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  1. I wouldn't agree on sticking Fallout Shelter in this list, Sure you could leave the game play itself for a while but only up to a certain point. You really have to manage many things during the game and actually unless you're really far into it leaving the game on without watching could be very detrimental. You also have the quests, they never do by themselves. I'd say it's more a cross between strategy games and city builders, except with rather simple mechanics.
  2. I don't see any new list coming, well that's disappointing if there isn't any new trophies... for a standalone that is.
  3. Is it free to play?
  4. Ah, I guess they learned their lesson, with all the people disappointed that the second didn't get a new list when it came on PS4. Very nice from them to add a platinum, I'll be sure to play them, they were a blast.
  5. Well, new update, game ran fine for a good moment, but now I'm having the connection bug. It was so sudden, I was managing my inventory in between missions, not doing anything special and bam, lost it forever. So I don't believe it would do any good asking for a reset of your profile if you already have the issue. All I could do is knock out a couple trophies... Man I was this close to finishing my 5th ghost server too, if I ever play again that will be 1 more firewall key to the wastes... Oh yeah I also had another issue, I couldn't finish any darknet file cause at the end of the file's report it would disconnect me without being able to get the reward or the trophy (but I could reconnect before it cut out forever). So even then I was out of getting the platinum.
  6. Coming back for some feedbacks, you may not remember but my problem was slightly different than most people here, as I had a tutorial banner stuck on screen preventing me from doing anything although I could connect to the servers. They sent me a couple messages saying they were still investigating my case but today they sent me this: Yes I had asked them to reset my profile in hopes this would revert me back to the start of the game so I could finish the tutorial properly. Now I only have to re download the game as I thought I wouldn't go back to it, with no solution reaching me. I'll update and tell you if it worked. (I may have the connection error then, who knows. 😂)
  7. I think 7 days to die had a good trick to boost kills in earlier versions then was patched, not sure if it worked on 1.00 though.
  8. You know there will be one time they won't care about anything, they'll see you are getting close to platinum in your stats, having many platinum on your profile and then derank you anyway because they take you for a booster or just to fuck you up. Don't ever give credit to someone calling you out for illegitimacy while they outright don't play by the rules.
  9. So glad I've done this in due time... Getting hacked in between my sessions would have torn me apart. One time I was by the end of my boost, trying to get XP, as I created the room someone joined right away and I kicked him, he then messaged me "deranking" as a message almost as soon. Thankfully I was hosting on my alt and hadn't joined the game with main yet, also from what I had gathered at the time they would hack through invitation so I put him on block list on both accounts in hopes it would hide me from him. In the end nothing happened but I can't tell you how this single-word message made me sweat. 😨
  10. I think they couldn't do worse than this trophy tile. So bare!
  11. But how would he have triggered it even with cheats if he can't connect online? Unless you can play in LAN with two consoles? Would be great if that was the case.
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure there are many easier FPS to be found than this. But it's not hard, yeah...
  13. Is there going to be some sort of save transfer between old and new versions?
  14. I am.
  15. Well, for what I see I have absolutely no issue conntecting to the game everytime. But does it matter? I'm 100% stuck in menu, can't do anything so it's about the same result.