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  1. Necro'ing because I'm bored. Funny enough my first name was a spin on this. I was going to go with PalaceRaid but ended up going with something funnier. Meta-Rangers
  2. 182 goes to Borderlands 3. Bit glitchy at parts, bit irritating at some parts, but overall I had a fun time with it.

  3. And the grind that is Hollow Realization is over. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5444-sword-art-online-hollow-realization/Avatar_Of_Battle @Masamune If wouldst thou please, bestow upon me a badge with Sinon's liking. (I plan on finally using Kirito for the Ultimate Gamer badge lol) @Leon Castle The Hall of Fame needs updating for Lycoris right?
  4. Plat 181 and trophy 10,000, as far as PSNP goes at least, goes to Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.

  5. The lack of trophies wouldn't stop me tbh. (I did way more in Dragon's Dogma for Bitterblack Isle and getting my pawn to 200) I'm trying to do something and P5 is my next game which is just as long as SAO so I don't want to take too much time in SAO. I use the "good job" action usually after I see a skill used, I do a switch, or I have everyone coordinate an attack on a downed enemy. I've been using Asuna, Yuuki, and Lisbeth the entire time and Liz still isn't past Rank 3. Yuuki and Asuna are Rank 4. While farming stuff I've been playing solo so the last 10 or so hours I haven't been getting anything for those 3.
  6. The worst part is is the guide doesn't tell you if you use the 50 Insectoid Golden Wings the path to the legendary becomes longer. Which naturally I chose because the weapon was stronger and I figured the 4th form was going to be the last. I ended up having to choose another weapon and then using the scales and farming more luxurian ore. That was a kick in the balls. But yeah there is no other helmet guy it's just the shady dude. When I interact with the golden chest on the right he says his store's not ready so maybe I have to beat the game or do the DLC or something. Considering I have 2 other RPGs of the same length as this I won't be doing the DLC. The worst part is still to come. I haven't done anything in the way of affinity grinding and I'm sure that will take me a few days with a few hours per character.
  7. Even now it's still just the Shady Merchant sitting there. He's the only one wearing a helmet. The DLC stuff was in my Items list but I had to tab over to the "Add On" list to the right of the Event category. (I never noticed you could tab over that far.)
  8. I'm a bit lost as to how to access some of the DLC stuff like the weapon and armor enhancement sets. EDIT: Nvm I found it. It's in a hidden tab.
  9. I think I got a free one some time ago and the main menu says Warriors of the Sky. I'm going to go through the store from the home page since when I do it from the game nothing comes up. Does that to me for a lot of games actually. EDIT: Jesus christ like 99% of the DLC in the store was free. Season Pass, individual chapters of the story DLC, costumes, weapon/armor enhancement packs.
  10. Send help...I spent like 4 hours farming Insectoid Gold Wings and only got about 12...I didn't know you could switch the fucking material from those to the 10 Saurian Dragonscales instead of the 50 IGW. T_T
  11. SAO: HR Soaring Flash has the most retarded hidden requirement. I screwed myself twice by 1) forgetting what SSC meant and adding up mastery between all the skills as mentioned above, and tonight with number 2) not knowing that a 20 chain is no different than a 2 chain. So the few hundred SSC that I thought I had was actually like a dozen or so. Out of 4200 I've got zero idea of where I am. I'd like to think I'm around 1500 from these last 3 hours of grinding out 2 chain sequences. Could be more could be less. I'm at 80 hours so it's not like I don't have time to keep grinding this shit out but I'm gonna be moaning and groaning the whole way there.
  12. About 76 hours in. 10 are probably idle. So far despite the fact that I am skipping a lot of dialogue because the games just don't change for side content. "oh kirito help me help me, let me follow you like a puppy, dafuq you doing with another girl, ohh gonna watch you and beat your ass if you're mistreating women, blah blah blah", I am enjoying this game a lot for gameplay. About 1/3 of the way to 1M col almost naturally. (sold off a few items here and there before I found out you can send all materials to storage and they'll count at the blacksmith still) For whatever reason in order to do the legendary weapon for the 1H sword I am forced to get 50 gold insectoid wings instead of the 10 scales so that's going to be a grind and a half. I don't have the murmurstones to do another weapon. Last secret skill requires 4200 SSC's which I royally fucked up on by counting skill mastery because I'm a dumbass and forgot what SSC meant. And since I haven't been timing my skills I'm likely well below 1000 maybe even 500. So that's going to be a huge grind. I have done nothing for affinity grinding. That's going to come last because it's the worst part of these games. Fighting with Asuna, Lisbeth, and Yuuki in my party and none of them are even at the halfway point between 4 and 5 and one of them might even still be in rank 3 affection. Since 2017 I have done 1 SAO plat a year and a friend said if I get Lycoris this year I should hold off until next year just to keep the chain going lol.
  13. Over a year later and this would've been replaced by 2 other games...but this is still in first because it dropped to 5.27% lmfao. 😂 (which is fun because I have a game with less achievers but sits at 5.33%) Maybe people read this and thought they'd give it a go and are regretful.
  14. I know why your username is Honor Hand...but if you had to choose one of your hands to have the title which would it be? Why? What makes it worthy?
  15. Slowly getting used to SAO: HR. It's a lot more fluid than I thought it would be considering its comparison to Re:HF. I'm not a fan of the shortcut for skills though. I might just override some of the stock options like telling people "good job" for attacks or buff/debuff skills.
  16. Metro Exodus: Untouchable, A Man of Principle, Great Owl, Music Lover. 100% but it probably doesn't count for the thread. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer: Platinum, Inkabunga, Serv-O Droid, An Especially Dangerous Dug (3 italicized all technically because they were different trophies before the developers altered them.) Bloons TD 5: Seems like I have 42/48 trophies in the first top 50 achievers Azure Lane: 10 or so trophies in this one. Assassin's Creed Rogue: At least the platinum I didn't look through the other trophies for this one. Royal Defense: A few in this game Royal Defense: Invisible Threat: A few in this game
  17. While I usually like tighter settings more like in Call of Cthulhu, overall I enjoyed The Sinking City a bit more as I finished it this morning. Endings didn't differ much but I guess that's the general theme of the source material?

