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  1. I cannot use that feature, I tried to find it but it seems I need to have actually played the game before I can create a session. Currently I have the disc but do not wish to start the game on my account unless I can find a group to play with as there are no people playing it.
  2. Anyone with this game willing to boost it? It does'nt seem to take long given how fast other boosting groups have done it.
  3. None of the IX counts towards the trophy what so ever. They were added in later and are completly optional.
  4. You need to go get 100% on bloodbourne already
  5. Kills, levels, and galactic war winner trophy pops. The rest has to be redone. Interestingly I did not get the trophy for upgrading all non dlc weaponry. I think it is because they added new free weapons, and free stuff don't count as "dlc" to them.
  6. Update, I got it after another win for some reason.
  7. Me and my wife got this game the day before the patch and won at least once. Every win we've gotten, we got while playing together. When we reached 10 wins, we didn't get the trophy, no suprise there. But after another win she got the trophy but not me. It's the only trophy I need and I'm not sure why she got it whereas I didn't. Do you usually only play with the same character?
  8. lords of the fallen 100%