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  1. If he wants high fps over high defenition then it doesn't matter if the screen has 4k or not. Whenever you choose performance mode you can't run 4k anyway.
  2. Depends on what you want, if you play competetively you want higher fps. The 4k option doesn't let you play past 30 fps on most games. The asus vg249 is cheap and is can play ps5 games at up to 120 fps. I highly recomend it.
  3. I thought it was related to the 35k points medal. I didn't realise there was a challenge for beating it on realistic. Regardless, I beat it a couple of times on realistic trying to get 35k points thinking higher difficulty meant more points. At least it was not in vain then.
  4. Just letting people know that you can play this on recruit, just go for headshots and make an easy 44000 points. I thought the diffulty mattered, I thought it didn't matter where you shot enemies. But hs are worth 300 and body shots are only 50. Regardless of difficulty. So this is not hard at all once you know that.
  5. I remember there was an even better method that I found. It involved blocking spawn locations with mines and sensors. You could force the person to only spawn in one place even if you stood right next to them. And if they press r1 they will spawn in faster btw.
  6. Judging from the color coding for the trophy pictures, the actual trophies ended up not being what the developers originaly wanted them to be. All silvers turned to bronze and both gold turned to silver.
  7. Actually for the "own medicine" only landing the final blow with the delver weapon is enough.
  8. The game just glitched out on me in the worst possible way. On the FINAL bossfight in the game, on hard difficulty, the game glitched so that I can no longer acces the bossfight after just a few attempts. The entire campain wasted. Needs to be replayed. Upload your save files prior to bossfights. I had heard about this glitch before but I also heard that it got patched. I guess it didnt.
  9. Endless mode seems to be set to hard difficulty Regardless of what difficulty you select. And playing it on coop made the game freeze both times I reached the first boss(room 15). And at room 23 the game gets pretty much impossible on solo. Enemies have ranged grab attacks that prevent you from doing anything at all while the rest of the enemies kill you within seconds of entering the room. I heard that on a previous patch it was a breeze to go to room 60 but now it seems broken. Also, endless coop is glitched in another way, only player 2 can revive player 1. If player 2 dies endless mode cannot be progressed
  10. Picked it up on a sale now and did a playthrough on easy in one run. It's quite fun, and though I have hard mode and endless mode left to do, no bugs or glitches so far.
  11. I cannot use that feature, I tried to find it but it seems I need to have actually played the game before I can create a session. Currently I have the disc but do not wish to start the game on my account unless I can find a group to play with as there are no people playing it.
  12. Anyone with this game willing to boost it? It does'nt seem to take long given how fast other boosting groups have done it.
  13. None of the IX counts towards the trophy what so ever. They were added in later and are completly optional.
  14. You need to go get 100% on bloodbourne already
  15. Kills, levels, and galactic war winner trophy pops. The rest has to be redone. Interestingly I did not get the trophy for upgrading all non dlc weaponry. I think it is because they added new free weapons, and free stuff don't count as "dlc" to them.