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  1. I had the same problem, the lobbys were almost empty, try changing server location, I changed mine to Virginia
  2. You should definitely get it. Servers are plenty of people, and atm you can get every trophy without boosting. Just one thing because you asked for hard trophies, right now i'm struggling with Multi-tasking. It's just too much 25 hero ships but i think you will find out yourself. Other than that i think the rest of them are quite manageable.
  3. I think, another way would be being able to transfer all trophies, but that's something they will never do either
  4. Just go to options, EA account, and on multiplayer settings you can change it.
  5. Wouldn't be great if we could change the country associated to the account? I mean i chose mine (USA) back in 2012 mainly because of the store, but when i wanted to change it i realized it was not possible. I read from sony that doing so it may cause some difficulties to our account, really i don't care, but as far as i know, they will never make it possible
  6. Waiting for the new album
  7. It's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I could play properly. As if the servers were dead, everytime i enter a lobby we don't have enough people to play, 8 or more are missing. Edit: Solved, region problem.
  8. I cannot tell you about the PS3 ver. but i can't see how it could be worse than this. If you ask me, the PS4 version it's just poorly made port (this and all the trilogy, GTA3 and VC), it's not remastered in any way.
  9. Can confirm it still works, well i don't think it will ever get patched
  10. Dragon Ball FighterZ, an awesome game, but a fucking hard platinum
  11. #58 - The Last Guardian
  12. It's been a while since i started playing it and i noticed some weirds things. First, when i'm playing there are some lines on the screen that i don't know why (you can see it better on the first image) Also there's a strange sound when i'm seeing the map, like a continuously beep, just when i'm on the map
  13. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Kingpin
  14. Well I always wonder why this page leaves a lot of accounts that have really suspicious trophies. I mean, c'mon there are people who have platinum Bloodborne just in a few hours!!! I could say a lot of examples, but ok........ maybe they don't care.
  15. I thought with the new stuff announced (heroes, maps,etc) more people would come, but ok...... maybe it's more dead than i thought. Although I may buy it, it's been ages since i last played a sw game.