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  1. I did read the full story. Yes, they're making more money per subscriber, but I'm pretty sure they'd like those 2 million people back. Personally, I'd consider renewing my subscription if they offered a discount.
  2. They just announced that they lost nearly 2 million subscribers since the relaunch in June, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  3. The only aspect of the show that seems to be universally praised is Bear McCreary's score. I haven't watched any of the episodes yet, but I've been listening to the soundtrack album a lot since its release, and it's absolutely fantastic.
  4. Nice packaging job, Sony. Amazon would be proud.
  5. It's spelt "Mario", but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove".
  6. I think I only died two or three times during my time with Returnal, so I'm just gonna say Elden Ring.
  7. Typical PS5 era AAA list. No difficulty related stuff and a shit-ton of boring collectible trophies.
  8. As a pretty hardcore The Last of Us fan, I don't mind paying $70 for the remake. In fact, I'm pretty disappointed that the Firefly Edition was only available in the US.
  9. I'd actually prefer a reimagining with some of the questionable story elements/writing changed or completely taken out of the game (Genesis), but as a faithful remaster/remake this should make a lot of fans happy.
  10. The fact that the collector's edition comes with an empty Steelbook case is just hilarious. I wonder if the EU editions will be any different.
  11. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition was a huge success, so a Dragon Age Legendary Edition does make a lot of sense in my opinion. If that ever happens, I'd expect remasters of DA Origins and DA 2 with all the DLCs included.
  12. My subscription ends in 2 weeks, so I'm probably just gonna let it run out. Can't remember the last time I played anything from the monthly lineup, and I'm basically using it just for the cloud saves. I have zero interest in the higher tiers at the moment.
  13. I see, so I guess they're talking about the events at the Nibelheim reactor. And you're right, I forgot that the Kalm flashback is Cloud's version of what happened.
  14. "What are you implying, that I died? That I'm some kind of impostor?" That sounds like Jessie. And shouldn't Cloud be wearing his military uniform when he's around Sephiroth? Maybe that's not a flashback. Questions...
  15. This has me more excited than FFVII Rebirth, to be honest. Dragon's Dogma is such a phenomenal RPG.