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  1. And that's BioShock 2 all finished up. Overall I think it's a little harder than the first game because it was easier to be swarmed, but it felt a lot shorter too so it sorta evened out. The "ending" fight is harder in the first game though thanks to a certain late game plasmid you get in 2. Story-wise I liked the first game better.

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    2. Dumbgud


      It is definitely more challenging! Especially if you use the notorious difficulty exploit on the first one. 

      Good luck on infinite! The clash in the clouds DLC is the hardest part (though there is exploits for those as well, and a free trophy if you do it right)


      The 1999 mode without spending money at the $1 machine can be difficult as well

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I did use the difficulty exploit on the first game so even if I'm just comparing the games on Easy, I found 2 to be harder still. On Hard I know I wouldn't have enjoyed 1 much because it just seems a bit slower than I'd like for something calling itself a first person shooter. And thanks about Infinite. I'll get to it at some point I think I kinda overestimate harder difficulties now and they're never as bad as expected. I always expect something horribly unbalanced like Brutal from the Uncharted remasters.

    4. Dumbgud


      Brutal is ridiculous compared to crushing, I agree. Even with 1 shout pistol and auto aim its ridiculous and I don't see how anyone can beat it otherwise