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  1. Another 5 hours wasted trying to beat Snow Ereshkigal.  Every time I get close it unleashes this 3 part hit that one shots my entire party. And at max level it's not as if I can improve much if anything. Probably give it another couple days before I just put the game down. The boss after this one is even more ridiculous.

  2. Everyone available is needed to take down the last floor. It's a long journey home, but it'll be worth it. Non-combat movement looks nice. Combat looks stiff though so I'm getting the feeling it'll be mostly HF with slight LS mechanics. (why in the hell did they not show the stuff that will be on the screen? ) The free attacking looks like it'll be like LS. Skill based attacks will be like HF.
  3. If it helps ease your fears a bit, I bought the complete edition digitally as well and neither of those trophies were bugged for me. I have no idea if there's specific things that cause the glitches but I remember going for both the moment I had the opportunity and it worked. As far as I remember it's tied to the digital edition so the only possible workaround I read was buying a physical copy. (Idk if this has since changed)
  4. It's been a couple years so I forgot a lot about the specifics. Instead of saying this for the 2 comments above this one and here, I'll just say it here. Ranger Hardcore is not the issue. Shadow Ranger is. With the AI being smarter the moment you're spotted you're fucked. You'll have to start the entire game over. (unless there are workarounds with USBs I'm not aware of) ^in addition to this there is a section where it is just about impossible to know if you got by it without the AI killing themselves by mistake until you finish the game. So yeah while you'll finish the game on RH it'll will have probably been a needlessly annoying venture if you don't also unlock Shadow Ranger. EDIT: Disregard the crossed out bit. I was getting mixed up with something on Exodus.
  5. I forget what Ranger Hardcore does in this game, does it help the AI spot you quicker or anything like that? If so, then hell no. Shadow Ranger would be ridiculous to get on RH. I vaguely remember just trying to get through RH as fast as I could which meant having to kill silently when possible.
  6. Video looks good, but I really want to see more gameplay to gauge whether it'll be more like HF or LS, or a sort of hybrid. Considering how badly I'm doing in Dissonance of the Nexus this next one will probably just be more of the same bullshit. If anything I'd get it on sale for the story.
  7. (SAO Fatal Bullet) Just about had it with these shitty DLC boss fights on Extreme. If it weren't bad enough that they are poorly designed with the tiniest of weak points, it's still impossible to dodge in this game and no matter what your stats are you pretty much get one shot. On the shots you survive there's always some follow up attack that hits you while recovering to finish you off. Let's just ignore the fact that the 2 bosses weren't made for builds outside of Gatling Guns and Snipers and with a sniper you aren't hitting the weak point consistently which makes being the largest damage output in the game pretty useless. (you can hit for 100K+ with weak point hits but most times you're gonna miss and only hit for about 2-3K)

  8. Unless I misunderstood what he's going to be about, I'd be more concerned with this deal Jay Z has with the NFL for the season. I guess it was stupid to hope that the sport would be less political.
  9. The only time they piss me off is when I make them. I don't try to be grammatically correct by any means, but on a laptop I hate missing one. On a phone I just can't be bothered to care. Auto-correct likes to screw everything up even when I have the damn word that I want it just changes it sometimes. On a laptop...my pinkies love to do shit they're not supposed to lol. I nearly always hit the ' key for things that don't need it. I also tend to go over what I typed and add things here and there and sometimes completely ignore that it screws up the sentence right after it. Causes lots of redundant things to read lol. I don't care if other people make them though. Usually I can tell what they're saying or I'm understanding because English isn't their native language. (and I've spent almost 2 decades around people, in real life and online, where it's not so I'm used to it too...shame I never actually grasped how to speak in another language lmfao)
  10. Well...I mean the game tells you what's what at the beginning. Complete it or never leave Aincrad. 😂
  11. GameStop redesigned their website and it made all of my bookmarks lead to the home page. -_- Only 35 of them so not much but still an unexpected surprise lol. Still hoping they don't downgrade the Pro members the way I heard they were going to.

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      @MidnightDragon Pretty much this. My membership expires the 31st and I'm not renewing until I know whether or not this is going to become a thing everywhere. If it is no renewal.


    3. MidnightDragon


      Already renewed until next year, but yuck.

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      Yeah, I renewed mine a couple months ago, then I heard about that right after. 😑

  12. I only had 1 more on my profile. And 3 that were close. (or at least close in my opinion) PSNP% vs PSN%. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. 0.89 vs 0.9 (this probably goes back and forth even though I'm not sure if the plat is possible anymore) Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is close. 1.77 vs 1.3 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 is close. 3.28 vs 3 (another one I plan on getting one day) F.E.A.R. 2 is close. 0.59 vs 0.4
  13. This immediately came to mind. I swear I'm going to get this at some point. (sucks having no one to borrow those move controllers from lol) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/455-dancedancerevolution/Avatar_Of_Battle I'm pretty sure I have others. When I actually look at my list I'll edit this post.
  14. The ones I would've mentioned are here already (zelda, pokemon, fire emblem, fable) so I'll go for some others. 1. Mega Man Battle Network. (I've only played White and Blue from the 3 series but I enjoyed them thoroughly so maybe I'd enjoy the rest of them) 2. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (I liked the first game more than its sequel on the PS2) 3. Any and all Dance Dance Revolution games the Sony systems didn't get.
  15. I was a little unnerved by it too lol. It was the dude's face. He looked like he dropped 20 years in the off season. I never would've known/remembered that. So my comment definitely wasn't a dig. I saw the replay because I don't think I saw it in real time and it was a crappy way to go down because it didn't look like it was something that could have been avoided. Just shit luck.