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  1. They should work, yes. I can confirm I got the eagle trophy in training mode. EDIT: Nevermind. I can't confirm if it works for hole-in-one, since the description says otherwise.
  2. I started a similar topic when the first game came out. Obviously the easiest way to get these is by abusing the rewind feature in training mode, but character stats and courses obviously come into play. Anyways, if you happen to get an albatross or hole-in-one (or even an eagle, although that one's pretty easy to come by), share how you went about it. Which character did you use, which course and hole, you wind settings, etc.?
  3. The next-gen update introduces cloud saves for the PS4/PS5 version of the game via GoG, and it's been confirmed to work across other consoles. Does anyone happen to know how trophies work when moving back and forth between platforms, such as Switch? Do they unlock based on your progress, or do they not unlock at all? (This is a real deal-breaker for me personally...)
  4. I was about to ask this same thing. I've looked through a few FAQs and guides online, and they only ever mention Course #6 is only accessible using cheats (which I don't think is possible in this version because you need to do with with "controller 2" and without any memory card inserted). Perhaps the provided strategy has a typo though because the only Hole 15 that's a Par 5 is on Course #3. 🤔
  5. Just checking in to see if anyone has recommendations or tips for getting the Albatross trophy. I've been spamming the rewind feature, using power-heavy characters on Par 5 holes with short yardage, playing around the wind settings in training mode...still nothing. (The physics in this game are so picky when it comes to little things like aim and power.) If anyone manages to get this damn thing, please help us out. Which hole and character combination works best?