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  1. Didn't know that. Shame I don't have my PSP anymore or I would've gotten it for sure.
  2. One game immediately comes to mind. Rogue Galaxy. The ending of the first game pretty much sets up for a sequel yet it never happened. Others I'd like to see. "Insert word here" of the Tomb Raider. I hope that Shadow wasn't the last we see of the series. F.E.A.R 4 if possible. Maybe something to do with another experiment woken up by the events of the last game. Titanfall 3 Assassin's Creed. I'd like to see a direct sequel for Altair preferably with the new gameplay. Some I know are being worked on I just want to play them already. Metro (I know this is being done but I'm hoping now that when it comes out on the PS5 it's beyond epic) Dragon Age 4. I won't lie my hopes for this are not high if it really is gonna be Anthem with dragons.
  3. (Valkyria Chronicles) Yeah, this game is just fucking aggravating. A combination of how slow it is and the absurd amount of luck involved in aiming really drags this game down. I've missed so many shots at point blank with the tank and Lancers it's retarded.

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      lmfao rage quitting in the middle was stupid. I'm in the annoying ass desert battle before it which means I didn't save at all after completing it. Jfc I'm regretting this purchase.

    3. Masamune


      Imo that's not even the hardest battle either, towards the end there's one that's incredibly cheap, the only way I managed to beat it was hiding in smoke the whole time & sniping the boss from the starting point. 😂 I did think the majority of the game was pretty fun though (but I was using that overpowered gun from the Scout Trial a lot). 😅


      But the giant tank is pretty bad too, I think I actually had to look up a strategy for when I first went up against it... it may've been the one in this walkthrough? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps3/942165-valkyria-chronicles/faqs/54860 It goes into pretty good detail on how to beat it.

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I'll keep it bookmarked. I'm more annoyed that I'm not liking the game as much as I thought I would than anything. I played the demo and thought it was fine but some of this shit is unnecessarily annoying. Coming off the pile of dung Aerea was I might even just throw this game at the back of my list if I don't start getting any sort of enjoyment from it.

  4. (Aerea) well...first character done. This game is just really boring. Going to rope my brother into co-op so that 2 characters can be done at the same time and then I'll finish off the fourth at some point. Plus side is that it should take less time, or close to the same time, to finish the other 3 characters since I don't have to play through the game again.

  5. @Leon Castle Just to let you know the OP needs to be updated. The total amount of games is 23 not 22. Also, another stupid game makes 17 lol. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5875-berserk-and-the-band-of-the-hawk/Avatar_Of_Battle
  6. 172 goes to Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Ok musou game. Stupid boss design and trophies though. It doesn't come close to the Gundam or One Piece musou games in my opinion, however, I did like the cutscenes being animated they were a nice addition. No idea how much of the series the game goes into or if it follows the real story but I found myself not really caring for it.

  7. The camera was worse in the older games. Origins and Odyssey no longer have the random parkour issue either unless you're holding out of habit to run. The first game would need a complete remake imo. There's not enough to the missions and to be completely honest I wouldn't mind a slight retcon in the fuckery of Altair dying if his pinky toe touched some water. If they wanted to keep the "oldness" of it they could at least make it Unity or Syndicate fluid. (And keep the quick assassinations introduced in AC3)
  8. (Berserk and the Band of the Hawk)

    When you're in the middle of a 100 floor stage and a storm rolls in. 🙄

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    2. Masamune


      I had my power go out yesterday for a second & the weather was sunny & blue skies. 😅 Thankfully all I'm playing right now is a Vita game though, so I don't have to worry about being interrupted. :P

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I would love me some more Gus. Hope they make a 2.

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      If they do it would have to not include something ridiculous like beating Femto with all 8 characters. It doesn't add much of anything and a few bosses are terribly designed. Especially when you get to the later floors and they can stunlock you over and over and have a near infinite use of their frenzy moves.

  9. Wyald may be a test of patience. Not terrible due to strength and durability but woof...he's slower than Guts. Who the fuck play tested Zodd? He swings his weapon as if it were a paperclip while on horseback, but on the ground? You'd think that thing weighed more than a planet. And he dual wields faster in the combos with the sword and axe than he does just holding the sword. Shierke is unfortunately just good. Her speed being as bad as it is keeps her from being great. On the plus side she's incredible on horseback and her AoE is the most fun to use of all the characters. Later on though mobs will eat this little girl. The time to cast her combos is too much and against bosses that can interrupt you she's gonna be doing a lot of running away for frenzy charging. So all in all...Judeau is ass compared to the other characters. It's not even close he's just the worst. EDIT: I've now reached the point where everything left deals with endless eclipse. Yay? Should've been a trophy for getting all 8 characters to level 99 because I feel like it's gonna be required for those last 5 floors lol. EDIT2: I was so...so...wrong...I'm pretty sure Casca is worse than Judeau. She sucks on the horse since she's slow. Her special is way worse I just didn't realize it on Easy lol. Her charge hits are for shit just like Judeau's though, but her standalone does good damage like Griffith's. She's slower on normal attacks and it's the only place she can do well if you're in Frenzy. Judeau is so fast enemies generally don't have a chance to hit him but Casca? I got knocked into a 10 second air raid by a mob of spear wielding enemies. Nearly fucking died because of it despite her defense being the best thing about her. Guts and Griffith both done for EE now I'm just working on getting everyone to floor 81 while doing all the missions along the way for the 90% horse reward. Hopefully be done in the next 2-3 days depending on how much I play...
  10. Did I hear right they're getting rid of the PI replays or something like that? 😂
  11. (Berserk) I haven't used Wyald, Zodd, or Shierke but I can't see them being as difficult to use as Judeau. He's sorta like Zhang He when it comes to a wild and shitty move set, and definitely going to be the last character I bring to floor 100. However, to keep things from getting stale faster I think I'll do 20 floors for each person. Hopefully by the time I'm ready for Judeau I'll have the gold to just pay his way to level 99. I've already gotten a majority of the items except those acquired with specific characters in endless eclipse so I don't think I actually need the gold for anything. Casca is pretty average. Griffith is not great but his single attack can take chunks from minibosses and bosses. Serpico has a very nice move set in my opinion. Shouldn't have an issue with these guys.
  12. Lol endless eclipse mode is no joke once you get to floors 80+. Femto is stupidly designed too. His first 2 health bars aren't an issue but when he hits red all of his attacks are meant to push you back. I wasted like 4 frenzies just trying to get close enough to hit him a couple times. I didn't even mind his defense being off the charts but getting close to him is the issue. I can't imagine how irritating it's going to be even on Easy with the other characters. My go to method was running around on the Skeleton Knight's Horse until the frenzy bar filled. I didn't focus much on good accessories so much as enhancing the 3 I've been using. There are better ones I just don't feel like going through the process of switching stats over.
  13. I want another weapon made from the AC symbol like Connor's hatchet lol.
  14. Anyone that enjoys FPS games and doesn't get Metro Redux for $8.99 is just cheating themselves. Dragon Age Inquisition DLC Bundle is a nice price too. Shame DA:2's DLC never goes on sale, but after 5.5 years I decided to finally buy them the other day.
  15. It'll also be easier to play in order so that you're not going from smoother gameplay experiences to rougher ones.