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  1. Hello, here I’ll introduce you to some really cheesy stuff and exploits I found while experimenting with the game. It’s kind of crazy that nobody documented these yet after all these years since the original game or even the enhanced edition came out. There won’t be some lame tips like selling your starting clothes for 1 gold a piece like I found searching on the internet, I’m talking about some real hardcore game crushing stuff. A lot of these take advantage of one thing: multiplayer mode. Don’t fret, it’s all soloable. Basically multiplayer is the same as the solo mode, except for one key element: you can import any character you want anytime you load a save, and now you may already figure out how it’s very good… But first I want to explain a little bit more into details how multiplayer mode works, and also a few bugs you may avoid. If you want to go straight to the exploits though just skip this paragraph. So multiplayer mode is very similar to solo, it saves the module progression and unlocks as if you played one character, the game saves your character info separately, the only way it recognizes different characters is only by their name (case sensitive) and their XP. If the character has played in a save, it will retain his last position, if he didn’t then he will be put back at the start of the campaign. This can be annoying if you save in a specific place and have to backtrack, this can also glitch the save in specific cases, for example if you import a new character in the Kingmaker module, he will be put in the forest at the start but the dialogue won’t begin and you will be stuck in cinematic mode, and you will have to close the app. A workaround is to rename your character in the exact same way as the original character in order to replace him in his position, just be careful not to save your game before you make sure the old character is exported if you don’t want to lose it forever. If you want to keep track of different characters with similar names, you can just use different portraits. When you load a game with a different character of the same name, or a different version of the same character, it asks you if you want to keep the character from the save, or the imported one, of course choose the imported. A bit of a warning though, use the import/export at your own risk in the main campaign (NWN), somehow it breaks the henchmen and they treat you as if you were a different person. Even if it’s the very same character you import and you have their tokens in your inventory, they will refuse to join you and you won’t be able to finish their quests. One last warning in multiplayer, there’s a recurrent autosave which doesn’t bother whether you are in dialogues, scripts or setup menus, if you load it when it has saved during any of these, it can break the game. You can set the timer between two autosaves though, and it can be handy sometimes, just make sure you don’t load it if you think the save is at risk, just wait for the next or use a manual save. Now let’s get down to the exploits. Most of them take advantage of exporting characters and importing through MP mode. You can take advantage of this by replaying specific parts of the game over and over for example, and duplicate items. - Fastest XP method: At the end of Hordes of the Underdark campaign chapter 1, you will find Halaster prisoner from the drows, this is probably the biggest XP influx in the whole game, because when you free him, you get 7500 xp and after he cast his quest spell on you, you get another 7500 xp, so 15k xp in total for basically doing nothing, and with the MP mode you can repeat this over and over, no need to replay the whole chapter. I’ll get into more details: first get rid of all the drows at the end of the chapter, then destroy two out of three stones keeping Halaster prisoner. Dismiss all your henchmen if you have them so they don’t soak up xp (besides Nathyrra who doesn’t count and that can't be dismissed) and save your game now. Destroy the last stone for 7500 xp, a cutscene will follow. Engage conversation with Halaster, then you can hit circle to skip it and receive another 7500 xp. You will then load into chapter 2, I haven’t found a way to skip this loading unfortunately. But you can skip all the dialogue with the Seer too. You can then export your character, load your save before freeing Halaster, select your freshly exported character and repeat this process until you get enough XP. You need 780000 XP to get to max level, if you subtract the 105k xp you start with in HotU, that’s 45 exports exactly, which take around a minute each. If you’re diligent you should be at max in about an hour. Another thing, if somehow you want to do that on another character, name it the exact same way as the character who made the save first, so you will be put back before Halaster instead of the Gaping Portal Inn and having to walk through all of Undermountain. This trick also saves you from having to play a wizard or sorcerer just for the Bigby’s hands and epic spell trophies, since you can create one apart and upgrade him to level 22 very fast. - Duplication: Quite a simple trick, you export your character first with the items in their inventory. You then drop the items on the floor, and make a save. Load your save in multiplayer mode, then import the character you just exported (choose the exported version when asked). You can now grab the items on the floor and still have your copy in inventory. If you want to duplicate multiple items, I really recommend you use a bag of holding, so you don’t have to grab multiple things, only the bag. - Pass an item to a different character: I put that here because it’s not very intuitive but it’s kind of like duplication. All you have to do is drop the item on the floor (preferably at the starting zone of the chapter, or you will have to travel, unless you name both characters the same), save the game, load it in MP mode, choose another character and grab the item, you can then export this one to play it somewhere else. - Infinite money: This is trickier than you think, you can’t just dupe your whole gold at once. For some reason when you drop gold on the floor, no matter the value, it only saves up to around 