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  1. 11 games. More than I thought to be honest. Star Wars Bounty Hunter DanceDanceRevolution Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Gauntlet FEAR 3 Samurai Warriors 4-II Dynasty Warriors 8 Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
  2. Those fire shots for the Tikhar work wonders too.
  3. No thanks lol. I timed it and Odyssey took me 10 minutes once to get into the game. I don't know what it is with the load times on the games I play nowadays. Dragon Age series is horrendous for it too. I was pretty sure I saw my numbers go past 100 once. They pop up from time to time in the game too. The demon hasn't brought me out of the van. It's hit the van a bunch of times but it's never actually dragged me out. I would be pissed because I pretty much stay in low health and I use the van for protection lol.
  4. Yeah this is my biggest complaint that I forgot to add. These load times are absolutely atrocious. There are times where I think the game just stopped working that's how long it takes. At least with AC Odyssey, which has the longest loading times I've ever encountered, there's a bar for load progress. I have zero idea what those flipping numbers on the bottom right of the screen in Exodus are meant to be lol. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with my system since it's been happening more and more frequently the past year...but there are parts where the graphics don't render in right away. It will take a bit and I'm able to watch it smooth itself out.
  5. That was down right sad to watch. Velasquez needs to keep his word and retire. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Yea true! I mean hell I didn't expect for this to be done in 26 seconds after waiting years for Cain to come back and everyone including the media and his teammates hyping his return. 


      Personally if I was to bet I had my money on ngannou initially via 2nd round KO and it was crazy seeing the odds all placed against him. Just the way Cain moved and looked in his open workouts seemed a little off. 


      Will we still see vintage Cain ever again? Probably not but I'd say he's not done yet. He rebounded really well after that JDS loss. 


      And lol I love how Dana White was like DC is injured atm! He can't fight anyone yet (when asked if ngannou deserved a title shot). But then he'd immediately a book a match with roided Brock Lesnar for a title shot who hasn't won or competed since his steroid suspension after fighting mark hunt. Money does crazy things man haha

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I never had any faith in Cain to go far in this match. When you rack up that many injuries you just don't ever come back to 100%. (speaking from experience lol.)


      Dana White is a moron. lol

    4. PooPooBlast


      Ouch, yea I know about your shoulder surgery. Hope you're doing better now. 


      But anyways, good talk and I suppose see ya on the forums! 

  6. My very first thoughts were, "I need to find the sensitivity settings". I had to jack all of them to max and it still took some getting used to but at least it didn't feel like I was wading through mud. I knew from the very first time they said "open world" that it would not beat 2033. I'm liking it a lot and by the end maybe more than Last Light. 2033 just had an atmosphere and feel to it that an open world can not possibly compete with for me. That said I do like the open world. It opens up a lot of possibilities based on where the story went that I think are being put to good use. The only thing I don't like is how scarce things are made, but in the open world I know it makes more sense than in the confines of the Metro. I don't think a workbench should be necessary to clean your weapon either.
  7. (Metro Exodus) Thought I'd be slick and lead a Demon to an Anomaly and see if Firebird would pop lol. Didn't work but I took great pleasure in seeing my pursuer go down in flames anyways.

  8. It's and to equip them. Once you equip it all you have to do is press for it to activate. You will have to unequip them to use the flashlight again. There's one specific part I had to look up that I'm going to tell you now lol. To get out of the rail car you have to double tap ^this part irritated the shit out of me.
  9. No. I've triggered bad karama flashes and good karma flashes. As for the trophies I have no idea if any are tied to them.
  10. If it's any help, my screenshot is of the sun in the upper left corner shining down on a view of 2 statues facing west with what seems like a balcony on the right side. Sound like a familiar scene? Kassandra isn't in the shot so I'm assuming this is a cut scene rotating around or something.
  11. Naruto UNS4 TnJ'ing its way on in to #137. Don't know why I torture myself with this series lol.

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      @DamagingRob It's actually the simplest of the lists as far as I'm concerned. It's just that I suck at the games lol. Some of the S-ranks were frustrating as shit too. The 2 trophies tied to the Adventure mode are really pointless, and from the beginning felt like a massive chore. 

    3. DamagingRob


      That's a surprise. Lol. Based on the difficulty ratings, I figured this one would be a bit harder than the rest. Other than UNS2, which has the highest of them all. :/ Some of the others had annoying S ranks. Deidara in particular was never fun..

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      The list is simple, not the overall requirements. It's basically,

      S-rank everything in the story. Only a couple really annoying fights.

      Clear up some of the grindy ass free battle stuff which only has a few tough fights.

      Clear up the first Adventure Mode option which only has 1-2 tough fights. (there's 2 others you don't have to touch)

      Perform certain things during fights which will come naturally until you have to set up 1 or 2 things.


      There's no collecting titles, materials, or any collectibles like the other games

  12. The bold is more true than most people realize I think. I've met hundreds of hackers across numerous games from Myspace and Facebook that used the games on those platforms to learn and further their knowledge.
  13. Metro Exodus Aurora Edition was worth it for me. :D Steel box that holds the steelbook and an art book. Compass/carabiner looks good with the Shadow of the Tomb Raider flashlight. :awesome: Was going to hold off on platting Naruto UNS4 to jump in, but I think I'd rather give the game my full attention.

  14. We've been level 70 for a while now. Master level 12 or 13...would have been way higher if that bullshit 1million+ exp hadn't been a thing before master level points were brought down to 100K. I'm torn on switching characters too, at least until I finish all of the episodes. I don't care for going after each ending since I don't support it, but I'd like to play as Alexios just because and having all of my upgrades and such I'd love to tear through the game.