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  1. Ughhh dying to get my large gold crown Namielle. I swear I’ve sniped over 500 investigations. Tried guiding lands too hoping this helps lol. EDIT: Finally got it. Do tempered investigations only. Don’t waste your time on non tempered trying to get crowns.
  2. Good to hear!!!
  3. What’s the best channel to report this to Rockstar? Twitter?
  4. Thanks so much for this! It saved my ass many times during my run!
  5. I can confirm that I had no issues with trophies at all during my playthroughs. I was playing on a NA physical copy on Patch 1.04. The PST trophy guide is good but I would recommend doing 3 full playthroughs of the game for plat. I recommend the Neoseeker guide to help with deductions and miscellaneous trophies. I would do a Reaper/Immortal run to start and then do chapter select for the false endings and Mary dead endings. Followed by a second playthrough for Mary alive endings with Niagara Falls. The final playthrough would be for the cards only. Strictly follow the Microids guide for the cards and you’ll have no problem. I will confirm as stated in another thread on my collectibles playthrough I was missing one card. I replayed the last chapter like the user suggested and found it in Thorpes office as well. I’m happy to answer any additional questions if needed!
  6. Thanks so much!!
  7. How do I get Glowing Caverns to pop?
  8. These challenges don’t seem too bad. Idk how hard obtain the true ending is though.
  9. This looks fun. Assuming trophy list is the same as the steam achievements it doesn’t look too bad. Only tough trophy looks like Perfect! Which is clearing the hard mode in one run without a game over.
  10. Finally updated my profile picture! Glad to get that eyesore off your feed. 

    1. bigrake1



      So you finally have a profile for your PSNProfiles after all this time!

  11. Holy shit fuck this race. It’s impossible to 3 star without holding dash the entire race. Just like others in this thread suggested. I remapped dash to R2 and held it the entire race and beat it my 2nd try. Hopefully this saves everyone as many hours as it took me.
  12. Remind anyone else of Vampyr?
  13. Did same thing after completing story. Fuck this trophy lol.
  14. Are S ranks on hard possible in coop? Was planning to buy but wasn’t sure.
  15. Had the same issue. Had to pop them on PS4.