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  1. Does this really work for trophies? I missed the DLC back in the day, I may get them off the US Store but don't have a US game yet to try it.
  2. After experimenting for a while I can tell you that either killing with poison or letting your enemy bleeding out DON'T count as a kill, in the stats at least.
  3. No, it will raise back just as I said. I know the trick actually, most quest givers that are from Skallitz (refugees from Rattay, Monastery and others) count towards Skallitz reputation as well as the town they're in. So if you do their quests it raises back. Careful though if you piss them it can lower too but there's no reason.
  4. Yes my reputation is now at 91 and I didn't even do main quests. But I healed the people of Skalitz in the Monastery that may be why.
  5. Hello, I would like to know if poisoning food or a cooking pot counts as a kill in the stats, in order to preserve a pacifist playthrough. At first I was thinking of doing 2 playthrough, one with the killing and the other without any, but in the end I find that a nice and funnier challenge to make your way into events without killing anybody, moreover when the game lets you plenty of opportunities to get yourself out of a fight. I wonder if I could use poison to my advantage.
  6. Powerpyx said on his guide that at some point reputation is raised about everywhere, but didn't seem sure about it. And I couldn't question him further because my message was treated as spam on his website.
  7. Is it possible to rebuild reputation with Skalitz after the prologue? I'm stuck at 70 and I wonder if I should restart...
  8. I'd boost all night from 10pm to 6am, then 3pm to 8pm, every day except Wednesday and Sunday I skipped half the afternoon because I had important things coming IRL. Probably what made me fail. I may also had not enough alts, mostly 2 at a time, sometimes 3, and more rarely 4-5, I wouldn't force them or made them hurry to join because they were helping graciously expecting nothing in return. It's getting complicated now, I only had last week and this one as holiday, and the rest of the time until server closure, I'll be working again. Except this week I have things scheduled, and I will never be able to show as much dedication as I did before, moreover with the weight of failure on my shoulders anyway. Unless people end up scoring low in the remaining weeks and I can jump in for a couple days boost, I probably won't get the trophy on time. If I didn't start the game ages ago, I would have just skipped it, it's not worth it.
  9. I'll consider joining, for now I just don't want to come near this game for at least a couple days... I'm litteraly in shock.
  10. Missed it, 5k away with 97k points, this was a total waste...
  11. Mine expires in May.... 2021. Guess this game is going back to the void.
  12. Sometimes it's just better to say no. In this case I'm pretty sure you could have saved a lot of trouble. People might get offended once in a while, but see how they care if you do. It's fine to express what you feel about doing this or that, as long as you stay polite. Don't be rude, but be fair. "No I can't help you on it, I just don't want to." "I don't have enough time right now." "Am I playing something else? Indeed and this is why I'm busy." "I may certainly help you at a later date but now is not the time, please be patient". Again, this won't save you from some people hating you for not accepting any of their desires and those who lack empathy, but this is how you know who to associate with. I don't want to sound patronizing, I'm just giving you (life) advice on something I took a lot of time to understand myself.
  13. This is probably my favorite vs Fighting ever ( i haven't played a lot of them to be fair). The content was crazy, would love to see it in HD.
  14. It must be glitched... Don't really see how it would be hard to just play every type of games... Unless you have to unlock them. Thing is all the other trophies are unlocked so I believe it covers all the types.
  15. Is the game glitched or just too hard? Can't tell, seeing the completion rate.