65k (I tested the exact value but don’t remember), after that it reverts back to 0 in some sort of cycle, like if you put the max value two times in one stack, it will still be 0, if you put say 85k, the stack reverts back to around 20k (because it reverts back to 0 at 65k and then you have an extra 20k). So if you want to directly dupe gold, the best way I found is to first export your character with all their gold in their inventory and then find a container in the world, because containers have virtually infinite room compared to bags, I did this on the pile of books near the merchants in the city in chapter 2 of HotU for example. You have to make as many stacks of 50k gold as you can (because if you put more than 50k, stacks start merging and glitching, for some reason again…), and put them in the container. Once done, save, load your save in MP mode, import your character, grab the gold, export again, rinse and repeat… This is a little bit tedious to prepare but the repeat process gets quicker and quicker, and it lets you build a good amount from nothing. BUT, there’s a better way, although a little more convoluted, you need to have a good amount of gold already and you need access to chapter 2 of HotU. In chapter 2, there’s a blacksmith called Rizolvir, he has a pretty unique talent which is to enchant any weapon to boost their stats and add abilities, for quite a steep price. I won’t go into more details because it involves exploits used in the creation of your overpowered weapon, so look for the next tip if you want to know more! But basically you want to make the best weapon you can with the gold you have at Rizolvir’s (must not be a quest item so don’t use your magic weapon, again look for the next tip if you don’t know what I mean). After that you can dupe this weapon, and sell it. DON’T SELL IT IN HOTU! In HotU, sale prices are capped at something like 10k for chapter 1, 15k for 2 and 3. You want to import your character in NWN or SoU campaign to sell your weapons for a couple millions, depending on what you put in it, the price of items goes up exponentially with the number of effects it has. - Make the best weapon in the game (of any type!!!): Now that involves a little work and exploration. We are going to upgrade the enchantment of weapons and add more special effects to them. Some steps can be skipped of course, all that does is you lose a few extra powers, but the most important one is Rizolvir. It involves the help of two blacksmiths at some point, which share a rule: they can’t add more than 8 lines of effect. I say lines because unfortunately some stuff like class or alignment restriction counts in those 8, which sucks a lot, but in our case it’s not really bothering, you will get to know why. Now let’s go through the steps. 1) Create your base weapon: Start a Kingmaker campaign, don’t worry you won’t play much in it. You will be stripped of your inventory and be set back at level 1 so don’t do this on your main character if you already have one, take a new one and transfer the weapon later through import/export (important precision: you won’t be able to drop the magic weapon until it got through a blacksmith). Just make sure the character can use the weapon type you want from the start. The start in Kingmaker is pretty straightforward: skip dialogues, rush to the front gate by ignoring all mobs, skip more dialogues, die, revive. Then the magic weapon talks to you, this is the opportunity to choose what weapon you want. If you don’t know what to take, choose a scimitar, it is the most balanced weapon between damage and critical, and it’s one handed, you will need the martial mastery or be a druid to be able to choose them though (and use them, eventually). After that, when asked, choose any two of the four henchmen to sacrifice, and the remaining two to revive, skip through all dialogues again until you are free to go in the castle yard. You can now save the game and export your character weapon, this is your base material. Keep your save for later, you will need it. 2) Spindrift Blacksmith: Okay this step is highly optional because it doesn’t bring that much, you need to play through Pirates of the Sword Coast campaign for a while and at some point you lose all your items (so make sure the character you play has nothing important on him, at least when starting). It saves a little bit of money for later though, and it also allows you to upgrade a piece of armor or shield as a bonus (just not as godly as you will for your weapon). So progress through the DLC until you get to Spindrift town. Just do the captain’s quest in Harbor district, wash up on a desert island, find your way through the gelly cave… Honestly I don’t remember the actual progression very well, at some point you get captured by lizardmen, do the arena fight and then kill the lizard king outright to save time, take the wood from his chest, bring it to the cave in the northwest of the island to find the inventor, he will craft you a raft, you then go on another island and Spindrift will be in the east. Find Prugdush World, where Prugdush will craft upgrades on your magic weapon. You can add this: - Enchantment +1 to +5 (total 35000g) - Keen (7500g) - Vampiric +2 (7500g) Don’t bother with elemental damage and spell resistance, as it will get overwritten later (also they don’t stack, only the biggest applies once). 