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  1. #58 - The Last Guardian
  2. It's been a while since i started playing it and i noticed some weirds things. First, when i'm playing there are some lines on the screen that i don't know why (you can see it better on the first image) Also there's a strange sound when i'm seeing the map, like a continuously beep, just when i'm on the map
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kingpin
  4. Well I always wonder why this page leaves a lot of accounts that have really suspicious trophies. I mean, c'mon there are people who have platinum Bloodborne just in a few hours!!! I could say a lot of examples, but ok........ maybe they don't care.
  5. I thought with the new stuff announced (heroes, maps,etc) more people would come, but ok...... maybe it's more dead than i thought. Although I may buy it, it's been ages since i last played a sw game.
  6. I heard there's not too much people playing it, having difficulties to find sessions, is it like that?
  7. PSN: Hekyus