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  1. How'd you enjoy it? I remember not liking how sluggish it felt at first but when you start unlocking items it became more bearable.
  2. (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Belle of the Ball done. I ended up resorting to a video guide because this trophy, as well as that entire event itself, was just ridiculous and boring. Not even the fact that I realized too late that taking out certain High Dragons before starting the DLC locks me out of trophies annoyed me as much as this trophy did. Overall I'm having a blast with this game. 

  3. Yeah it was his first surgery of any kind and he was not happy. He was on milkshakes for over a week. (I consider that a good thing. ) I think being put under is a better route unless there are medical reasons not to. He was 23 and I was 25 when ours were taken. But I'd had my wisdom teeth since I was around 18 I think. Never had anything done because they weren't a problem. But yeah tooth pain is the worst of them so you were right to have them removed now especially since dentists like having them all removed anyways. Haha it was my bottom left tooth that gave me a bit of trouble too. I was spitting little blood clots for a couple days before finally having it checked out.
  4. My brother had impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom and they had to come out. His tops weren't a problem at all so they stayed in. Problem was he wasn't put under and they were only supposed to take like a half hour. Not only did he feel a massive amount of what they were doing but they took about 3 hours and actually had to break the wisdom teeth apart extracting bits at a time. As for the dry sockets, we think the vomiting he was doing on the way home is how they were caused. The surgeons nicknamed him "tough teeth". 😂 He threatens me to this day about it lol. I had all 4 out and the surgeon took less than 10 minutes. I was put under and didn't swell, bruise, or have any pain. Mine weren't impacted though they were fully grown in in a normal fashion. I just developed an infection underneath one of them and decided to just have all 4 taken out.
  5. @Masamune and any other Disturbed fans that come across this post.
  6. At 6:47 dude's hand almost disappears lol.
  7. This is definitely going to vary person to person lmfao. Had all 4 of mine removed 2 years ago. Zero complications and zero pain. I actually dumped my painkillers because of it. Brother had only 2 of his removed and not only did the dentists fuck up royally with him by taking hours longer than they were supposed to, but he ended up with 2 dry sockets and was in agony for a week. As for not ending up with dry sockets, ughrora pretty much got everything. Make sure you rid yourself of any debris that may fall into the holes gently.
  8. From my profile I see these games. Without specifics on genre I'll just list them all minus what's been mentioned. Fear 3 (only 1 trophy requires another player) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (this is a special case as it will take a while to make sure you get into a match with each other as there may be people sniping your session) Star Trek (don't play this game...) Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (I think you just need 2 people. Haven't platted this one...yet...) Dead Space 3
  9. Looking back I guess I can say it was during the PS2 era that made me a "fan", and I suppose it was just the games it had compared to Microsoft and Nintendo's exclusives. And as annoying as most people find this? I fucking hated the controllers on the other systems. Despite saying the PS2 era is where I can probably pinpoint it, I could probably go back further to the PS1 but it just didn't have much competition and as a young kid none of that stuff occurred to me. Aside from Ocarina of Time nothing I had played on the N64 came close to touching anything I played on the PS1.
  10. I didn't get to watch as much of the game as I would have liked, but can anyone fill me in as to what was wrong with the play Belichick tried to challenge and was denied? Also, I like hearing the commentators rip some of the new rules lol.
  11. This season of The 100 passed by really fast but damn...that ending... T_T 

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    2. KingGuy420


      I'm definitely looking forward to next season now. Knowing them they probably got something crazy planned. I have a bit of faith in them now since I thought the same thing during last years finale lol.

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I wonder how

      Madi and the Grounders will be handled. Now that Earth is dead are they going to stick with their ways? I don't see them and the criminals getting along at all despite being similar in their ways of handling matters.

    4. KingGuy420


      Yeah, that's a tough one lol. Hopefully season 6 doesn't take too long to get here.

  12. Yes you can. When I beat the game and saw that only one of the three navigators items was able to be made I despaired because I didn't want to beat the game 2 more times for the other 2 lol. I wasn't aware the cheat codes even worked so I was very thrilled that they did when I actually sought them out. Would have loved to play my first run with Ultimate, Black Zero, and White Axl though.
  13. #127 Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. So glad I was able to get this one. X8 posed more problems than expected due to someone in development thinking an overuse of spikes was a good idea, but was in every way better than X7. I still prefer the style of X4 - X6 but glad to have finally played every game in the series. :D 

  14. Glad I made a second save file before the Jakob stage. Beat Gateway and Rival Revival didn't pop. Guess I'll finish up this 2nd save, NG+ for stuff, and then load up the first for Vile. 

  15. Damn it I lost track of how many times I fought Vile lol. I haven't done Gateway yet but I'm really sure that I've fought him at least 4 times. He just won't show up anymore anyways. Also, fuck Troia Base and it's stupid requirements for Cut Man. xD I always end up missing by 1 of the stages.