3) Rizolvir: I have talked about him earlier if you followed through it all, he’s a blacksmith found in the city in Chapter 2 of HotU, and also in the tavern in Chapter 3, in ghostly form. He also adds upgrades to weapons like Prugdush, but here there’s more to it. There’s a little exploit that lets you get past all the upgrade limits, which means you can add more than 8 lines to your weapon, circumvent the enchant limit (although it caps at +10) put more than one element (which is normally impossible; side note the first element you put will alter your weapon visually). You can even put the attack bonus from ranged weapons to melee weapons which caps at +20 and make it even more OP. Now to explain the trick: when you ask Rizolvir to upgrade, he checks the weapon in your hand. Select the upgrade you want, he says something like “it shall be done”, then when you close dialogue, your weapon is upgraded, this is the regular way. The exploit way now, is to take a very low level weapon in hand, and ask to upgrade it and the actual upgrade. Then when he says he’s done, before closing the dialogue, you swap it to the actual weapon you want to upgrade (you have to move from the dialogue box to your character with R1/L1 by highlighting him, then open inventory with triangle and swap there). Now go back to the dialogue and close it, the upgrade will proceed. I really advise you take a non-enchanted weapon as your substitute, like a simple dagger, and a bow for ranged. This way you always pay the lowest price when you add enchant levels and attack bonus. With Rizolvir you can add: - Enchantment +1 to +10 (500000g total, 50000 each provided the substitute weapon has < +6 enchant - Acid damage +2D6 (75000g) - Fire damage +2D6 (75000g) - Frost damage +2D6 (75000g) - Electrical damage +2D6 (75000g) - Haste (150000g) - Keen ( if you didn’t do in Spindrift, 50000g) - True Seeing (30000g) - Spell resistance +20 (75000g) - Regeneration +2 HP/round (75000g) - Attack bonus +1 to +20 (600000g, 30000 each, only with a ranged weapon as substitute) It’s very expensive, if you don’t have enough gold, see above for tips about making some. You don’t have to do all the upgrades in one sitting anyway. 4) Drearing’s Deep altar: this is part of one of the 5 mini adventures you have to complete in chapter 2 of HotU. Go to Drearing’s Deep (south exit in the Underdark) , go ring the gong in the northern part of the village and fight off the vampires. In the temple, go up to the second level, eventually you find an altar, you need to find a black pearl too, thankfully there’s one in a chest close by. The altar adds Drain Ability STR DC24, that’s all, pretty short. You can always save this part for when you do your regular playthrough of chapter 2, as you need to complete some of these adventures to finish the chapter. 5) Decrease level, get loads of XP and back to Kingmaker: Alright, for this last step you need two things: a low level character with a lot of XP, and of course your weapon. There are several ways to achieve the first, but the simplest would be to just start a new character in HotU chapter 1 so at the start you get enough XP to be level 15. Just don’t level it up now, export your character directly, and name it the exact same as your character in Kingmaker. The second thing you need is to transfer the weapon to them. Once done, you can load your Kingmaker with that character, and start leveling. After each level starting at 4, the sword asks you to add power-ups to it, just do it. You can add a lot of stuff too including healing spell and crowd control effects, but again don’t bother with elemental since they won’t stack. And there you have it, your weapon has now the maximum amount of effects possible. Do note that you could always do it with any weapon in the game, apart from the Kingmaker leveling of course, if you don’t want to mingle with this mod. But if you find a weapon you would prefer over the magical weapon, feel free to use it. - Infinite magical item charges: In SoU chapter 1, go to the High Forest map (to access: Hilltop West -> Hilltop East -> Foothills exit south -> High Forest). In the northern part, there’s a bridge leading to an isolated house where a hermit lives. The hermit has a machine which allows you to recharge magical items, and it turns out it can charge items over their original cap, and it can also charge items that aren’t originated from the module. While there are some good items, I have to admit there aren’t overpowered one to the point you need to do this. It is a pretty nice thing still (one item you may want to charge is that totem you craft in the maker’s island in HotU, that does massive damage to golems, it’s pretty neat to finish the underground levels of the island quite simply). Each time you click the machine, it adds 1 charge, and it should cost 100g each charge. You wouldn’t be able to leave the house if you didn’t pay the hermit but you could always export/import to do it for free. - Infinite army of goblin warriors/driders followers: This trick only works in HotU because the items you need have scripts tied to the module, which don’t exist outside of it and thus it is rendered ineffective. So in HotU chapter 2 you can get an item, nearly from the start, it is called Tynan’s top. Getting this item is tied to the trophy “That baby does not go there” by the way, so you will have to do this eventually. You first need Nora Blake’s baby from SoU chapter 1, this is a quick grab. Then go to HotU chapter 2, outside the city in the Underdark, west part there is a Beholder control panel, just choose the option to put the baby in, then you can choose to turn him into a goblin warrior or a drider, I advise you choose the goblin (you can’t have both even by importing/exporting due to how the script works). The item can summon your minion once per day (a day being a period of time in between two rests), but it turns out the summon number isn’t capped, nor does it respect the party limitations nor does it despawn like it should. This means you can have as many as you want at a time. You could summon one, rest, summon another but the best way is to just duplicate a bunch of Tynan’s top and summon everything at once. Combat gets pretty effortless with such an army, but unfortunately it’s not that great for Mephisto hardcore because they tend to die quickly after phase 2 or 3, unless you can summon even more after they die, and then casting improved sanctuary/invisibility on yourself and let them do the job. - Pirates of the Sword Coast tattoos: In PotSC module, you get two occasions to get tattoos (they don’t show though so don’t get your hopes up): in Neverwinter Docks District and in Spindrift Town (though you first have to free the guy from the town hall). Normally you can only get one tattoo in each tattoo parlor, among a choice of four in each location. But if you save before getting each of them, export/import your character you can get more tattoos. Unfortunately you can’t stack the same tattoos several times for infinite stats (I wish) but you can get one of each for some extras. I have to warn you that they are a bit glitchy. First if your character goes in