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  1. In reality, the tips have proven to be more useful than the average guide posted. One could argue tips need to be brought back due to low quality guides since anyone could write a guide.
  2. Dead Space 3 is a really bad game and an embarrassment to its predecessors
  3. I kinda prefer it non symmetrical
  4. It depends on how many games you plan on playing and whether buying lots of mediocre dlc is worth investing all that time and money. I see many + level 30 players who pluck their hair out of frustration for the sake of maintaining their 100% completion, even skipping great titles such as uncharted or outlast due to difficulty or dlc trophies. The majority of dlc costs way more than a physical copy of the game and also, it rarely ever is worth the money. Burial at Sea from Bioshock and Episodes from Liberty City (GTA4) were fantastic additions to the story, but generally speaking dlc is just not that great really. If you're adamant about your PPS I'd suggest playing UC3 on a dummy account, don't let silly trophies keep you from playing good games
  5. Shame to miss out on this game just because of a few mp dlc trophies. Play the game and enjoy it I'd say!
  6. Depends on what kind of characters you play. If you want to do a 124 hit Hyakuretsku loop I'd go with a TE stick. If not just stick to your dualshock Edit: unintentional pun lol
  7. I was wrong his best placement was 12th What characters do you play and how much PP?
  8. Sure he did he made it to grand finals several times. What you are saying is you picked the wrong character and had an unfair matchup. Then i wonder why don't you follow your tier lists and counterpick, since it was already a lost cause from the start?
  9. Sabin did not make it to the EVO finals just by sheer luck. A character is only as deadly as the player who's controlling it. People like hiding behind their tier lists when they lose a supposedly unfavourable matchup, rather than acknowledging their lack of skill. And that is just what tiers are, a personal opinion based upon experience or the lack thereof
  10. Tier lists are 100% subjective and based upon personal preferences and experience. Dhalsim being low on the tier list is simply because there's not a lot of people who know how to play him. In other words tier lists are useless, just play whichever character you're comfortable with.
  11. I don't like Bloodborne as much as its predecessors. It feels like a simplified version of dark souls, even though it plays smoother it's lacking depth.
  12. I don't get it
  13. Please no more requests .
  14. Please no more requests