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  1. Did same thing after completing story. Fuck this trophy lol.
  2. Are S ranks on hard possible in coop? Was planning to buy but wasn’t sure.
  3. Had the same issue. Had to pop them on PS4.
  4. Wow. How long does one playthrough take? Also do the collectibles change location?
  5. Are these bugs preventing platinum achievement?
  6. I have yet to have one come up. I’ve been doing counter measures and I’ve had no alert. Wasn’t sure if I wasn’t upgraded enough or needed to do a mission to trigger them. I have completed all the main missions though.
  7. Same exact issue buddy. Fuck this one. All the others have been fine.
  8. Thanks OP!
  9. Been having difficulties as well. The damn strategy tutorial Raiden combo is killing me! All the others I feel I can do but that one I’m either too slow or my timing is off.
  10. Hadn’t seen this posted anywhere on here but I’ve had my challenges progression erased twice now. Just a heads up for anyone going for the platinum. I’ve seen it on other forums as well.
  11. Uncharted 1 Remaster
  12. Mortal Kombat X was pretty easy imo. Glitches and boosting make the multiplayer trophies pretty easy. I'd say GTA V too but haven't done it. From what I've read though it look easy enough.
  13. World at War. I've heard that game is ridiculous on veteran difficulty.
  14. DeadlyHawk the speed run trophy is what has kept me from the GoW plat. I hate speed running.