another module then somehow comes back to PotSC in any place, he loses all his tattoos. Second, I suspect the tattoos that give ability scores interact weirdly with armors also giving ability scores (like the armor giving +3 STR instead of +5 because I had a +2 tattoo, not sure if it comes from the tattoos though). Extra non exploitative tip, if you want a cheese build with your cheese weapon and your cheese minion army, I’d advise this one since as I said you’re not as coerced into making a wizard or sorcerer thanks to the xp tip: One issue though, they changed bard requirements in Enhanced Edition, you need 10 natural CHA so you have to take 2 ability points from elsewhere at character creation. Fun fact I had to redo my character because of this and it’s how I found the MP exploit in the first place. You can’t touch WIS and INT, and DEX too IIRC (I’m not 100% sure about this one) so you’re left with STR and CON, you can do a combination of the two, or just -2 CON because at the end you’re already very tanky. Also, putting skill points in Taunt is useless, I assume this build was made for pvp where it may get useful, but for solo it’s not worth it because you already get all the aggro and the single target debuff isn’t worth using. You could instead use the extra skill points in Persuade (while leveling bard or RDD, or it costs more points), it can be of use in the NWN module, otherwise put it in Perform if you want to use the bard song, or really anything, 14 points are not really game changing (well considering you already max out the skills that ARE game changing). Cleric is quite OP with great buffs (divine power, magic weapon, dark flame weapon etc), great heals and resurrect abilities, and nice AOE spells (implosion, firestorm etc…). RDD gives plenty of passive stat buff, natural immunity to fire and makes you super tankier, and bard is just there because you need it to be a RDD (and also to put some points into specific skills). Well that’s it for me, I’ve been done with the game for a while now so I don’t think I’ll find more than these unless maybe they release new stacks on the PS5 or other regions. But feel free to share if you find more.
  2. The knee missiles are definitely the most annoying part, it's hard to dodge and will likely one shot you in extreme. So the best way I found to deal with it is to just harass the Ray that is on the platform so he never does it. You really want to chain your missiles so it can't do anything between your attacks. This is possible by first shooting the knee and head as usual, then it will readjust its position by doing some sort of step movement with each leg, at this point you want to shoot a missile at the knee, without the homing system, if you got the timing right, the missile will explode right when the Ray's invincibility frame finishes, and he will fall again on his knee so you can attack the head, you need to do this three and a half time to finish one (meaning either 4 knee+head combos or 3 + a single missile in the head without knee, but I recommend 4 because it may shield its head by doing the machinegun attack or have enough time to do the knee missile). For the other two Rays that are on the side, I'm not exactly sure why but they didn't do much, I suspect it's either because they would stay outside of my field of view in my back or sides, and maybe there's something in the game that prevents them from attacking when it happens, or maybe it's because I'd kill the one in the middle so fast (by chaining missiles) that they wouldn't really have time to do anything, since when you kill one in the middle, another moves around to take its place, the third also moves around because it's likely that it just spawned, generally they do their shout animation and then move around too. I'd also shoot missiles randomly at those on the side when the one on the platform died, alternating between the two, either knee or head I didn't really care, that was just to stop them in their momentum and let me catch some breath before the next one jumps on the platform. I don't know what chaffs do because I didn't use any but I guess it could be a nice addition, though I'd recommend you stick with the body armor all the time for a little bit more survivability and room for error, anyway it's easy to switch to wig just when you throw your chaffs; for stinger you can just grab the ammo boxes, they respawn very fast. In Extreme you only have 3 rations in the whole game as far as I know that have scripted "locations" so to speak, because two of them are tossed by Snake, one for each room of tengus, when your health goes orange, the third one is on the Ray platform, that's it. I managed to keep the two from Snake for the Rays (by going hidden behind cover and kneeling to recharge health until it's back to blue), but still used all three during the Rays on my successful try. I saw people say on the net that you can get rations by shaking guards but after a dozen shakes and only getting ammo from a couple of them I just gave up. You don't really need them anyway besides for the few fights at the end because you're meant to do the whole game with stealth (provided you haven't been lazy on dogtags, big mistake if you did) and the other bosses just one shot you for the most part or are super easy/cheesable.
  3. Damn I completely forgot about it due to the holidays. i wanted to go back on the game check a bit of something related to altering weapons but maybe I’ll post what I have as is during the week-end and edit later…
  4. This is actually a really good tip. This allows you to go through the same missions from a character to another, so once you have done it for one it’s easy to just do the same thing (there’s only a slight variation most of the time). Also starting from the bottom of the list with the hardest stuff first makes the learning curve steep from the start, but overall make the rest of the missions feel piss easy. I’m really going through this without any roadblock, I think I even passed the hardest already (Zako, protect the box/curry/Meryl, ‘’elminate all’’ MGS 1 version etc…)
  5. I got the platinum and uninstalled the game a while back already, so I don't think I'm going to check on it. But you're probably right, it may be that perk causing it.