  18. Once you get used to the wonkiness in Sinking City I guess it's not half bad. The bad parts are really just related to the combat. Once I'm done with it I'll get through SAO: HR because it's been sitting here for half a year, and then probably move on to Persona 5 Royal that arrived yesterday.

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      By the end of it I do think I'll like it more than Call of Cthulhu. Boston in the winter is...like a permanent gray filter has been applied to the state.

    2. Cleggworth


      That and the awful combat you mentioned just left me rushing through the game for the plat which was a shame as I do like the genre. I really enjoy the Sherlock Holmes games they make, not found anything else that's been as good for me so far

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Yeah I'm probably not going to go for the Side Cases tbh. There's a lot of them and I don't want to test the wonkiness of the game further than the main story. Most of the beasts are easy to kill except the jackass that body flops you to death. The weak spot on his chest is near impossible to hit with the crappy gunplay and he eats everything in your inventory and gives you next to nothing in exp even with all the passive upgrades.

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  19. Look at those fucking affinity trophies. 20 of them for level 4 and 1 for getting an assload of people to level 2. Disgusting. But I'm gonna do it all anyways cuz SAO.
  20. And that's all three Persona Dancing games done. See that fucking dance screen in my dreams now... Was going to do Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization next but I may have to do Sinking City first. Give my eyes a rest from bright colors.

    1. AlchemistWer


      Good luck with Hollow realization, it need a lot of grind.

  21. I sometimes feel this way about the best/ultimate gear in a game. Mainly RPGs. It's like by the time you get this stuff the game is over and there's little use for it you just needed it for inventory's sake.
  22. Much to Richard Sherman's dismay lol.
  23. It's rare that I unexpectedly like a game simply because I can tell by gameplay vids if I will like it and I almost never blind buy games. (White Knight Chronicles and Port Royale 3 fucked me up on that front...) Years ago I picked up Metro Redux because it was cheap as hell. Figured it would be just another shooter I'll play it for fun, whatever. 2033 ended up being my favorite FPS of all time and once I finished Last Light I wanted more. With Exodus out and done I want even more lol. Titanfall 2. Again...years later...I made the same dumb mistake thinking "eh it's just a shooter I'll shoot some stuff maybe try to plat it. free on ps+ it's not like I'm losing money here." Well it ended up being my favorite FPS in terms of gameplay. It was so smooth and so much fun to simply navigate. Would love to see Titanfall 3. I don't really count this one, but Assassin's Creed Origins. This time I knew what I was getting myself into but I didn't expect to be as into the new gameplay mechanics as I was likely due to the fact that I was also able to customize combat controls. Having revisited older titles with their remasters I can honestly say the older games just feel...clunky.