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  1. Be sure ti equip the accessory that helps with these mini games, I'm not sure what the percentage is but it does give a bit of leeway
  2. What an amazing interview, I love all the detailed answers, you can really feel the passion he feels. I always love learning how people came up with their usernames, and for a second when I saw "Blitzen" under Pokemon I thought he was gonna say Blaziken and I was about to be like YES ANOTHER BLAZIKEN FAN but oh well lol
  3. What's your advice for trophy hunters of all levels? (from the beginners to the veteran hunters)
  4. Is getting a 300 combo easy?
  5. 1. Baten Kaitos Origins 2. Xenosaga Episode 3 (though the series as a whole is beautiful) 3. Kingdom Hearts as a series Honorable mentions: Final Fantasy 4 Tales of Symphonia
  6. I love realism in the way of the characters themselves. I don't really care about graphics at all, never really have. What I look for most of the time is the story and how the characters are written. I love when I'm able to relate with a character / feel for them and their struggle. I get taken out of the experience when dialogue and plot points seem like they're written by someone writing poor fan fiction. If I absolutely had to choose a visual aesthetic though I suppose I lean more towards the fictitious graphics as there's much more artistic freedom that can be done within those types of styles.
  7. I almost guarantee there's gonna be a trophy telling you to beat the game on critical, and since this is gonna be the longest game in the series good luck getting that one I'm certain the normal story related trophies will stick around like "Complete this world" and there might be some mini game related trophies as I believe all KH games so far have had those.
  8. I think having a poll of several games would be best because then people can pick the games they have and make things easier. Anyone interested in participating can also see this as a way of trying new games they may not have before. Either way, I'm very interested in this
  9. I'm just gonna say this, Rachel Amber is the worst character in the series. I hate her so much lol.
  10. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
  11. I know ICEY is considered one of the easier platinums to obtain, but I had such a good time with this game! I decided to pick it up because it's on sale right now and it was a good night of fun. I'm wondering if they're gonna make a sequel at some point with how it ended. I recommend this game for sure! Not just for the easy plat, but for a good experience as well.
  12. The way I always knew how to do it was beating the game and all levels in proud mode. Are you sure you completed all jiminy entries? Did you defeat the lingering will? As I believe that counts as a journal entry, did you also beat the cavern of remembrance?
  13. Is this game worth a download? There's no trophy guide it seems but the trophies don't seem too hard, just a bit grindy
  14. Prototype 2. The trophies are pretty straightforward and can be earned in free roam if you miss anything. I will give a heads up you have to beat the game on hard mode in a second playthrough (I say second because your progress will carry over to the new playthrough making it much easier) in order to get the platinum, but if I can do it you can do it too. There's some frustrating parts but just take your time with it and you'll be good. By extension I can only assume the first prototype is the same way, but I haven't looked into the trophies for that game.