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  1. It's finally here. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Original Soundtrack ~Special edit version~ // mini memopad (early pre-order bonus)
  2. Great choice, I remember liking Shigeru Umebayashi's score for House of Flying Daggers and Ilan Eshkeri's Stardust score is one of my personal favorites. He also has experience scoring modern samurai/ninja flicks like Ninja Assassin and 47 Ronin, so the music is definitely in competent hands.
  3. The amount of work that has gone into this book is staggering, I'm slowly making my way through it and it's worth every penny. The interviews are definitely a highlight.
  4. NieR Orchestral Arrangement Special Box Edition // NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album - Addendum // Final Fantasy VII Remake Limited Lithograph // Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. Day one purchase for me.
  6. At this point I'm probably too spoiled by the modded PC versions: complete graphical overhaul with hi-res textures, upscaled cutscenes, buttery-smooth 60 fps, instant loading screens... but who am I kidding, I'd buy and play a PS4 remastered collection in a heartbeat.
  7. I think it's safe to say that Jessie is dead. When you read the in-game chapter log, it says "A seriously injured Biggs urges Cloud to help his friends" and later: "But just as they are about to reach the top, however, they lose Jessie right before their eyes." It's implied that Biggs lost consciousness, he still could've survived in the rubble. Jessie's gloves and headband just confirm that whoever rescued Biggs also found her body.
  8. I wanna see some more crazy shit like the Hell House. That one monster from the Gongaga Reactor comes to mind, looks like a cross between a Triceratops and a tank.
  9. A polarizing story in a videogame? How dare you, Naughty Dog. Games are supposed to be for everyone! I can't wait to play The Last of Us Part II and see what all these muppets are raging about. Words like "SJW" and "woke" aren't even in my vocabulary, so I think I'll be fine.
  10. FF VII is my favorite game of all time, so you better believe I'm going to 100% the remake. I basically just need to finish the last chapter on Hard and get Barret's resolution scene in chapter 14.
  11. Yeah, I'd be willing to accept that. It's certainly a lot more in line with the established lore than Sephiroth traveling back in time like a goddamn Terminator. 😎
  12. I just refuse to believe that there's any kind of time traveling going on in the remake. I really hope the writers aren't THAT stupid. All this Whisper stuff and Sephiroth/Aerith knowing future events is hopefully the result of "Lifestream shenanigans". The Whispers are a product of the planet, they are its will. Another defense mechanism like the Weapons perhaps. Both Aerith and Sephiroth are connected to the planet, Aerith as an Ancient who can hear its voice sometimes, and Sephiroth as a parasite who is feeding off the Lifestream. I think the planet, as a sort of omniscient entity, has a "blueprint" for the future, and Sephiroth having fallen into the Lifestream probably got a good look at it at some point.
  13. Just the first playthrough on Normal. I did absolutely everything I could, plus a LOT of exploring, walking around looking at stuff, stopping by NPCs and listening to their dialogue etc. I don't know how much stuff you skipped or how thoroughly you were exploring, but I'd say 26 hours is pretty fast. The average (for main story + extras) seems to be 40.
  14. The 7 seconds thing is literally explained in the game (chapter synopsis): "In the world beyond, Sephiroth shows Cloud a vision of the planet seven seconds before its demise. Having strayed from the course destiny set for them, they strike out on a path toward an unknown future." This could be a red herring, but we simply won't know until the next game comes out.
  15. You can finish the original FF VII in like 30 hours. My first playthrough of Remake took me 55.