  6. You definitely can't get S++ in missions aside the few rewarded automatically, only farmable online events or in high level FOB invasions. Or maybe if you got out of your way to get a very high rank S/S+ and have him earn all three medals and max out his loyalty, maybe he could reach S++, but really it's not worth it. Actually even S+ you can't find them anyway. About that I had a very weird thing happening to me when I played. I think I encountered maybe no more than 10 S+ on the field, the first couple I didn't check right away but then I couldn't find them in my base, I brushed that off as me being a dumbass and reloading checkpoints while not going back to capture them. But then I started checking out when I became suspicious something was up and indeed there was, the S+ I'd capture reverted back to rank S afterwards. I don't know the reason, either it's because there's a slight difference of ranking between what you see in the goggles and in the base (like a difference between a superior or equal or strictly superior stat to a certain treshold), or it may be some sort of system to circumvent the fact that soldier skill increase with your base level and heroism (IIRC), and keep the S+ and higher soldiers strictly online to incentivize players to engage with it (it's not like you need that high teams to craft the offline items anyway), only the cap seems really half-assed if it is so.
  7. Are they still working on adding content to the game? I assume they would but it may be delicate since it's a remake and not entirely a new game... But I did all three versions of Diablo 3, the first one (vanilla) was really grindy and the higher difficulties weren't easy to tackle. The second, RoS "vanilla" (that was on PS3 which didn't get the content updates that came after) was way easier. Part of it being it had different trophies, that played a major role of course, but also the fact it had new difficulty tiers and contents made it way easier to get fast xp and rare drops, and the necro class that was kinda OP and fast. Then you had RoS PS4 which added even more difficulty tiers, greater rifts, the horadric cube which made anything and everything even easier. It could be a possibility that the same happens to D2 eventually, what do you think? They added the playerX thing so that's a start. I guess only time will tell, but at the point we're at I can't even imagine doing more than a couple hundred runs and even that is pushing it, so 20k runs I won't even try.
  8. i had no MB coins either, I guess they must have been deactivated so people don’t buy them when the server is going to close… and they didn’t patch the game to reflect the change, which is understandable…
  9. Hello, this mini guide comes to complete this full walkthrough by skroq, which is a solid guide to unlock most trophies if not all trophies: Although after playing through the game, I wasn’t really satisfied with things like playtrhoughs or party composition: I think the game can be done in just 2 playthroughs instead of 3, plus there's no need to do intricate parties with various classes, you could even go solo as HoF mode can be cheesed to oblivion with some tricks and exploits, and i'll give you the ropes on how to do it. Your first playthrough should be your solo playthrough in story mode. You're invincible in story mode so there's no drawback to do it besides maybe inventory space until you get a couple containers. Your character should be a fighter/mage/cleric, simply because that class can do almost anything another class can: tanky, mage spells, divine spells, great physical damage… and you will get both the dual and triple class trophies and also 3 out of 4 class trophies. Start your character in Heart of Winter expansion so you start with about 500k xp per class, so 1,5m total (you will still need 22,5m total, because the mage needs 7,5m to get to level 30, and since the xp is divided by the 3 classes you will have to grind 7,5m for each three). Try to roll for 87 or more ability score, max out STR, DEX, CON, INT, dump the rest in WIS and leave CHA at the minimum (3). You don't need CHA in the game at all, there's no dialogue influenced by CHA, and I can give you a trick to get massive gold from the start, plus I'll give you an exploit to max out CHA later if you care. Take the opportunity to grab some gear from either the premade or custom characters before exporting your character to the main game. Now I need to introduce you to the most important exploit, the export/import character duplication. Easy trick, I guess most people could come up with it, you put whatever you want to duplicate on a character, you export it, and import it as many times as you want to get extra copies of said items, it doesn't work on containers and quest items (EXCEPT in HoW you keep quest items, you can take advantage of this, I'll explain later). This allows you to start with a lot of money: you can duplicate scrolls of Heal (resurrection), an expensive item you can stack up to 50, if you dupe 2 stacks you can buy anything the game has to offer without worry, additional tip if you want to sell two stacks, you can put them in a scroll case, this way you could sell 100 at once, otherwise if you sell them separately, the subsequent sales lose a lot of their value. You can buy these from Everard in Easthaven. Ok now during your first playthrough you will have to pay attention and recover some things to prepare for HoF, a slight issue is most of these are in random containers. If you didn't know some containers have a randomized list of items that can pop up, but not all of them, there's like 30 in the whole game and most of them are trash to be honest, but some are also great (you can find lists on the net, but it's hard to find an exhaustive one). It can be regular containers but also NPC drops or quest rewards. The other issue is that this loot is set up as soon as you load the level it is in, which means if you want to savescum, you have to save before entering, and if the container is far away you have to do some walk every time, I advise you pop invisibility/sanctuary and also use boots of speed/of the fox combined with improved haste and skip all mobs. So you will want to grab these four items to make your HoF run a cakewalk: Potion of magic resistance: Dragon Eye, first floor, in the statue of Sseth, near the lizard king, northeastern part of the map. Save before the entrance of the dungeon. This is the one I was thinking about when I wrote the tip above, it