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  1. If you buy the ultimate edition the DLC are on disk (well except for that missing one in the EU but I guess US is fine since nobody complained about it yet). And from searching on the US store I can see the DLC, just search Dragon Age Origins then under the game you should find it.
  2. I'm pretty sure they went back on, on March 31st as I saw several people mention it in the thread but went back off on April 1st so I guess it needed more work.
  3. Hello, came across the same issue. No big deal though since I had it from years ago before I bought the ultimate edition. I still contacted EA see if they could get a DLC code or whatnot, and they couldn't, I even proposed they gave me 5€ in any form that would allow me to purchase it by myself on the PSN, and they said they don't offer that option. So if anybody comes across this issue or intends to buy the ultimate edition in Europe, well just don't, buy a US edition, or you will have to buy the DLC extra (that is until the imminent closure of the PSStore).
  4. I downloaded them from the PSStore already. Though I don't see where is the "more stories" option exactly, can you be more specific? Is it meant to be in the story mode or somewhere else? Would it not show up because I haven't finished it? (I just rushed the 1st world just to see if that would unlock). Wouldn't explain why I can't get costume packs either...
  5. Yes, probably, I just find it so strange that I just can't play the DLCs right now, even offline. I hope what I pinpointed is the actual problem and the servers gets fixed again, eventually, else I have no clue... The only thing I could recover is a Tron costume DLC that I had probably bought too, which also makes me question what the hell happens, why this one out of the rest of them? I really should have done them before though, I bought them litteraly years ago (2013 to be exact), but eventually forgot.
  6. I have the same error, I think it prevents me from getting the DLCs I had purchased way back. That's my only asumption as to why I can't access them, because I just can't. First I lost my save, that must be because the game saves your profile in game datas and not save datas, so I may have deleted my profile without seeing it... So when I loaded the game back I had to go through the first world and then I still had no DLC found, it may be because i can't accept the user agreements due to the error, I don't know...
  7. This is very weird to see Sony supporting projects like these, but that's very nice. Really hope they bring back Killzone 2 someday too, I'm still sick of having missed the last online trophy boosting my ass out for it...
  8. I guess it is glitched, didn't play it either myself but I don't see how someone wouldn't have summoned even 1 skeleton when there's a trophy for 10...
  9. Thanks, I've seen the page and missed the info completely, honestly since they reworked the store I can't use it properly...
  10. Does it have all DLC? Because the 3rd one the fuhrer DLC which had trophies, was missing... Don't want to go through that again.
  11. Thanks a lot, so no other trophies will be affected even slightly? Shouldn't be too hard I guess.
  12. Hello, just caught the news, can you please do me a favor a do me a quick recap: - Are the three lists affected? - What trophies will be obtainable? Are some going to be very hard to get after the closure? - What general steps should I follow to make it quick if I were to start now from scratch? I kind of made a big pause in my trophy hunting but I don't want to miss out on these ones, wanted to play it but never got around to do it... Thank you if you can provide me with these info.
  13. Ah yeah it looks good, but now that you say this on top of being broken, I guess I'll pass, too bad.
  14. So no confirmation we can play on 1.0 with the disc to earn some of the hardest trophies?