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  1. (Tony Hawk) Had to do the 10 million point trophy multiple times for it to pop on the created skate park. First time I landed it it only popped the 1M combo trophy. Read that someone else had to exit and return to the map. I ended up just closing the game and going back in. First time and it popped the other 1M trophy and the 10M trophy. :dunno:

    1. Spaz


      Hope it's not glitched.

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      With the skate park someone made specifically for the trophy it only takes around a minute to do I just found it odd that after landing an 11, 13, and 15M score neither of the two trophies that should've popped did. (idk why I remember the scores considering I can't for the one that actually popped the trophy lol)

  2. Not my picture but recently got this and have been reading here and there. Haven't read anything in years unfortunately. (not even all the books in my last post whenever that was)
  3. Definitely going to be interesting to see where they go with the trophy requirements. 6, 7, and 8 all got increasingly more stupid with luck based requirements hopefully it's not a continuing trend. (although I don't think I'm up for another Empires expansion for another few years at least...) That would be awesome. I spent 2 weeks looking for someone, anyone, on the game back in 2015 and I never found a single soul. Always regretted trading it in instead of keeping this one.
  4. Thankfully DW7E is now behind me. One day I swear I will get my hands on a copy of Gundam 2 and find a way to boost those online trophies lol. Also need to re-acquire Warriors Orochi 4 for the DLC. And get One Piece Pirate Warriors 4...
  5. After 30+ battles using a combination of stratagems across the saves, and about 10 hours of back and forth bullshit because my files are on the last territory/battle, it ended up being an early stratagem I used that I must have never used again after getting D/C'd. (weapons base from Affluent Lv. 4) After going through this with DW8:E and SW4:E I legitimately do not know if I'll play another empires expansion unless they port over the old ones. I'm sure KT is smart enough not to release DW9:E even if it was possible with the game's layout.
  6. Nah don't feel guilty. It was as much fun as you'd expect from a DW game. I just got really unlucky. If I learn that startagems count when you use them successfully and then Withdraw from a battle maybe I can go through the files and use everything again but if not I might just move on or clean up some trophies.
  7. I for sure succeeded in them. Pitfall, ambush, etc... The only ones I may not have succeeded in were the Diplomacy ones but I had most of those in my first save file and I used them a lot to stave off other kingdoms so I could build resources for stuff. (and it didn't seem like I could find info one way or the other as to whether they needed to succeed anyways) Just don't think I'm willing to go through this game and reuse every single stratagem again because with 1 territory left in most of the files I'd have to use them and withdraw and I don't even know if that counts, or I'd have to lose territories and go back and forth which will be tedious as shit across every file.
  8. It's all good I'm not platting this one I answered my own question. I spent 2 weeks keeping 2 checklists. 1 I wrote down and one where I crossed off stratagems. Thunderbolt on the Evil fame type should've been my last stratagem as I was able to get the other stratagems used through the Wise fame type. (including Insult on one of my 6 files.) I have already gone through the file with the rank 9 Wise fame and used every stratagem that could've possibly been one I missed so I had to have missed multiple stratagems somehow. Probably one of the many times the game d/c's when you're inactive for 10 minutes. (fucking wonderful perk of PS Now I wasn't aware of and kept forgetting)
  9. @starcrunch061 I don't know if you'll remember this but do you know if you have to use the Imperial option in Diplomacy for the Stratagem trophy? If not then I'm not platting this game tbh.
  10. DW7E Idk when the fuck it happened but somewhere along the way my character's main fame type went from Kind to Brave and I can't switch it back making my entire Kind run a complete waste. I've been keeping it maxed out at 9 trying to make Brave fall to 8 but nothing is working to switch it back. Shit like this kills my want to keep playing.
  11. DW7E Surprisingly in just 2 save files I've managed to use all but 9 stratagems. I feel like the ones I have left will pose issues for some reason though lol. I might've been able to use more in my first file if I had realized you need a high Wise fame rating to unlock/use them. (which I'm gonna admit I don't like as a feature) Same hiccups while using PS Now but it's better than nothing. Glad I got to play this and add it to the list of Musou plats when I get it. I pray for the day KT realizes they could make some money off of porting the PS2 games to the PS4. Imagine having every DW game from the PS2 era? I might be given the advice not to pursue Lu Bu but I'd pursue all those plats that's for damn sure. (you could throw in the SW games for good measure )
  12. Ya done fucked with mah heartstrings. Ignore command ignored.
  13. First run: Avatar o f Battle (lol so I was either Avatar o, or I was f Battle) Second run: Nathan Drake 😂
  14. Starting to get the hang of DW7E. Probably take me longer than it should to plat but it's nice to have a Musou game going again. Playing through PS Now does have some slight hiccups but so far only one massive issue where the game completely froze and I ended up needing to wait quite a while for Now to close and then reboot. Also, DW7E might have the best main menu music of any of the games that I can recall. (Honestly though the DW series as a whole as incredible music.)