is far from the entrance. This potion provides a permanent +5% magic resistance. Potion of resistance: The Luremaster Castle, in the underground prison, it's in a barrel north of the floor entrance, there's another barrel before that but it doesn't contain anything worth so don't confuse the two. Save in the prison floor where all the different mobs get released while you're walking through it (or through the lever before the doors), the potion is in the next one. It provides a permanent +5% slashing resistance. Potion of greater resistance: slight issue here, it is in the same place as the above, so to get the two here's the trick: grab one of the two, export your character, load the save and grab the other potion. You will then have to import both versions of your character in the same party to transfer both potions on one character. This one provides a permanent +5% piercing and crushing resistance. Tome of leadership and influence : This is on the 2nd floor of the Luremaster castle, in a library near the bedrooms part, This one is always here, not random. Gives permanent +1 CHA. This one can be skipped actually, again you don’t need CHA but it’s a nice bonus. Now it's quite obvious what you're going to do, dupe this through import/export, and use them all until maxed out. Magic resistance caps at 127% strangely, still good to go up there if your resistance gets debuffed. This makes you immune to magic spells and most traps! Slashing, piercing and crushing are capped at 100%, making you immune to direct physical melee damage. As a bonus you can max out charisma at 25 for better sales in shops, otherwise it's rather useless in this game. Well congrats you're now almost invincible, almost… Your remaining main threats are these: Non-magical elemental damage: not very common in the game and not very damaging but still, stuff like flaming swords or frost salamanders' auras for example Non-magical missile damage, in other words arrows. This is your main threat, a few archers can destroy you in HoF even with 150+ HP, but again there's only a few in game. There is a literal army around Yxunomei and the door leading to her. You can't avoid them since you have to kill her. You also have some goblins and skeletons here and there in other dungeons… Poison, and the associated DoT: this is especially true for the last boss. Both iron golems do some sort of acid pools, and Belhifet inflicts it with his weapons, they all stack together so your HP can go down pretty quick. The best way to circumvent this is to just to bring a stack of elixir potions: no casting time compared to a cure spell and you recover a few HP at the same time. Besides, if you want your HoF run to be quick, consider running solo, that is for a couple reasons. First you're almost invincible and your damage is decent, so you hardly need a full team. Second, you can skip most enemies in the game, only a few are mandatory. For example you could do the whole Severed hand by killing only one enemy (Kaylessa, for her astrolab piece, you don't even have to do her quest just kill her while she’s still pacifist). The rest of it can be done by stacking boots of speed, improved haste and invisibility/sanctuary spells for best results. And when you get seen and surrounded by enemies, your best friend will be the dimension door spell. It allows you to teleport out of the crowd when you can't move anymore, so have 4-5 ready and abuse it! Another reason is the more characters you have, the harder it gets to go through dungeons, because you have to gather them all at the end of the level to proceed and it's not uncommon to have some of them stuck in crowds, die etc… plus you would have to buff them all every time. I did it with a Fighter/Thief/Mage (my playthroughs were a mess, I found all those tips along the way by myself), with a Cleric class instead of thief it should be even better with all the buffs it provides. Really the only place you might want more people is the last boss, so if you're adamant about bringing more people you could keep them until you reach Kuldahar, park them in a building for the whole game (so they don't get attacked when the village is assaulted or they might die) and fetch them back when you got the 6 sigils and on your way to defeat Poquelin. Last tips, for quick experience, indeed the place with carnugons is quick, though you have to go through the whole Luremaster castle, since the place is literally just before the last boss. You could optimize it by putting 4 stones in the wrong place at once to summon 4 times more mobs, just don't do it outside of story mode difficulty because they do horrible damage. You should level a F/M/C to full pretty fast. The issue will be about leveling a thief for your last class trophy, it could be a drag having to bring one trhough the whole castle on a separate playtrhough, so here's an alternative. Normally, when you start a game in the main campaign, your plot items are wiped out, too bad. But this doesn't apply to the expansion. This allows you to exploit the crystal rose quest. Get the crystal rose either from your F/M/C or through a new game (it’s a quick walk through: Barbarian camp -> Burial Island - > Gloomfrost, skip every dialogue and enemy), dupe a couple for your thief, then you can start a game in the expansion, straight to the tavern and complete the quest for a whopping 630k xp (ask the bard about his homeland, pay him for a song, then give him a rose). Only 8 runs are enough to max out the thief xp. If you want to do it for the F/M/C, it will require 36 runs. It’s probably a bit faster than the carnugons though, it's up to you to try. If you start your character in HoW you will get more xp at the start, so it will save you a couple extra runs. One thing to note, on some characters, when importing them in HoW, it will force you to wipe your Mage spell book on start, it seems it only does it if the character was created in the main campaign, so be mindful if you need your spells. If somehow you want to do the full dlc and bypass this wipe, you can always start the DLC the main game: rush to Kuldahar and talk to Hjollder in his house, he then brings you to the DLC (and brings you back to main game at the end of the main questline, or you just import your characters and start another main game, it’s fast to reach Kuldahar). Of course it is longer that way if you’re only farming XP. Well that’s it for the tips, I wish you luck on your runs, but if you follow this you won’t need luck at all!
