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  1. I can't even attempt to finish these until they fix whatever they broke with the custom controls options. After struggling with the first 2 stones with the default controls, because I couldn't even meditate at the stones with my own controls, I knew the later ones were going to be impossible. I mean really... to dodge? Every single time they've released something in Valhalla, it was released broken and it always led to something else being fucked up in some way.
  2. lol so I'll have an artifex game on my list that can't be completed...awesome. 😂 3 playthroughs with the last one being completely from scratch, no save data and a reinstallation, and Card 21 refuses to be counted as picked up. 

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Seems the status goddess hasn't forsaken me quite yet. For whatever reason the card showed up after I picked up a few more.

    2. Masamune


      The Status Goddess is always with us. 😂

  3. (Mafia II) Is there any reason why upon completing chapter 11 that End of the Rainbow wouldn't unlock? I just noticed it and the guide for the PS3 version has it listed as Story/Unmissable. Is there something different about the PS4 version?

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I mean I'm going to reload the chapter and play it through again, but now it looks fucked up. 

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Well turns out the guide is wrong and this trophy is semi-missable at least on the PS4 version. (semi because of chapter select) If you aren't on the ass of the car carrying the Irish as soon as you get outside then it gets away and the guy you're with pretty much calls off the mission and you won't end up going to where the Irish leader is to kill him.

  4. Decided AC Valhalla wasn't worthy of milestone 200 anymore after 3 months of waiting for a fix. 200 goes to Battle Chasers: Nightwar. 201 to Greedfall, 202 to Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed, 203 to Ratchet and Clank, and 204 to Raiden V. Decided to take advantage of the sale on some of the Artifex games a couple days ago. Bro bought the Mafia Trilogy. 1 seemed really good but that race on Classic doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. 2 performs like a steaming pile of shit. Haven't gotten to 3 yet. Also decided to pre-order Legend of Mana.

  5. Status bitching god...do you perhaps work on things outside of PSNP? If so...for the love of all things gaming help Ubisoft get their heads out of their ass and fix Pig of Prophecy in AC Valhalla? Preferably before the end of the month when I just make something else #200. (It will either be Battle Chasers: Nightwar because of the plat name or Raiden V...if I can manage to do it lol.)

  6. One trophy left in Greedfall which should be cake...one trophy left in Raiden V even though I know I'm not good enough to get it lol...Ubisoft if you could hurry up and fix Valhalla so I could make it 200 that'd be fucking great. <_< 

    1. Masamune


      I think it's time to bite the bullet & just start a new game for it, it's only what... another 200 hours? :awesome: You could probably finish it before they even fix it (if they even intend to). 😅

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I'd rather die lmfao. I. Will. Not. Fuck. with those Cairns ever again. If my bro wants to replay the game on the PS5 one day he can do them himself or we don't have to plat it.

      Ubisoft finally added it to their list of issues after 2 months so it's looking good that it'll be fixed soon.

  7. I just got the good ending and this is how it went. First off. Practice Mode from Stage 1. S-route all the way however I only got a 96% on Stage 6 which I think should've put me on Route A for Stage 7 but I S-ranked the Boss Mission 2 before it so that might've helped? I got all Fairies and Miklas, however, I missed 1 Sol on Stage 3. All Weapons at level 10. Here is a piece of info I think I've only come across on True Achievements. DO NOT RETRY A SCENE OR A STAGE. ^I had attempted the good ending twice and both times I maxed my weapons and collected everything there was to collect, but I retried scenes/stages if I saw I wasn't at 98%. For whatever reason I decided to test out the run anyways after missing the Sol on Stage 3 and screwing up Stage 6. Thankfully it worked out.
  8. Worst part about the new year? At some point, multiple points actually, I'm still going to date things as 2020 or 20 and turning a 0 into a 1 isn't happening. And crossing things out just looks ugly lol.

    1. Shadiochao


      If you only write 20 you can just add 21 to the end once you realise you messed up

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      That is true. Just deal with the dirty looks of the people mad I didn't stay on the line. 😂 

    3. Alternatewarning


      I have to date things at work a million times so I'm going to have this same issue!  Luckily 20 can easily be turned into 2021

  9. Turns out I had enough interest to hit 200. However, and yeah I said it before, I don't think there's enough I'm interested in to make 300. Lost my taste for some genres and the hobby in general. Wasn't an active checklist anyways so after 200 I might not update it anymore. Here's to hoping 200 can come soon. Have some in mind just either waiting for a fix in one of them, and the other will take some work so if game 1 isn't fixed by the time game 2 is ready I might just go ahead and pop it.
  10. If you don't mind the lack of trophies you could try Enchanted Arms on the PS3. It does have an in game list of achievements though if I remember right. Been about 7 or 8 years since I played it.
  11. Damn I completely forgot a couple weeks ago marked my 7th year here. (technically I've been here a bit longer I just wasn't a member)


    Holding off on platting Until Dawn until the 31st. Decided to end the year with plat 199 with the last trophy being called "This is THE End" and the plat having a somewhat appropriate title. I had planned on AC Valhalla being plat 200 and rushed through the last 10 plats but now that it's looking like I'll never plat it I will have to find something else. Already have something in mind I just need to wait a little longer.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Well the problem is after collecting every piece of wealth, every artifact, the game decided that on the very last World Event it would glitch that mission. So I've finished Vinland, Norway, and every single thing in England except the Pig of Prophecy in Cent. And as stated in a different status I would rather do some painful things to myself than replay this game. Aside from that I just have Orlog which I'm not even going to bother with unless that World Event is fixed.

    3. Roster60


      Feels like a spit on your face after putting that much effort into the game and doing all of the stupid things they ask you to do for the platinum doesn't it? I've been there.

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Spit in the face? No no. When I have 781/782 collectibles and the last one is simply a piece of dialogue I need after getting drunk I've been bent over and permanently tied there.

  12. (MediEvil) Is it normal for the trophy for defeating Lord Kardok to pop as soon as you beat the second phase? I know the trophy states him and his steed and the final phase doesn't have the steed, but I would've figured it popped after the final phase.

  13. (AC Valhalla) As if I couldn't dislike this dogshit game any less...I am now fucked on platting it due to the retarded Pig of Prophecy world event in Cent. It's the only thing left to do except Orlog so here's to hoping they patch it...at any point...because starting this game over and doing the Cairns again is about as likely as me chopping my fingers off and dipping the bloody nubs in fucking lemon juice.

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Actually...reading this again I think it should've been "dislike this dogshit game any more" lmfao.

      Game irritated me so much I'm not even proofreading things. 😂

    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      Could you elaborate on that? What's the problem?

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      The alcohol you're supposed to drink to understand the pig doesn't do anything. Talking to the guy first, the pig first, nothing works. I was even able to get drunk through the nearby drinking minigame and rush over there but it has to be that specific barrel of alcohol that turns your screen black and white and the pig becomes understandable. I saw a few videos of this bug happening and it seems that there's nothing that can be done about it. 


      My brother swears he actually did this event based off the dialogue in the videos we saw of the quest progressing as normal so chances are it was glitched way earlier in the game we just didn't know. 

  14. Honestly I forgot how bad they were doing so yeah that makes sense lol. (It might've been the SB not long ago but I remember a guy throwing down not a lot of money and walking away with something like 100K.) Good thing I'm not an angsty fan then. I just see article titles here and there scrolling around about how Belichick and the team haven't been doing well anywhere this year.
  15. No bullshit I was just looking at a guide there about 30 minutes ago and when I refreshed it went to the updated page. There's a dark/light theme icon on the top right of the page I suggest using. (that would be a nice little thing to have here tbh)