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  1. One trophy left in Greedfall which should be cake...one trophy left in Raiden V even though I know I'm not good enough to get it lol...Ubisoft if you could hurry up and fix Valhalla so I could make it 200 that'd be fucking great. <_< 

    1. Masamune


      I think it's time to bite the bullet & just start a new game for it, it's only what... another 200 hours? :awesome: You could probably finish it before they even fix it (if they even intend to). 😅

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      I'd rather die lmfao. I. Will. Not. Fuck. with those Cairns ever again. If my bro wants to replay the game on the PS5 one day he can do them himself or we don't have to plat it.

      Ubisoft finally added it to their list of issues after 2 months so it's looking good that it'll be fixed soon.