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  1. Just get the platinium trophy few months ago. Is there any source to confirm that the update will add more trophies? I would love to continue this game, it was pretty cool.
  2. This trophy is a nightmare, I'm losing my BP when i exceed 100K BP. Crying a lot.
  3. All in the title If anybody wants to grind on Multiplayer, add me !
  4. Following my previous message, I finally obtain exam with 57pts. I lost my 1st fight and don't had the chance to fight against Sophie. I will try in a next game this trophy for Platinum. Thanks again for your kind support guys. Have a good game !
  5. Thank you so much for the quick reply guys, I'm not very familiar with Atelier series, I love the game mechanics but was pretty frustrated by this obtaining exam. I know after that exam that the game really begins, so it's very ennoying to being blocked by this. Hopefully, I kept a save at Reisenberg with 7 days left before the exam, Firis is actually lvl 2 (I spend to much time exploring world). I will try the trick with the Distilled Water. 🤓 I will keep you informed. EDIT : I just found this guide
  6. Hi guys, I'm actually pissed off because I discover that if you fail the exam, the game invite you to make a NG+ ! And surprise, you totally start from scratch... I spend 25h this past few days enjoying the game as far as I can, and now that I have my 3 recommandations letter, I'm always failing at Exam. I don't have the level requirement to accomplish it easily (Even on EASY). Any tricks to pass easily the exam and finally re-enjoying the game ? I'm not actually prepare to start from scratch...