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  1. Ah yeah it looks good, but now that you say this on top of being broken, I guess I'll pass, too bad.
  2. So no confirmation we can play on 1.0 with the disc to earn some of the hardest trophies?
  3. Actually at the moment only the new content is do-able and many old content is broken, adding to the fact most rewards were already obsolete ages ago.
  4. Well yeah this auto-drop at the end only works in duo or squad, because entire squad spawn/duos spawn side by side whereas in solo they're less together so they won't be as regrouped.
  5. This is a very good topic. Pretty sure I knew a couple of games like these myself but I can't come up with any of them right now unfortunately, I'll make sure to contribute if I remember them.
  6. Well in the end by playing duo I got 8 kills from the start + 3 kills afterwards. On the last kill my hands were shaking hard. And the worst part is litteraly the gamer AFTER i got 12 kills solely from inactive players right at the start! you can see it there I got 11 and 12 one after the other: and also got another 12 from inactive. So I'd say try until your luck chimes in.
  7. Two games instead of six... Lucky for them I'm subscribed until 2020, I'll sure think twice about renewing, when I get to this point. Remember they increased price not so long ago too.
  8. Don't see how to make anything easier. Now everyone knows that dropping at the end is a killfest so a lot of people do and there barely is anyone inactive.
  9. There are games you finish in what, 10-15 minutes that have platinum. I think it's the editor's choice.
  10. Whatever you're asking, 1.17 update is the one that broke the trophies.
  11. Yeah in the end when I finished the goblins, the worst part was to get the keys... Now I went to RoS and there's one thing that may sound obvious (but it's not until you know), and it should be plastered about everywhere on any guide: once you transfer your save all your challenges are reset so you can't really miss out on any trophy, although that means you have to redo everything from scratch (well you still have your characters and gear, and campaign progress). All those backups were pretty pointless in the end. At least that's the way it is when you transfer from Vanilla to PS3 RoS, I imagine it is the same for PS3 RoS to PS4 RoS too from what you said.
  12. Thanks for all the info first. My condition right now is that I'm doing Diablo 3 vanilla platinum, from what I researched I backed up my save at different stages: 496k gold, 498 elites (will also do a 99 goblins backup). Basicaly I only have to do a run in inferno mode, one hardcore character to 30 and the 5 million gold and I'll import then. I have 1 char level 60 and 3 other ranging from 55-58 that I had in splitscreen (firstly for bonus xp and gold but then I thought it would save some time training more characters at a time so I revived them constantly) It was a bit tiring to pay attention to the kill counts and all, just for importing but as you said, I want the trophies so no point complaining. I'll then do the PS3 and PS4 version of UEE so all your advices are welcome. I have just one question, you mentioned the merchants level have to be re-earned, so I should back up when they're at level 11? Should I keep a save juste before hitting 500 k gold too or is it reset?
  13. Hello, does anybody came up with some sort of guide if people would like to platinum this game 3 times with the least amount of grinding involved? From what I gather nothing autopops, you have to redo the requirements everytime, ok fine that would mean keep a save just before unlocking every grindy trophy and then import them one by one. But let's say I miss saving for one, like 500 bounties, does this mean I can still do 500 more on the same save, or do I have to wipe out all my progress and start on a brand new save? That would be very bad but still...
  14. I must have been extremely lucky, I stumbled upon a group of 3, with two level 99 on my first try. Idiot me assumed it was as easy as the rest of the quests (I didn't see it was level 99 quest) so I didn't even bother taking food. Combat went pretty well, I was dodging a lot, focusing on Ravus as he was taking the most damage, just like the other guys, he went down very quick, my 100% thunder resistance helped too I guess. The fourth guy was dying a lot but I was healing everyone with my Curaga Vitanova, and doing Atk/def up dances with my dancing daggers so everyone was healed and buffed. When I got one shot out of nowhere by Ardyn I understood my mistake of not taking food, but team was healing me quickly, I think they apreciated my support. After each KO i had less and less max health, last time I went down I litteraly had 0 HP but still in danger state, but he ended up dying at the same time thankfully. And I still ended up being the second to do most damages ah!
  15. I wouldn't agree on sticking Fallout Shelter in this list, Sure you could leave the game play itself for a while but only up to a certain point. You really have to manage many things during the game and actually unless you're really far into it leaving the game on without watching could be very detrimental. You also have the quests, they never do by themselves. I'd say it's more a cross between strategy games and city builders, except with rather simple mechanics.