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  1. Damn I completely forgot a couple weeks ago marked my 7th year here. (technically I've been here a bit longer I just wasn't a member)


    Holding off on platting Until Dawn until the 31st. Decided to end the year with plat 199 with the last trophy being called "This is THE End" and the plat having a somewhat appropriate title. I had planned on AC Valhalla being plat 200 and rushed through the last 10 plats but now that it's looking like I'll never plat it I will have to find something else. Already have something in mind I just need to wait a little longer.

    1. Roster60


      I have a friend currently working on AC Valhalla platinum and I know the pain and suffering that game can be platinum wise. At this point he would rather play literally anything else than go for the collectables in that game lol.

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