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  1. Having two save slots in two different ps3 is what inflicts my issue. I don't think the rules handle correctly that situation, treating a save editor the same as someone who didn't sync in a friend's house, but I won't go there. I stopped earning Arkham's trophies because I wanted to get Resi6 platinum as my 2000 trophy. When I wasn't playing Resi in co-op with a friend I did Arkham's challenge minus one, in order to quickly wrap up the remaining trophies after I got said platinum. I got to the final boss of every difficulty, then did them sequentially. I synth 300 rooms (which you can do in 20 minutes if you know how), then sold ALL my cards in a moogle shop, going from 5k moogle points to around 30k. Then i bought random cards for the price of 20k, and reloaded my old save. Every character was level 98 by that point so I reloaded their save and got the last level. Yup, by that point Riku's Joker card hadn't dropped, so I farmed it in one of the lower rooms (Agrabah) where the dropping rate is higher. As soon as it dropped I reloaded Sora and got Roxas' card in the treasure room, the remaining card I had left for him. I went trough all that hassle because (again, being my favorite series) I wanted the trophies to pop in a more coherent and artistic order. Not to get them in a strange, somehow leaderboard advantaged one, which I cannot even fathom how it does. It does if you just have the final mission left. As you can see, I usually do that sort of thing "Saving before the final boss, doing other stuff then beating the boss and getting the last trophies". I like to do it to wrap up the last trophies of a game in a more ordered fashion. Look. I know this is all your job, and your way of handling cheaters, hackers and save editors. I just didn't expect this whole issue to be handled in the way of "You are guilty until proven otherwise. And even then, if you give a logical and reasoned explanation of how you did something, we won't believe you and you are still lying by default". Being told to the face I am thought to be hacking my favorite series (KH) and making excuses up is somewhat heartbreaking. And being kicked off the leaderboards for beating the game at a friend's house does demoralize anyone.
  2. I already explained how I beat the game twice: I beat the game on proud then reloaded my critical save in my own ps3. There is no need for a secondary ps3 (my friend's in this case) to do that, I didn't even beat it at my friend's place twice, the secondary ps3 was only used to beat the game first then I did the post-game content in my own ps3. In other words, this wouldn't be any different of me taking my game to my friend's house, beating the game there, then returning it to my house to keep playing and unlocking the rest of the trophies there. I didn't say I deleted trophies, I just didn't synchronize at my friend's house. List of events: Reach the final boss - Beat the game at my friend's house - Keep playing at home (post-game content) - Beat the game on proud at home - Reload critical save, beat the game at home I'm a trophy hunter, not a timestamp manipulator concerned with the popping order of legitimately earned trophies If I remember right (6 years ago and all that), I did almost all the challenges minus one or two for every character, which allowed me to quickly get the trophies back to back by completing the remaining last challenges. That seems to be the issue with them if I'm understanding you correctly, right? I think it looks clearer in page 41, not 39 & 40
  3. Regarding those latest concerns: -I didn't beat the game twice way too fast in a row, I beat it in proud, and in the span of two hours reloaded my critical save, beat the final boss and obtained the critical competitor trophy -What I did to get the trophies out of order does not provide any possible advantage for completion times or nothing of the sort, it just gets two co-dependent trophies in B-A order instead of A-B. It would be the same as if I reloaded my own save in two different ps3 I owned and completed said two tasks in both ps3, the timestamps would be like they are now. -Of course I got those mentioned trophies in the span of 51 seconds, if your last Heartless entry is the last Mushroom XIII, you get both almost simultaneously (In fact, you have to open the journal and watch said last entry in order for it to pop, that is what took me 51 seconds ) Just to wrap it up, I didn't think it was a good or a bad idea, just and idea to watch the platinum pop along the credits and didn't think any site like this would find that reverse order flaggable.
  4. Yeah, I know I can just solve it hiding the game, but I wouldn't want to hide from my public PSN profile a game I legitimately earned just to show up in one specific site's leaderboard. I know I'm going around in circles, just a little bummed with the whole affair.😒
  5. I don't use the forums, but I use it to see my collection, track my progress, read guides while I play or find people for boosting and online sessions, that's why I wanted to do what's possible to have my profile restored to its original state, but I guess that's not an option anymore.
