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  1. I postponed getting it because I have so much on my backlog I couldnt justify the price of buying it, at this point. But watching casuals have a melt down has been pretty funny.
  2. I dont know who Pachter is and dont care what he has to say. I also dont care if the PS brand, eventually, goes down. I'm not loyal to a corporation. Gaming will continue to exist, either way.
  3. It's a sports game that has a mode that relies on card packs. That's all i need to know to stay away from it.
  4. This is the best video game related thing on youtube
  5. "I refuse to buy the game until I skip playing the game" 90% of the trophy hunting community is a joke. If anything, it's current state is a good example of what happens when you dont gate keep. But they said, when they do add them, they will disable trophies. So, good on them.
  6. It didnt come out all that long ago and has been on sale most of that time. That's usually a giveaway something will be on PS+ eventually. Another example of why I would rather have indie games on PS+. Anyone that really wanted this already has it and it's so cheap giving it away doesnt save enough money to matter. That's usually the case with AAA games on PS+
  7. I have never heard of this game but you make me wanna check it out.
  8. In all seriousness, can anyone tell me one time a petition actually effected anything?
  9. No for the reasons several others have listed. Besides, most devs wouldnt include trophies in their games, at all, if Sony didnt force them. Which, quite frankly, is the way it should be. Developers should decide what features their games have. Point being, they arent going to do it and they shouldnt. This isnt a case like Shadow of Mordor or Mad Max where the associated trophy took no effort. Getting the online trophies in MK9 took a lot effort and time for those that did it. You shouldnt have them given to you because you got to the party late. There's nothing wrong with prestigious or time-limited trophies. Instead of getting jealous and demanding you get it handed to you, be happy for those that did achieve it.
  10. Just coming by to laugh at people that need real problems in their life if they think waiting a few seconds for an internet page to load is the end of the world. I'd ignore y'all to. I also wish people would drop this "transparancy" nonsense. Businesses arent your friend. They dont get have to come to you for approval on every move they make. If you dont like the service, stop paying for it. If enough people feel the same, the business will change. But doing that actually requires self agency and you wouldnt be able to play victim and we cant have that. haha
  11. I think it's pretty weird to feel a religious attachment to a video game company. Anybody that's capable of dropping this mentality realizes this constant consolidation is not a good thing and will not end well for gamers that want quality games, in the long run. Quite frankly, I dont want woke Sony's far leftism being forced into other companies so I'd rather they didnt buy anything. For the love of god, I hope they stay away from Japanese companies. In a dream world, California based, far left Sony would buy Nintendo? Can I have some of the crack you are smoking, please. Sony is gonna have to back off on some of it's nonsensical policies before them buying anything could be considered a good thing. Man, I wish I was the level blind corporate sheep you are. "Let's just let Disney control the world because we arent thinking for 2 seconds. Lets ignore the fact they film movies beside concentration camps and fire actresses for being anti-nazi" If Anti-trust laws were actually enforced, Disney wouldnt own half the stuff it does.
  12. I just finished Final Fantasy X. This is nothing. And they have added the ability to skip cutscenes, at some point.
  13. I was able to do it with Lei's Triangle, Square a bunch of times combo. With the right ring attached, it makes the timing a non-issue. I never could do it with Saki, even though, according to cool combination bar, my timing was correct (mashing the button in the blue area). I still feel the mechanics are nowhere near tight enough for it and this mechanic is, overall, useless as nothing is tough enough to actually need it. But than this one annoying challenge, I do think the game is, overall, solid. More Lollipop Chainsaw than a Devil May Cry but still fun. And, no, I dont actually think someone should be fired. That was venting because of annoyance.
  14. It's a gauntlet survival mode. Why would it let you select the floor? Get both characters to level 99. Equip Aya with damage boosting rings. Buy a choker from the iterm shop. Get Aya to Vo-ga with all 3 Xtasy bars filled. Then switch her out and do the floors leading to the boss with Saki. Buy some damage boosting items from the shop, if you want to be extra safe. Boss 8 and 31 can be killed by using the One-Sword stance's Xtasy 2-3 times (during which, you are immune to damage). If you bought damage boosting items, make sure to use them. On level 23, after you switch to Aya, use the choker, which will make you immune to damage long enough to kill the bear.
  15. I thought it was every version. I am sorry for spreading misinformation. Thanks for clarifying so I wont make that mistake in the future.