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  1. Well seeing the completion time I'd guess the best tip would be having someone online dump you everything you need for the platnum and just rush through the game.
  2. Yes, also don't forget to do the things related to posting dreamshots on wall, reply, and beat your friends scores. EDIT: Actually any dreamshot trophy because it looks like you need to connection to access it, just tried.
  3. If you boost them they're pretty fast, not sure about rubber banding since there's a couple trophies where you have to win online races, with the Appolo S in the DLC for example/
  4. I started the game today, could connect to autolog almost instantly.
  5. There is no PS5 version it's still the PS4 version you're playing on your PS5 so I don't see why it would reset anything, plus your data is stored on the game server anyway.
  6. Well I was talking about the last DLC, the others I have done it years ago when it was possible to import glitched world to make it easy. I haven't explored that much so maybe there's a part with ender crystals in a chest but I doubt it.
  7. There are several threads on that but basically you can't buy the DLC per say, you can only buy them in game with premium currency that you can only get through micro-transactions. You need 2000 coins so it will cost you 20€ or any other currency equivalent and i don't think these ever go on discount. This also means you can't share the DLC between accounts since it's an in game purchase tied to your own account. Alternatively you could buy the deluxe edition for a whopping 90€ which has all DLC from the start or wait til it's on sale...
  8. And back when I was playing I got one on the third day or so and got a second later on, it's just truely random.
  9. I bought it 5€, then found out how the DLC are handled and that I'd basically have to spend 20 more to get them. Now I regret buying it...
  10. If you're wondering it's still not working to this day.
  11. Hello, is it possible to play online with western players? Having done the other stack it may ease some stuff if I could. Thanks.
  12. Part 3 isn't released yet.
  13. Ok, so at least it is fine they adressed the potential issue from the get go. Although I'll believe it when I see it, since they haven't been super efficient to keep things in order in the game lately...
  14. Would you have some examples of what to and what not to do to make the platinum faster? Like those systems you mentionned.
  15. If I have the disk, the trophies are easier without the patch? Dunno what's the disk version though, it may be already updated...