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  1. You're playing the Vita game right? Have you not synced the trophies recently? I know there's slight differences between the games but I don't remember reading about anything other than just beating the last boss to unlock her duel. On my ps4 game I see I did just about everything I could before beating the game so I'm no help there.
  2. The guide for the Vita version says she's unmissable. I don't remember much when I played the PS4 version, but can you defeat the last boss again to trigger the dialogue that says to go investigate? @Dragon-Archon might know more?
  3. I know this might sound a bit dumb...but you're sure they're on fire? If I remember right it's not enough to just hit them once or twice. You need to fill up the "on fire" gauge that should appear. Similar to setting enemies on fire it usually takes a couple hits for that gauge to fill up.
  4. It's also available for the NA region I believe. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0912-CUSA09349_00-HYPERSENTINEL000 (bought it because I only had a dollar in my account anyways lol)
  5. This is the only one I've found. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2005-CUSA03444_00-AV00000000000014 If it was on PS4, do you think maybe it could have been a custom image?
  6. That was a gut wrenching loss. Thought it was funny that they were gonna let that guy score and he realized it lol. They should have tried getting behind him and pushing him in lmfao.
  7. So...is it the Lions not looking too shabby or the Packers looking haggard? Lions have had some odd hiccups in the first quarter so I don't know. (I also don't think one of the first plays should have been called dead. I was sure that the Lions fumbled it and as soon as GB looked to scoop it up the refs panicked and blew the play dead)
  8. When you get just a small workout in after a couple years of not being able to do much.


  9. Can someone explain why the Browns weren't given that touchdown?
  10. Dunno. A while ago the tags were different on our profiles. (tags was the word I couldn't remember in my initial post I'm glad you used it lol)
  11. 6 pages and nobody here is wondering what shade of blue @Sly Ripper is going to use for the inevitable PS5 logo that will go on our profiles?
  12. To be honest? This is the worst Assassin's Creed game in the franchise to me. The story is non-existent except for the present day story which finally seems to be gaining some sort of direction, I dislike the fact that a non-canon character was introduced to be played as, and there's really only one scene that wowed me and I won't even put it in spoilers. The DLC content is very nice though. Story expansions especially to new areas are a welcome change and introduce even more to the variety I'll talk about below. It is one of the best open world games I've played in terms of just being able to play. The controls/mechanics are incredibly fine tuned as far as I'm concerned. Not slippery, not clunky, and not overly complicated with trying to do new shit as well as being able to change the controller scheme to pretty much whatever you want. However, like every game out today it is not free of its issues. Thing is...they are very few and far between in our experience. Very early on my brother and I were able to glitch through cave walls when climbing, There's tons of different play styles. You really only need to youtube different builds to see the kinds of variety and things people have come up with in the past year. There's lots of customization options thanks to the fact that you don't have to show the equipment you've donned. You can equip whatever suits your style of gameplay, and then switch the cosmetics to whatever you think looks best as long as you've unlocked that particular style. Nightmare does pose a challenge if you don't go down some super OP route like the tank builds I play as or the ungodly crowd damaging hunter builds. Don't let anyone bitch at you otherwise about this...but there is in fact Stealthy gameplay styles too. An entire skill tree as well as multiple armor sets are dedicated to the Assassin damage/build. However, if you don't want to play like that then of course you aren't going to realize there can be stealth elements. The naval is a huge step up from Origins, buuuuut still not as good/fun as Black Flag. Oh really? Imagine if it tracked daily players that weren't earning trophies then. lol
  13. Funny thing is, the trophies for the game stopped coming out what? 2 months ago? I thought for sure it was going to drop out of the top 10, but I guess there are more people like my brother and I that play nearly every day for the short orichalcum missions. (except for the past couple weeks as we try to get another game finished up.) ^Also, just being on someone's system isn't enough for PSNP as far as I know. People have to actively play the game for this site to track and I'm not even sure it tracks people like myself who've been playing these past couple months after the last trophy.
  14. Well...it wasn't specified to be a good shock.