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  1. Yeah unfortunately MX Saber Invoker is also nowhere in the game. Which really sucks because he's crucial for the Madolche archetype :/
  2. No the AI bots are 100% OP, and the partner AI is about as brain dead as can be. I know you posted this months ago but if you'd like to help each other I'd be more than happy to as I'm having difficulty as well.
  3. Maybe you have to equip them to the items that you can use during battle. I can't remember to be honest
  4. I love your profile and cover pic just saying lol

    1. ahmedelebiary


      @Fallen_Chaos_ thanks fellow LiS fan, love yours as well <3;)

  5. This song is amazing, as are most of Veela's songs, but just something about this one is so addicting! I can't describe it but it's a perfect song to listen to during grindy games in my opinion.
  6. Can anybody give any tips or tricks on missions for hard mode? I'm severely stuck on episode 5: The Golden Dawn hard mode and could really use some help or tips. The AI for your teammates appears to be brain dead and of no help essentially making this a 3 v 1 while the 3 nearly one shot every time. If anyone could give any advice at all it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I could never do that. I've grown so attached to my profile, and while sure there are plenty of games I'll never come close to the plat for, or will never complete it's shown my journey with my profile. I've made so many friends on this account from so many different games, everyone knows me and refers to me as "Fallen" (or Chaos sometimes) and I wouldn't want to be called anything else. Every once in a while I love to just browse my trophy list as a whole and go back and laugh at all the memories tied to each trophy I've obtained or even the ones I haven't due to failing to or laziness and it's just a way of feeling nostalgia. I'm excited to bring my profile into the next generation of games with the ps5 and can't wait to see how much it'll grow from there. To each their own, but I know I wouldn't give up my profile for the world. That would be like giving up apart of who I am.
  8. I've heard of a lot of people who immediately put games in just to load up the trophy list as soon as they get a game, thinking they're going to get back to it. I guess they end up forgetting they have the game or it gets so far in to their backlog that they never get to it, so maybe that's why so many beginning trophies are not at 100%.
  9. The easiest way I've seen is to have a second controller and just beat up on player 2, then when they die just press continue on their controller rinse and repeat until you reach your score.
  10. I would really love to see the xenosaga series make a comeback in some way shape or form, even if it's just a remaster of the first three games. I'll even take a simple port, I just feel like this series is highly underrated and deserves so much more love. I doubt it'll happen but it'll always be something I wish for.
  11. This is about what I'd expect, would I plat it? Hell no! Lol, but it's a game I definitely want to play and am excited for.
  12. I understand where you're coming from. I've also fallen victim to having trophies dictate part of my life, in that I would look up the trophy list/ guide of a game I'd be interested in but if the trophies seemed too hard or unable for me to do I would skip the game entirely. I was also a lot more driven and willing to allocate a lot of my time to hunting trophies back when I was younger and didn't have as many responsibilities as I do now. The solution I found was to just become extremely casual with trophies. Loom at them once in a while, and not worry or care if I can get the plat or 100%. I don't have too much time for video games anymore (well I do have some time now thanks to current events) so I just choose to enjoy the games I want and look at the trophies as a little extra, rather than mandatory. My goal is to at least B or A rank games instead of S rank/plat them.
  13. I actually just platinumed this game without purchasing any DLC, I'm guessing there was an update or something because skirmish is not behind a pay wall at all, and there's even a legacy campaign that you can do involving the rat mother.I'd say give the game another go, I was able to platinum it in 21 hours but that's also with me taking breaks to do other things as well. It's really easy and I'd recommend just grinding out on the skirmish map of duel islands as the AI is really easy on that map as opposed to others.
  14. Be sure ti equip the accessory that helps with these mini games, I'm not sure what the percentage is but it does give a bit of leeway