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  1. I was getting similar redirects like the one Mango just quoted. Unfortunately I didn't grab a screenshot and naturally it doesn't want to pop up again. It was 4/17/2019 US, MA Google Chrome LG device viewing the Home Page Again, literally the same type of ad that Mango quoted, except I was a lucky LG user.
  2. Much like 99.9% of the population on Earth you've got a better memory than me because I don't even remember who I didn't see before. 😂
  3. Idk. For a split second I sensed a bit of fear from him before he walked away. Like while looking at her he saw something that wasn't there before. Was she? I don't know how I could have missed her.
  4. Did anyone else get the weird feeling that the Hound somewhat feared Arya in their reunion? Also, and I hadn't thought about this until today, they showed just about everyone but Brienne.
  5. Best part of the entire episode. I liked this as a season opener. It brought things together, and set up the season to open up quickly, but it didn't happen in the time bending style of last season. Pretty sure whatever Bran is, is going to become my favorite character this season lol.
  6. Is your miner maxed out? If you can't see it then the only thing I can guess at is that he needs to be leveled up for it to appear.
  7. Isn't it in the Stockpile option at the Homestead or shop Accounting Books? You may need to have the Miner leveled up I don't remember even though I finished the game not long ago.
  8. (AC Liberation Remastered) To the jackass that thought after each mission dropping you off at the furthest point on the map was a good idea...I hope you get lobotomized. 

  9. ...for people waiting on Netflix. Will the Star Wars series not be part of what's being taken off for Disney's new streaming service in, I believe, November?
  10. I can't recall where but I read Sony is going to start, or already did, renaming "offensive" names. I'll see if I can find it... EDIT: Not where I read it but this might cover it. https://thenextweb.com/gaming/2019/04/12/sony-playstation-names-change-offensive/feed/
  11. The only thing that could interest me in the sequel is how big a part Sylens plays. If it's minimal I might not even pick this one up unless I get it ultra cheap like the first one.
  12. https://news.yahoo.com/former-patriots-wr-hogan-signs-160127140.html Brady is going to have to master that passing to himself play soon.
  13. Does changing your email tied to your PSN account mess with the Sony Rewards site? I haven't had any progress updates since March 25th, and I think that's around the time I switched.

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      It's never asked me for my security answer, simply to log in with the new email and do the 2 step authentication. Damn I have zero desire to get these monkeys on the phone. -_- I was getting my points just fine and I the trophies were being tracked, but it all stopped on 3/25.

    3. RJP_X


      i will say for my first ever call, it was quick. the guy wasn't nice or mean, just got to the point and done. i was pretty damn nervous though. the old site use to verify me quite a bit with asking to make sure its me to type in my security answer, because i clear my cache pretty frequent.


      you can write on the submit a problem/query thing, whatever its called. i wish that option worked on the old site but it was broken back then.

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I never seem to notice typos until after I post. -_- 


      Yeah I submitted one of those a few minutes ago. More than likely I'll just get the "can't resolve through email. give us a call" response.

  14. Thanks be to Father of Understanding that you are playing them on the PS4. Brotherhood won't be too much of an issue to plat with the removal of MP. I don't remember where certain missions take place, but the objectives are a pain in the ass. (the tank mission is my main point here.) Revelations...I found it harder on the PS4 because of the Lost Archives DLC. Warren Vidic is a bitch and don't let anyone tell you differently lol. Overall not bad though and the only game I liked Ezio in lol. ACIII is the worst of the series to plat. The PS4 version is easier though. However, this version can be a buggy pain in the ass which makes the required perfect runs for the main sequence mission's optional objectives...a special kind of ridiculous. That doesn't even include the boring side things the game has you do for no reason. Side note...anyone coming here should probably realize that OP doesn't know the story. Don't be that person and ruin it.