  10. It's nice to be able to get the nuke trophies offline, though if you can do it online, just do that, it's just faster than playing 1.00. If you really need ressources fast, you can do security challenges in empty bases online to get around 8k of anything in just a minute. Or you can just fulton any container you come across by developing your fulton heavy loads early and let it process while you play, not even needed to farm. As long at it has ressources to process from start to finish you will barely miss anything, plus playing online means you have a FOB, meaning you have extra soldiers, meaning your teams gain levels quicker so better perks, better auto processing, more passive GMP incomes, double the teams to send in deployment (so even more passive processed ressources and GMP)... If you are affraid of attacks, I'll let you just know that I've only been attacked once in three weeks, and it was a retaliation. All they can steal is a few guys, weapons and unprocessed ressources, all of this is negligible (I'd still advise you protect your S+ and S++ so they can't do anything to them, the rest you can get it back very quick). Your nuke won't be on display until fully completed, and you need to be in the game for it to complete, you can then dismantle it as soon as it completes so there's no chance it gets stolen unless you let it happen. Plus it will save you from having to wait 24h in game to fully develop it. One last thing to ponder, playing through 1.00 makes you open to encountering game breaking glitches (or rather platinum breaking), like missing plans, C2W mission becoming inaccessible, save getting corrupted because of Quiet... Oh yeah and you can't get Quiet back (though DD is way better in my opinion). The worst part for me was the hair texture of everyone and every animal, it took me time to get over it.
  11. Yes, just make sure it's set to hardcore before you got into the room where the fight happens so basically for Morag it's before entering source stone sanctum, for Heurodis it's the third level of the tower, and for Mephistopheles you set it before entering the final portal in the Reaper's demiplane. Guys, I'm working on a mini guide myself with tons of exploits that makes the game easy as hell, including a way faster method to get to max level, just be a little patient because I only do that when I have nothing to do at work, and it's pretty long, but it's a good read before doing the platinum.
  12. What you are saying is applying to the regular DS4 controller, I had the same thing happen to me, and I assume it also happens to all the off brand PS4 controllers that are compatible with the PS3 just like the DS4 is. But I played with my horipad turbo controller (since all my DS3 are broken in various ways) which can switch from PS4 to PS3 controller mode and I had no issue with it. So I guess you could take any controller as long as it’s specifically made for PS3.
  13. Dak’kon sword isn’t that bad. Just take him in your party from the start and ignore him completely in any dialogue or interaction, also ignore any gith in the game because it probably influences him. Once he has enough xp to be level 10, save your game. Level him up, get the enchained blade. Reload for the kin stealer, just murdering the two giths (through dialogue) in Lower ward should be enough. Insist on the gruesome death for the sick one, for the other belittle Dak’kon in any occasion, then talk to her again and force Dak’kon to kill her, that alone has been enough to shift him in my game. For streaming blade just completing the circle should be enough. I suggest you do this before Ravel because yes, talking to her either way while Dak’kon is here will change his morale, since you have to answer questions about companions, and it may compromise your trophies one way or the other. Plus after Ravel you can’t come back to Sigil after a long while if you need more morale shifts. if you need to grind xp for him, the best I found is killing black abishai in the streets, gives 7k xp per kill, for a couple seconds depending on your power. It won’t shift your alignment nor draw the Lady of Pain attention so feel free to abuse it. Best spot is in Northwest Hive, there’s an abishai always spawning under the eastern door, it can be hard to spot because he’s right through the door so use the cursor to reach it. Kill him, enter the central house, and go back outside for them to respawn. Cherry on top being the house is also an inn (free if you do the tenant’s quest) so sleep when you’re low on HP. Only issue leveling Dak’kon is he’s multiclass, so his own xp is divided by 2 and he needs level 10 in fighter for his blade to change. Also if you don’t know xp is divided per character so dismiss everyone but him. That means from the 7k his fighter class only receives 1/4th of the xp if you’re alone with him, in other words 1750 xp per kill… I could achieve True Neutral in my first playthrough, doing also 95% of the side quests in the mean time I assume. If you play like me you will end up shifting in chaotic good, for chaotic I don’t have much of an advice for you besides trying to act as lawful as possible if you ever go there. For good though, it’s not too hard to balance, by killing a couple citizens here and there (not enough to bring attention from the lady of pain, no worries), the issue being it shifts you to chaotic too so you still have to watch out for this. There’s a great item