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  1. It's not so much that it's hard, it's just a bit time consuming, I think. It's basically 4 full games in one, as each of the 3 DLC campaigns is about as long as the main one. They're really stingy with the DLC trophy lists, too. You end up spending 20+ hours for a bronze and a silver.
  2. Finally finished my first DLC list for this event: Shovel Knight - Specter of Torment. Though it consists of only 2 trophies, one of them is for completing all feats, which is about as much work as platting the base game.
  3. I'd like to join. I always go for 100% trophy completion anyway, might as well earn a badge while I'm at it.
  4. Managed to finish Chronos tonight, which brought my completion rate up to 99.00% for the first time ever. Just in time for the monthly update!
  5. FINALLY! After several dozen hours of practice and many close calls, I've managed to complete my last no-death run and get the Super Meat Boy plat! I can finally move on to other games I've been wanting to play. I think I'll pick something nice and relaxing to play next.
  6. Welp. Decided to start Timespinner on Vita today as a palate cleanser between Shiren and Super Meat Boy, just to find out my left stick is drifting ☹️ Probably been that way for a while, I just hadn't noticed because Shiren doesn't use the left stick at all, and it's not severe enough to be noticeable on the home screen or in the system menus. Already ordered a replacement stick plus a couple extras to keep around in case this happens again at some point. In the mean time, I can probably keep playing Timespinner as the drifting only seems to happen when I touch the stick, which isn't required for this game.
  7. Finally finished Shiren the Wanderer! That was a serious grind. It's hard to say exactly how much time I put into the game, but I estimate somewhere around 500 hours. That's plat #99 done, now back to Super Meat Boy to make it my 100th.
  8. Dead Space 10 years 8 months 4 days I have a couple other games that took me 7+ years, but this one is the longest by a good margin.
  9. Finally got Demon Boy after several days of attempts. I think it took me somewhere between 15 and 20 hours in total. The Cotton Alley no death runs are probably going to take me much longer.
  10. Took me a while, but I just unlocked Missile Boy. My hands hurt. There's quite a difficulty gap between Missile Boy and all the earlier no death trophies. I think it took me over 10 hours in total to get this one, whereas Blood Clot Boy, the second hardest so far, took me around 4 hours.
  11. It's definitely a challenge, but I generally like hard platformers like this. I can really feel myself improve at the game as I practice, which is quite rewarding. It'll probably take me a good while, but that's fine. After spending a year and a half on one level in Dustforce, I don't really mind if SMB takes me a few months.
  12. I did this, highly recommend. Cut my MHW loading times in half, IIRC. Doesn't seem to make nearly as much difference for most other games, but it's worth it for MHW alone.
  13. I finally finished A+'ing every level in Super Meat Boy. I'd been stuck on 7-19X for a couple of days, turns out the level was glitched and impossible to beat. Closing and relaunching the game fixed the issue. I also got started on the no death trophies. Wood Boy was trivial, Squirrel Boy took me just under 2 hours. I expect the hardest ones will require dozens of hours of practice.
  14. I really need to go back and finish MHW so I can finally increase my percentage by a decent amount, but I just started Super Meat Boy (I want to make it my 100th plat) which will probably take me a while to complete. In the meantime I'll probably finish Shiren the Wanderer on my Vita, which I've been playing on and off for well over a year. Both of these games will take me a while, so I expect my percentage to increase very little this month.
  15. They did. The new store is unusable garbage.