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  1. Thanks for this, saved me some time. Great find
  2. Thank you for this, saved me so much trouble.
  3. When I click on Episode 1: Paris it says “there is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale”
  4. Yes it looks like you now to to upgrade to the game of the year edition now and the standalone game you got with PS+ a while back isnt enough.
  5. I have Hitman installed on my PS5 which i got free a while back and there is no prompt to install the legacy pack only an option to upgrade to the game of the year edition. I'm assuming they now want you to upgrade to game of the year edition for £49.99 to then be able to claim the free legacy pack? So im locked out of 100% unless i pay £49.99 for game of the year edition upgrade for Hitman 1 and then buy the expansion pass for Hitman 2 which is now something like £34.99. I wasnt aware of this nonsense, otherwise i wouldn't have bothered. Unless im wrong, if i am please help me out.
  6. Yeah I did this method but a little different and it took me less than an hour. Thanks for the help both of you!
  7. Yeah, so gather all the items via the glitch and just trade. But why the coal blocks? And im assuming villager eggs spawn villagers? So you spawn villagers and trade them coal, spawn another and repeat?
  8. Can you explain what you mean by EQ and the coal and villager eggs please?
  9. Can someone explain a few things for me on this trophy. 1. Does it have to be trading items for Emeralds in return? 2. Is the 1000 Emeralds only one that one world or across all your worlds? 3. Is there a way of tracking the 1000 emeralds?
  10. Did it all then when downloading the final download went to the store clicked to start downloading and it says "Cannot continue downloading the content. It's not on the server. It will be deleted from [Downloads]. (CE-36246-1)
  11. Right found the solution. It has to be done with 9 maps that of zoom level 3/4 for it to work. Just took me an hour to fill them with an Elytra and rockets but it worked.
  12. I’ve given up trying now. Can’t find any solution and I’ve done a 3x3 map on 4 worlds now. I think it’s bugged just like the Sail the 7 seas one is. I’ll come back to it on the next update maybe.
  13. Yeah made a map with a Cartographers table and still no luck. I'm convinced its bugged.
  14. Ok thanks, any place i can see that they changed the requirements? Or was it just that they added the table in the update?
  15. Ok thats great, so i just create 9 maps through the Cartography table and fill them? Any Zoom level?