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  1. Beautiful! I found a cannon in the bottom left area of the map.
  2. Yeah this is a big pass for me. 500 hr plat? Sketchy social media presence? I don't have time or sympathy for an indie dev that's acting this way.
  3. This is actually not a difficult trophy to earn. You can team up with random people by using the "looking for division" tab and just waiting for someone to send you an invite or better yet, send a random person in there an invite so that way they don't start an AI match for some silly reason. But if you still need this trophy, feel free to add me: PSN ID: VazzVegas
  4. It's kind of a luck based trophy but you will want to play a Destroyer. Here is a video guide I have made for the trophy. Hopefully it helps a bit:
  5. The calculator still works. However, just like everyone else, there are a few levels that are too difficult for the solver to completely solve so you will have to tinker with them yourself. It's not too bad but just be aware in case you're completely hopeless at math puzzles.
  6. I would not be surprised if Playlink isn't compatible on PS5 yet. I'm sure it's an after thought for Sony. Hopefully they add it in an update eventually though.
  7. It does have trophies. It looks like they were added Aug, 12, 2019.
  8. I'm almost done. It's mostly just a massive grind with a few skilled/luck based trophies sprinkled in. I believe I've only gotten 5 kills in 1 game once. You've got to be very lucky to get the finishing blow on ships as you can damage a ship 99% only to have a teammate steal the kill with the last shot. Overflow and Ultimate Arsonist are also very luck based as the final blow can again be stolen by a teammate. I'd say it should take 2-3 months of playing every day to get the plat without spending any real cash. That could be anywhere from 300-500 hours. I dropped a little cash to speed things up and I don't regret it one bit. Addicting game.
  9. I loved Dirt 2 but I wasnt a big fan of Dirt 3 because of all the damn gymkhana stuff and then in Showdown, that's all they had (and for some reason I still played it). Showdown was terrible. I really enjoyed the initial 20-30 hours of Dirt 4. I like the driving physics better than Dirt Rally as it's too sim for me. But like everyone else has said, I kept seeing the same damn turns over and over and then I came online to find out that I wasn't losing my mind - they ARE the same turns over and over! Combine that with only 5 locations and repetitive events and this game goes to shit fast. Landrush is a waste of life, Joyride is a joyless nightmare and anything to do with online is uninspired and pointless.
  10. Yes this can happen. The first story trophy I got for the PS4 version was for beating the final boss in someone else's game.
  11. Yes, that's right. Only 2 players required for Anarchy and Bagman. My boosting partner and I would switch back and forth between those 2 modes to avoid other players so we could boost faster.
  12. A new patch was released yesterday that shortens the MP trophy grind. How often do you see this, huh? What nice dev's! Specifically, this was the big change: Lowered the requirements for multiplayer unlocks and multiplayer hidden challenges to make them more realistically achievable with the reduced multiplayer activity of the remaster.
  13. This is a tough trophy this late in the game. It's a brutal grind but I'm determined. I'm hoping for an equipment card as you seem to have a better chance at those than players.
  14. Once you've thrown your flash grenade to stun him, wait for it to go off and once you see the purple dizzy color around his head, go close enough to him to see the button and then press it. Works like a charm on any difficulty. More flash grenades spawn at the top of the stairs in the main area so just camp there.
  15. Glad it worked for you. I really enjoyed this game so its sad to see the support dropped. Understandable though as i doubt many people still play it.