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  1. Agree!! 89% is the best one!
  2. just got the trophy and plat. Playing in a 0 city. The year was 2275.
  3. I just won an episode with a party of 3, and the trophy didn't pop. Trophy guide says it will unlock either with a group of 3 or a full group. Is it bugged ???
  4. I had a problem with Need for Speed trial on PS3, I got like 10 initial trophies requirements, but when I bought the game, I could never get them, they got bugged.
  5. Question: will the trophies pop if I end buying the game?
  6. I could manage to that one solo, but I did 5 in the first, 5 in the second, and I was doing 3 in the third so I hit "RESTART" because I knew I was not going to make it. Sometimes, specially in tournaments it's better to restart that one race, in that way you dont have to restart the whole tournament. Also, some challenges like that one (and the switch ones) are better and easier done in Co-op. Indeed. The other switch race I did it on co-op, so much easier!!!
  7. I could do 1 by playing solo, sometimes the AI of your team is good. You can check the vid here: still missing one more!
  8. Yes, I do know how to invite them. I was asking about the mechanic per se. For instance, if the challenge says "3 switches remaining", does that mean I have to have the 3 switches intact? or if I have 2, my friends 1 each, will that be enough?
  9. I'm missing just 2 challenges in SuperStars for my plat!!!! And yes, they are the 2 that require that you don't lose your switches. I'm about to hit lvl 100 Will they be easier in co-op?? If I do it co-op, how does it work?
  10. got the patch notification last night while I was playing it! Hope it doesnt bug anything!
  11. I hate the new game + grinding, but I have to plat this game!! only that trophy left!
  12. 5000th trophy
  13. I need that one too