  6. One small question regarding Not hiding my flagged games. If I don't, will I still be seeing the red banner of "FLAGGED FOR LEADERBOARD REMOVAL" above my Rarest Trophies collection forever?
  7. Whatever I do it's clear my account will never be the same here, it will be marked either with a flag or hidden trophies, and it won't feel the same
  8. I plan to get Wof2 platinum eventually, I like crazy challenges. Really, this whole issue is not going to affect my life or my trophy-hunting hobby, i just find it sad to get flagged from the community I've grown to love this past years, I really liked this site. C'est la vie I guess.
  9. When I obtained the trophies for the first time in my friend's ps3, I noticed the trophies popped naturally in the following order: Critical-Beat_the_game-Proud. Since I wanted it to have a more logical order, I completed it first on proud, so I got Beat_the_game-Proud; then a second so i got Critical-Platinum "Did you replay the game a second time for that dumb reason??" Yes I did. It's KH2, I have played it hundreds of times Yeah. I know how dumb I sound. I really like the game, okay Oh, and I noticed your question is also in the form of "Since you had to play it twice anyway why didn't you just got post game in the first playtrough?" Because I only play KH in critical mode, so my first run was in critical, where I wanted to obtain every trophy. I realized when I was reaching the end about the whole post-game content trophies, and that's where I got the idea to use a friend's ps3 to obtain them in a different order
  10. I know, I would hide that one as a last resort, but I find the whole situation funny😅 Like, this person hides some of his trophies. Why does he do it, is he a hacker, does he hide some game out of shame?...Nope, he just got one story-line trophy out of order for a silly reason Man, I'm really dumb 😆😆
  11. With the "4 years ago" I just meant that if i noticed i would have been flagged for this and did it 4 hours ago I could just go to my friend's house and sync the correct order to get the flag removed. Being such an old game I don't have that option, so I retroactively got myself into a corner here 😕 I don't have much else to say here, I can only wait for my profile to be scrutinized by the site. I don't have anything to fear, I have done everything else by the rules, I'm just bummed I f***ed myself for a silly reason and now I've got no way to reversing it 😆
  12. No, i cannot sync the original trophies since my friend sold his ps3 long ago (again, this was 4 years ago). I would happily change the timestamps to the correct order if I could in any form, I just did it that way as I said for the silly reason of seeing my favorite game platinum pop during the end credits. I'm pretty sure there isn't any other game in my whole collection with a similar issue, I have earned everything legitimately in my 8 years of trophy hunting. Again, I know that without any physical proof I could be making all of this up and that I'm being a little tiresome with this whole issue. I'm just proud in my collection and didn't expect it to see it flagged in the site I've been using without issue the past years over a small timestamp switcheroo in a single trophy 4 years ago. And btw, just for curiosity's sake, how was this detected now? Did someone check my whole list and noticed "Whoops, 3000 trophies ago the timestamp of this one story-line related trophy was obtained out of order, this person must be a hacker"
  13. I understand that for the moderators it's indistinguishable, but it's still sad for me that I've been using this site for more than 5 years, having a perfect 100% completion rate with no hidden games, and never in my life having obtained a trophy illicitly, and now being flagged for one small inconsistency 4 years ago because I wanted to see the platinum pop along the credits. Hiding the game would mark my profile as one that hides games, so either solution puts a permanent mark in my profile. Heck, going off topic I even farmed for days for insane trophies like those of Star Ocean 4, Mortal Kombat 9 and Killzone 2. I understand if you can't do anything for me, but getting my profile permanently flagged for one silly storyline trophy of Kingdom Hearts 2 after 173 legally obtained platinum trophies is certainly ironic. Never expected the downfall of my trophy collector journey to be my own hubris.
  14. In fact, I've been playing said game for 12 years, and the fact that I knew I could get all the trophies with my eyes closed is the reason why I went out of my way to even fulfill the trophies' conditions twice and obtain them in a different order. I even planned to do the same thing with the PS4 version, but now I guess not.
  15. I just wanted to see the platinum pop as the credits were rolling, which it certainly did. It took me some time to figure out how to do it, and I was happy to see it worked. I'm surprised I got a flag like 4 years after that.