!
  10. But people in Europe use the money of their country, here we have to pay in U$D, we don't have PSN Cards and for example in Argentina a new game cost 71.99, but that in Argentinian peso is so high! You don't need to add the double of the real money in your card because is in other type of money.your Store. Sorry if i can explain better, my English isnĀ“t perfect
  11. Yeah, and not only because lack of stores, some stores like from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico have their price in U$D and not the money of the country, and! the prices of this store is so high, for example, in US a new game cost U$D 59.00, but in the stores of South America the prices are so diferent, in Chile U$D 65.99, in Argentina U$D 71.99!
  12. I was going to say the same thing. This account that i have now is from my real country, Chile, but before i was using a account from Spain and US, because before 2013 my country doesn't have PS Store
  13. Wow just 2806 in my country? I was expecting more, well, its a honor be one of them
  14. THANK GOD I OBTAIN THE TROPHY! after a lot of delete and install. Thanks madbuk for help me