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  1. About 14-15 hours from home. Can't wait to jump into Odyssey. I know my brother has done quite a bit over the past week so it'll be fun to cruise through the story.

  2. The game did this once in megaris. I was unable to play for about 30-40 seconds. I left the dock area it was happening in and it smoothed itself out. My brother did say the game crashed on him twice on our normal PS4.
  3. South Carolina is taking fucking forever to get through. Should only be 6 hours or less until I'm off this damn train lol.

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    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Lol yeah I took one train for 8 hours and this one was supposed to be around 19 hours and I think with delays and stuff it'll be around 20. (Boston to DC to Orlando.)

    3. TheVader66


      Jesus that is a long time. Did you take the train to see the areas

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I'd always wanted to take a train long distance is all. I definitely think I'd fly next time even though I don't like it. 

  4. You're right they are free. I was mixing them up with the Medjay for 30 points. I knew I forgot to edit a post somewhere around here lol.
  5. The bold is where the problem is I think. MMDE didn't mention story trophies, I read it to mean that he meant to include them and when he acknowledged my post I figured we were on the same page since I didn't mention trophies either. Like I said before I wasn't being ultra specific. (which is funny considering on forums I know I should be.)
  6. I wasn't confirming the dispute so much as telling MMDE that what he posted is true about the difficulty trophies popping only if you've gotten all of the story trophies. (because obviously in the case of a disconnect completing the chapter will not pop the related trophy when you return.) I wasn't ultra specific about what I meant, and figured MMDE knew what I was talking about. (I actually think I commented on a dispute about this game some time ago...or maybe it was a status update...) https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/36445-continuing-ndesu-fight-doesnt-give-credit-for-co-op-friend/#comment-957629 ^There is the thread from a while ago. Not much to it, but if that info is at least known to the people in charge then it'll help them out even if on the rare occasion. There's really only one way I could think of to explain that 22 hour gap and I'm not sure it's possible. Nor will I post it as I know the flag team isn't keen on it....nor does it make much sense unless you're trying to screw with the timestamps lol.
  7. Assassin's Creed Odyssey seems a lot larger than I imagined. Going to suck big time not being able to play for an entire week while I'm gone. Bro promised not to progress the story, just going around terrorizing the entire Greek world lol. (Was secretly hoping buying Dynasty Warriors 9 would hold him over until I get back but I don't think he's even going to touch it. xD)

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    2. Kassandra


      Wellllll.... I'll see how much I still like the game after completing the story and going for the platinum. Going to cancel on Red Dead Redemption II but I'm still getting Starlink and Hitman 2.


      Also, I'm definitely not getting 100% in all locations, because I'm not going to steal pocket change from those poor villagers. I mean, there's literally a location called Poor Market whereyou have to steal from a chest to complete the location.

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Luckily I've got nothing else coming up this year. Next 2 new games I'm interested in are releasing in January(KH3), and February(Metro Exodus). I'm sure I'll like the game at the end still, but I already know I like Origins more. :P 


      Mercenary's gotta do what a mercenary's gotta do. :devil: 

    4. Kassandra


      Origins gave me more of a wow-vibe with the setting, but I very much prefer Oddyssey at this point.


      I'm a merc, not a thief! 😇 All this focus on RPG aspects in the game makes me think more about what I do. With AC II, I didn't care that I was literally moving along picking money out of people's pockets, butnow with Odyssey, especially after the Oracle mentioned the result of an earlier quest when I let some shitty but starving people off with a warning while I just as easily could've killed them all with more profit for me. I like playing while thinking what typeof character I'm playing so even though trophies aren't my focus during my first playthrough, I checked to be sure that I wasn't obligated to do all that stealing to get the platinum.

  8. I'm perfectly aware of that and have been for 3 years. You're a bit late to educate me there. I don't care about the disputer lol. I was only commenting on what MMDE said and I'm more than sure that if MMDE didn't know what I meant he wouldn't have acknowledged my comment. Aside from one other person here I don't think I've seen anyone mention that particular bundle of trophy-less joy. If MMDE sees that more than 1 person says something he may not be aware of then it may help in the future...which is why I posted.
  9. Read what MMDE said again. The difficulty trophies only pop when you have all the chapters done. I agreed with him because it happened to me. EDIT for clarification. I did beat 2-2. When I got disconnected during that mission that's what caused me not to get the trophy with my friend because accepting his invite during the chapter I guess doesn't count. There's a thread in that game's section where I and someone else say the same thing.
  10. It's not real money. Chances are if you've never really checked out Ubisoft Club you'll likely have like 10x the amount needed to unlock Evie lol. Unless I misunderstood your post and you do know it's not real money being spent?
  11. Then you probably don't even need a lieutenant. I don't even care about ship/crew skins right now. I wish I could find a badass looking figurehead lol. I found an eagle one but I want something cooler.
  12. If you have the points in the Ubisoft Club section, you can buy the all female assassin skin. After that I believe you only need to have 1 female lieutenant for Wrath of the Amazons. Or at least I only had Evie as my lieutenant when I unlocked it if I remember right. As for obtaining them, I have no idea. I found a ship skin from an underwater location and that's it. EDIT: I was reminded that the female assassin skin is a freebie as well.
  13. You can unlock Evie through the Ubisoft Club for a freebie. Ikaros will show you which characters are Legendary. Try scanning mercenaries and the captains in forts and such.
  14. Loaded up DW9 so that I can get the list to appear on here next time I sync. Always fun to see Zhao Yun beating people down lol.

  15. Some surprising scores today...at least...surprising for me lol.