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  1. Still up? Im at work so I cant check.
  2. Well Xlink kai (or other softwares with the same functions) is made so you can simulate a LAN game but instead you connect with people on the internet via a virtual lobby. The thing is LAN doesn't track stats so you may play the game to your leizure but won't earn any trophy. But you could still play with yourself yes, and others using Xlink kay.
  3. Everything but Deathmatch should count.
  4. French too, US says 25th, I hope this is not based on region, I would be so pissed because I'm pretty sure I can get it by the 25th, while 15th will be too short.
  5. Yes this is true, I had 7 guys to kill so obviously it was good enough. Anyway I wouldn't recommend boosting in the first place if you can't have at least 3 alts.
  6. Well, from what I found today for every ground weapon you should use hero mode, as when you're the designated hero you get a batch of every weapon. If you're alone in the team you will always be the hero, so you have all weapon on you and you hardly run out of anything (especially if you do 2 at a time). You could also kill the hero to get his ammo if you need it. In one afternoon I could do binoculars, flamethrower, RPG and and a good portion of sniper, without the need to run everywhere on the map or capture bases. Still thinking of a very efficient way to get A2S and most of the warhawk weapons but that may prove difficult.
  7. Just do it at the same time as Air to surface kills. Same for the other badges and medals, don't just boost a weapon by itself, try to combine with long term medals, mode victories... For example I did my 100 TDM by setting 10 points in match and using Eucadia spawn point with 3 alts. As soon as the match started I took the batch of 4 land mines and went where my alts spawned, threw a mine at their feet for a triple kill, did that 4 times for about 10-12 kills (mines are quite buggy if you throw right under characters' feet). This is very good as it cuts down the very long spawn time of mines. By the time I did the TDM I had my 1000 mine kills done too. I also did aerial mines with the DM kills and wins, stacking 7 warhawks (need 2 consoles and 8 controllers though) on the same spot and dropping a mine on them. Other pairs I thought about would be to do flag saves at the same time as ground weapons, and finish ground weapons the same way for xp. Do vehicle kills while doing zone defense kills, do most warhawk weapons on filled vehicles etc...
  8. What? But how are we meant to know this? It's not precised in game, and how do you even track your regular kills with the machinegun from A2A in the stats?
  9. I joined, will go to bed now. When I resume my boost I'll get the trophy hopefully and I'll transfer the lead back.
  10. I either need someone to invite me in his 10 player clan or people to join my clan I have with all my accounts, i still need 3 people, let me know if you can help on that.
  11. They won't bother catering to such a small base of players that represents the trophy hunters, plus it's a very old game. Also I'm pretty sure the devs studio doesn't exist anymore.
  12. I got that covered, cause it happened the first time around. No big deal cause I was testing for exactly such matter. Although this time I've done 6 games staying in the exact same lobby, only about 5 counted. At first it was way less, but as I updated again and again it slowly synchronized, not entirely. Gives me flashbacks of all the worst games I boosted (Far Cry 2, Killzone 2 to name a few...)
  13. What about stats not registering correctly? I counted exactly how many kills I needed for a weapon, did my kills, and was missing about one game worth of kills after updating my stats countless times... Is there a workaround? By the way I'm posting this here in the meantime cause I don't really know where to put it, if you have a clan with 10 members would you mind inviting me and appointing me leader so I don't go through the hassle of creating many more psn accounts? Just send me a message over the PSN. Thanks.
  14. Not only do we have just a month to finish this, but the servers also crash which makes them anavailable for some time... Was trying to get the DLC trophies but now I can't join the servers at all. And of course those damn trophies can't be earned in local either.
  15. I thought it was more handy to have them written elsewhere but I guess it's a no.