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  1. I've gotten the collectors edition from shopto and I got my shipment confirmation today saying I'll get it tomorrw
  2. getting both crowns fpr deviljho isn't that bad as there is an event quest that has a big and small deviljho.
  3. It will be in the pit shop after the grand prix
  4. You can get them in any mode, time trail, relic, ctr token, multiplayer etc as long as you use the short cut its fine
  5. I really wish it counted if your time was already faster when you unlocked the ghost, I was able to get 3:24:80 on oxide station after MULTIPLE restarts and then I saw that that was faster than oxide. FML
  6. >Having it count as beating tropy and oxide the first time if your good enough >Have a coin counter in the top corner o you can see how much you have without needing to go to the pit shop > Charaters I'd like that haven't been confirmed Brio as a good guy, nina, koala kong, Chick Gizzard Lips, Stew and two other spyro characters Hunter and Elora >Also maybe more options for online races, like no items, more laps and certain items only
  7. Yeah compared to tiny arena which gives 80 but take 4+ minutes while JB takes me around 1 min 40 at most plus 5 secs of loading you earn that 80 in 3 and a half minutes, much more efficient.
  8. This some great info, I just wish we knew what the determined what caused the times 10 multiplier as I only got it for 2 tracks before it stopped, absolutely livid
  9. Yeah I just found this out the game has a online multiplier that lasts for a set time or tracks (IDK which) after that you get set rewards until tomorrow then the multiplier comes back. Honestly if the costs weren't so high I wouldn't mind that, but since they are I think its kinda dumb and I'm hoping that they aren't playing to bring micro-transactions to "fix" the problem
  10. Oh sorry bout that, I meant it more in a discussion sort of way as I have been playing a ton of online and the rewards seem very inconsistent hence why I made this post. Again very sorry
  11. Idea time GO!!! Multiplayer does seem to be the best way but rewards, to me at least, seem very erratic as the most I've gotten is 720 but then under the same circumstances I could get 120
  12. I see your from scotland, I'm in england so it may be location based
  13. Multiplayer for me is really bad all o the opponents are jumping forward and it always says I am in 1st when I'm not
  14. Sonic Heroes trophy?
  15. I did this and got the trophy (note version 1.01 as it may get fixed later) In one lap I placed a blue cube in a location, and in the next lap it was still there and I happened to have a rocket so I shot it randomly. This cause the trophy to pop up. This may be an easy way to get the trophy without having to wait for the right circumstances or rely on multiplayer.