though for the part where you can’t return to Sigil, it’s the malevolent book you get from Mantuok (wererat in Lothar’s basement). It gives you evil points each time you ask him for advice (limited to at least a dozen times I’d say), I’d keep these opportunities for that part especially since you may do a lot of good after you go back in Curst. You can also do his 3 sacrifices if you feel you need a bigger shift toward evil, mind though for the 2nd you need to be in Sigil (sell a companion to slavery, I chose Nordom), for the 3rd you have to punch a companion to death on your own but you can resurrect him right away, once you did the third you can’t talk to the book anymore though. The three classes to level 12 you can do that in a single game too, just accumulate enough xp to be level 12, save, level up, reload and just use another class. This may be struggle though, especially with mage since this class really sucks in this game and there’s not much of an advantage leveling several classes besides a couple of extra saving throws. One thing you could do though is stick with one class through the whole game, make sure it stays at level 11 at max (by not leveling to 12 or further, easy) until you reach the portal to the Fortress of Regret, then once you’re ready change to one of the class you haven’t used, make sure you don’t bring Ignus or Vailhor, quickly solve the puzzle in the first room (use every lever) then meet up with your incarnations, after having absorbed your good incarnation you should be able to use the bronze sphere, which gives you 2million xp alone, more than enough to level a class to 12. Once done, reload and repeat for the others. Ok I can also give you an exploit to completely trivialize the game combat system, it’s an exploit that also exists in BG2, but in this game you need to respect some extra steps. This essentialy lets you have infinite money. You need a thief, you or Annah, to be able to steal from shops, and you need to get your pickpocket skill to 110 bare minimum. You can only go up to 100 through leveling, but there are ways to get over that cap once you reached it. There are a few permanent pickpocketting upgrades through observing other pockpockets (Fleece the only one I remember), training with Annah, a single use tattoo that gives a permanent upgrade etc… this works only for you though not Annah, alternatively you can also use several rat tail charms which stack, works for you or Annah. Before I continue I must clear some asumptions. No, you can’t just sell an item you just stole from a shop, it will be permanently marked as stolen and unsellable. BUT, this rule doesn’t apply to stackable items, on the one condition that the first item of that stack was NOT stolen. This means you could buy one item and steal 98 others, the whole stack of 99 will be sellable. With that in mind, I’ll introduce you to Giscorl, a merchant in the Southwest Hive who has the lowest pickpocket resistance of 10, which means with a pickpocketting skill of 110, you have 100% chance to succeed. The only issue is Giscorl only sells crap, so you have to bring him some stuff. I’d suggest you bone charms (can buy infinitely from the merchant by Giscorl), cockroach charms (Mebbeth, only 3 max and replenish only 1 per day…), Heal scroll (Emoric if you’re Dustman, Lothar if you did his quest, only stacks to 5). Now just sell whatever you have, making sure you keep at least one in inventory, steal it back right away, sell it again… infinite money! Now you’re telling yourself it won’t be much of a use in combat, but you’re wrong. You can now buy hundreds of heart charms and heal whenever since using items in this game is instant compared to BG or IwD where you have to use a turn per item. You’re basically immortal. You could also use charms but just sticking to healing has been enough for me (though at times stacking charms that make you 100% resistant to certain damage is handy). In theory you could just steal the charms from other merchants, but the thing is they have way higher resistance. For some reason when I tried to stack rat tail charms I could only achieve 127 max, but the issue is I used almost every opportunity to overcap pickpocket before I was at 100 from leveling, so my base pickpocketting wasn’t much higher than 100. Still, 127 is enough to garantee stealing from Quint in the buried village, but he only has blood charms at most, though if you get hundreds of them it’s just as fine as heart charms now that I think of it… If somehow you can have a better pickpocket level see this list of shops: (Need 100+their steal failure to garantee stealing). Dver sells heart charms and would need 130 pickpocket for example.
  14. Apparently this one won’t have trophies, not going to complain if they don’t add extras anymore, I’m getting tired of it, I still haven’t done Zariel… Just going to have to find a way to do it without spending 3 months upgrading and training, and maybe move on from the game forever… Edit: Nevermind, it does, it’s just PSNP isn’t up to date yet.
  15. Probably Well of Dragons, western part is filled with drakes of many sorts. Or you have the dragon hill part in the Stronghold, it’s filled with groups of drakes and you have a minor heroic encounter which makes you fight around 30 and you can easily do it by yourself. As for the type of drake, I guess we will have to find out until the patch hits consoles because with Cryptic, you never know…