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  1. I had it too when I started the game. It is limited time so you have to wait until it shows up again. This is the one you're looking for:
  2. You just have to come back to the date farthest from when you skipped time. If you don't remember just go in 2025 and start from here. It will fix everything. You can stay connected it doesnt matter. Just as an example, I never turn off the internet connection, and I'm playing on February 2019. When I put the PS4 to rest it sometimes reverts back to the actual date. Once I launched the game with the actual date. I closed it and put the date to Feb 2019, and everything related to date was fixed.
  3. You guys worry too much about this. If anything, even with high level vaults, you still get raiders attacks, it's just has lower chance, but they still attack once in a while. I didn't bother slowing down the rate at which my vault develop and still managed to stop 32. I'm still at about 40 quests done so I expect to be finished before i hit 100 quests. The real worry you should have is legendary stuff if you keep your vault at low tier.
  4. Ah, yes I got that. I was actually referng to the miracle that happened to Bulletstorm and some other games, whose online got resurrected by a third party program called Gonespy (due to the name of former company Gamespy who handled the servers for these games, being shut down).
  5. Here goes another unachievable down my list... Gonesteam when?
  6. Like Tearraven said it depends on stats. I just finished building some maxed stats everywhere guys and they bring back hundreds of things when theyre out for a day. If I remember correctly Luck and perception are the stats you want to collect many things. Well it works mostly because they also have 10 in strength too, so they don't die early.
  7. You could always build a new vault on another slot if you're worried about frequencies. Shouldn't take too long building something half decent and just leave it be.
  8. Well the problem with this being on PS4 is that the controls are a nightmare. You can feel it was never designed for playing with a controller, with buttons. Playing on Vita via remote play wouldn't make any difference.
  9. One thing I wonder would be if there is a way to save scum the lootboxes, getting some legendary dwellers or gear.
  10. Well considering Bethesda has been building their E3 hype, throwing teasers after teasers including Fallout 76, I'd say they will make it available during their conference. If not, probably next week, the trophies popped and it's not like they have to fix anything before release.
  11. Well I hope you can carry saves from other platforms, cause I have a shelter I spent more100 hours on it... Some trophies will be very long, not only from gametime perspective but also IRL as you have to wait for real hours for stuff to happen. Longest trophies would be quests, considering you can only do 3 at a time, it takes IRL time to go and come back, and you can fail it... You should be done with almost everything else before you do that. Maybe the legendary equipment because it's related to luck. 100 objectives is also a stretch, if you're unlucky. Crafting the themes are quite long too but I remember you find a lot of pieces while roaming in the wasteland so it should be done before the 100 quests too.
  12. I guess I can't do this. Would have considered it on discount if it had a platinum maybe...
  13. Well from what I recall in Rainbow Moon you could skip days quite easily (some quests you had to be a certain day to do it, or you could also pass days to get special buffs depending on given day). I think it was from sleeping at the Inn, or in a tent. The 200h trophy frightened me but I misread it, the other way around. The whole list looks more decent ( compared to Rainbow Moon that I really thought boring by the end, very hard post game dungeons and terrible grinds...), it will just depend on how much grind you would need to finish the main quest 100%.
  14. Hello, I don't own the game and the last MH I played was MHFU about 10 years ago... Yet, I'm very curious to the places you choose, are they guaranted to have giant monsters? And what then, do you need to do something specific or just beat it to a pulp.
  15. Damn, no platinum, that's a shame. Is it even free to play? Yeah the 100% is going to be easy and quick, providing you unlock the characters quickly enough (which I don't know). 50 community levels, you be sure there will be plenty of fast trash levels because of the trophy for uploading one.