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  1. Beyond: Two Souls, Infamous First Light, or The Order: 1886
  2. I haven't really touched my PS4 the past month. With less than a month till the PS5 is out, I've been playing a lot of PS3 games since I realized there's still numerous gems that I haven't finished. 

  3. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, SpongeBob HeroPants, or The Walking Dead.
  4. Considering you have Dead Space Extraction, I recommend Dead Space!
  5. Update: Starting a new save and using an item seems to have popped it.
  6. The trophy Cubecraft which is for using an item for the first time did not pop for me when I first used the Broth of Life. I have used numerous items since then such as Seed of Evolution, Seed of Mutation, recovery leafs etc but it hasn't popped. I even deleted and redownloaded the game. Has everyone else encounter and fixed this issue before?
  7. It used to be Tomb Raider (PS3) at around 95% for the longest time since I didn't have the multiplayer trophies but I grind it out last year/earlier this year and got it. Now it's Croixleur Sigma at 91% with only one more trophy remaining which I'm currently working on.
  8. God of War, InFamous First Light, or Tales of Xillia 2
  9. Here's an update to my Atelier Platinums. I now have 4 Atelier Platinums Atelier Rorona Atelier Ayesha Atelier Escha & Logy Atelier Shallie
  10. Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance N64 Gamecube DS (OG & Lite) Wii 3DS (OG, OG XL, New, New XL) Wii U Switch (OG & Lite) PS2 PSP (1000, 2000, & 3000) PS3 (OG, Slim, Super Slim) PS Vita (My favorite handheld console considering I have around 15 Vitas) PS4 (OG, Slim, Pro) Xbox 360 (OG, Elite, Slim) Xbox One (OG & X) I never owned these but I do remember playing these a decent amount when I was young: SNES, Dreamcast, Xbox.
  11. Gravity Rush Remastered, Okami, or One Piece Unlimited World Red
  12. I just finished this on hard and got the platinum. The most difficult part for me was the Bahamut fight in the Shinra Combat Simulator. Since some of the recommended setup for the Bahamut fight didn't work for me, I experimented on my own which materia/weapon/equipment worked best for my playstyle throughout the Shinra Combat Simulator battles. Always kill the tonberry first.
  13. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Platinum #200
  14. Awesome to see a patch where they fixed some issue even years after its release!
  15. Definitively prefer disc version but I'll probably get both.