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  1. I honestly expected the Steelers to come away with a well deserved win. Up until that Brady/Gronk constant connecting at the end? I thought the Steelers played a bit better. That 69 yard play made all of New England clench their ass cheeks clench in anticipation lol.
  2. Holy fucking shit that NE/PA game. As soon as I saw the replay of the overturned Steelers TD and saw that guy's hand flip up off the ball I knew the call would be reversed.
  3. Shoulder is just a little more achy than I anticipated from my first strength training session yesterday. Guess not taking the strongest resistance band was a smart move. :hmm: 

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    2. StrickenBiged



      What workout plan are you following btw? I've been strength training for many years, would be happy to give you some pointers if you like. It can be v confusing for a beginner. 

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Ah, it's rehab for shoulder surgery I had back in September. At the moment it's trying to get my rotator cuff up and running. My ortho said no weight restrictions, but my physical therapist pleaded with me to keep it under 3lbs for now. I used to lift weights when I was younger but I got really bored and stopped. 

    4. StrickenBiged


      Ah, fair enough - listen to your physio then! Y'don't want to make it worse!

  4. I always thought that just hovering your hand over the line making a touchdown was retarded. Even if you jump and hit the pylon and go OOB counting, to me, is retarded. Get your goddamn body into the fucking endzone. EDIT: How perfect that seconds after I posted this, that the Panthers scored one of these ridiculous TDs. Whole body in the air, ball just crosses the line, ball leaves hands either a split second before, or at the same time the feet would have touched the ground...outside of the endzone. (at least it looked like he landed outside to me)
  5. lmfao I KNEW it looked familiar.
  6. I read that it takes some getting used to SAO Re:HF but damn...I know I've played very little but I'm not entirely sure it's going to grow on me.

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I like the freedom it grants over HF. It might be more true to the style of the series, but for me it's a step down. It's probably the burst gauge being similar to a stamina bar. 

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Screw freedom, it only makes attack miss :awesome: 

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Pfft. Even if the enemy is like a level higher I miss pretty much every hit anyways. I spent a lot of time in the hollow area so I at least know my ass kickings were right by the games rules. 

  7. I don't know about the best, but my first trophy was incredibly fitting. (my actual first, not first as tracked by this site) Back in the Fight Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 It's nothing hard, nothing special, and probably one of the simplest things you could ever do in a game. However, the name is the important bit since at the time I hadn't been able to play games seriously for a while, and I had enough to finally buy a ps3.
  8. Are the Medal of Honor games always so buggy? Frontline was unplayable because the game wouldn't recognize aim/shoot and Medal of Honor refuses to let me throw grenades. I was able to throw them in one level only and now I can't even move the ATV because R2 is the acceleration. (and before anyone asks it's not the controller...it happens on the DS3 and both DS4s.) At this point I'm weary of even starting Warfighter if it's possible to encounter this shit.

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    2. nenugalimas


      Its not so much bugs as the game in general, even if it was glitch-free id still call it incompetent. Its just mediocre in every way, feels like its a first of a genre that hasn't been refined yet. But its a bloody MMS! That genre has been done to death and yet they still managed to mess it up in ways that I would consider unforgivable.

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Ah. Well I've played some pretty lame games like Risen 2 and Cursed Crusade. They were buggy/glitchy but nothing actually stopped me from being able to play the game or at least advance the story. (Unlike the game destroying glitch in Risen 3)


      Come to think of it the glitch isn't even always present because I beat MoH's story. The chapter where you start on the ATV worked fine, and the chapter where you pilot the Apache went fine as I was able to fire rockets. But for a majority of the game, I was unable to throw grenades even after the ATV/Apache chapters. :S 

    4. nenugalimas


      If is only game breaking bugs your afraid of, I dont remember having anything that bad. I think I had to reload a chapter once but thats about it.

  9. Finished up the story for Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis. Wasn't bad for $5 I guess. Combat was a bit stiff. If they didn't make about half the list MP they had more than enough for more SP trophies.

  10. I don't have ESPN so I didn't get to watch the game, but I read that Burfict got rocked pretty hard last night. Could not help but smile.
  11. (Deadfall Adventures) Trophies must be slightly bugged. :hmm: got the trophy for 10 unique treasures for power of life when I only had 8 or 9. I can't imagine whatever I picked up from when I played the demo in 2014 counted even though I was able to play from where the demo left off. Started a new save file instead. :S 

    1. starcrunch061


      I guess it's better that it's bugged in a good way.

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Definitely bugged or the demo treasures counted. I got the 50 treasures trophy at 49. :S (20 life, 15 light, and 14 warrior)

  12. Did they take away the ability to delete 0% trophy lists using the ps app or something? I've done it before, but I'm pretty sure the app had a different layout the last time I did it. I can click into a game but there's no options anywhere for it.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I'm not so sure but worst case scenario you just have to do it on the ps4.

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I don't mind doing it from the ps4, it's just that my brother is sleeping and sick so I didn't want to chance waking him up. (and now I'm slightly annoyed by the app not working the way it's supposed to lol)

    4. PooPooBlast


      Ahh I see. And that's nice of you :). 


      And yea after the ps app received a UI overhaul, it became confusing trying to find things.  

  13. The refs not throwing a flag against the Saints player who jumped is probably the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. Every ref would have to be looking away from the game to have missed it.
  14. And they were 14-0 relatively early in the first quarter no? ------ Never heard booing from a crowd as loud as I heard in the bills/pats game.