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  1. I played and loved the game with the ps4 remastered version, don't see myself shelling out $70 for a remake of the remastered with no discount to current owners idk.. I'll wait for a sale or just never play it probably.. but good for all the first timers I guess.
  2. I'm down for this, loved it the first time playing through it and only $10?.. I'm okay with that price... unlike some other people charging way more for their director's cuts and ps5 versions
  3. PS5, haven't had an xbox since the xbox 360 days, no reason to really own an xbox nowadays with a decent pc.. can play the games on pc.. but for exclusives and my main console.. its playstation.
  4. I've never bought a battlefield game for the campaign, most of them are forgettable... I started way back with the first battlefield, battlefield 1942 19 years ago and it never had any campaign or anything so I'm not worried much, if the game has a great multiplayer.. that's all I need
  5. Yeah you can sell the weapons with the attachments on it, I didn't equip any weapons in my hands when doing it... I unlocked the trophy then reloaded to spend my money elsewhere.
  6. So I've got this cipher, are there any other timed rooms in biome 6 with ciphers cause I've come across a few others and I didn't know what to do in time to explore it all... thanks
  7. I beat the game, but visited the houses after the last boss.. did you figure out if you need to beat the last boss again to make the fragments appear?
  8. Still no crashes here for me after beating both acts and playing 20+ hours, I don't understand why some people get crashes and some don't, it's the same system!.. odd.. I did have one instance where my sound totally cut out and there were times where I couldn't interact with doors or stuff but I changed to the default suit and its been fine since.. knock on wood!
  9. Played 8 hours today and didn't have a single crash, made it to the third area.
  10. Actually after completing the game, it's a severe disappointment to me in many ways, from all the bugs to the lackluster experience in the game... it was just alright to me.. it felt like it was missing things and an incomplete game... yeah I enjoyed parts of it.. but it failed in so many areas. I didn't hate it, but I only found myself loving parts of it instead of everything.
  11. The game is a decent game but felt very unfinished and lacking polish, a lot of the rpg systems in the game don't really make much sense to me. You can customize your genitals but they only really show up in the inventory so what's the point of that.. the Police popping out of thin air kind of breaks immersion also. I was expecting a living breathing city and a great RPG game and I felt disappointed in the game, the constant crashes still aren't fixed on the PS5 and one of my missions glitched on me making the plat unattainable atm.. I'm trying to go through it again with a second character but it's crashing even more with 1.06 patch.. The world/city does look nice but there's not much to do there, it's lacking in interaction and interesting things to do.. it's more of a thing to look at while you are going to different missions.. I agree also with the above.. romances were pretty shallow imo and most of the side content wasn't very memorable to me.. there were only maybe a few side quests that stand out to me. I as expecting the game to be "THE GAME" and it came up short.. that's not to say I didn't enjoy a bunch of things in it.. I did.. it's probably a 7/10 for me also... Hopefully they can fix some of these issues and bring out some good dlc.
  12. Not sure if the game is just super sensitive or what, but my controller started to drift also in the game menus and then started becoming more of a problem in the UI slightly but more noticeable in the game, I replaced my controller with a new one and the drift has disappeared.. My old controller didn't have drift till cyberpunk, so your controllers might actually have a slight drift and it just shows up more in Cyberpunk if that's possible, so not sure what's going on with that.. but my new controller doesn't drift at all in cyberpunk!
  13. I had drifting with my cyberpunk also, but it turns out the controller was wonky.. got a new controller and my drifting went away.. so it could be your controller also. And they still haven't fixed the crashing, just got a few crashes on the ps5.. o.o
  14. I didn't pick the starting ring at start, hope we can find it in the world cause I don't really wanna start over lol.
  15. Nah don't really wanna play it after what I've seen, tho.. I might play it if I get for free maybe...